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What am I to do
Now that I have no one left
To say that they're there for me
They've all gone
Left me to be
Alone in this world
The ones who tried to stay
I pushed away
For I knew I was going no where good
Why would anyone want to love someone like me?
Someone who has nothing going for them
Why would anyone want anything to do with this?
I'm not even a person
Just a body with no soul or heart left to it anymore
I have no reason to continue to stay here
There's nothing left fort me
Not one thing
Not one person
There's no point
So I think I may just leave
No one's going to care
Its not going to matter
They'll just end up looking the other way
Just like they always have
No one listens anymore
No one sees the tears that continually form in my eyes
It doesn't matter anymore
They all know that
There's no saving me
That I'm too far gone
I cant take it anymore
This loneliness
This hatred
It's all killing me
I've tried it once before
And I failed
But even knowing that I had sunk that l
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No longer
No longer do i know
the meaning behind the words
i once cherished so much
I used to look for the complete meaning
behind the words i used to
live my life by
but no longer do i try
to figure out where those words
stand in my life
for they do nothing
but bring pain and sadness
to the life of happiness
i once with held
no longer do i search
to find where those words
have a place and meaning in my life
for that never ending journey
brought nothing but pain and sadness
to the life of happiness
i once with held....
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love vs. lust
love vs. lust
what is the difference?
do we even really know?
some seem to think they have it down
that they know how to tell the difference
i used to be one of those people
but sometimes now, well most of the time
i have no idea
im completely blind to the differences
is there a difference?
or is it all the same?
i have no idea....
the only thing i seem to know anymore
is the fact that i dont know if i'm ready for either
i thoguht i once was
but i have to think again
my heart was on the line
for the one who claimed to LOVE
yet all that was really on his mind was LUST
He had my heart
but all he wanted was my body
what's the difference
Love vs. Lust
there's barely a difference in my eyes...
who knows what the truth is between the two anymore....
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Unable to forget
No matter what i do
i cant forget
about what we had
i dream about your kind face
and the way you used to look at me
i miss everything we had
but most of all
i miss the love you had for me
Regret and Pain
is all i feel anymore
i enver wanted to end it
but at the time
it seemed as the only option
as i think back
it was the last thing
that should've been done
you love me with all you had
fought for the chance to be with me
you stood up against my family and friends
to prove i meant everything to you
you stayed beside me
through my most difficult times
each time proving more and more
that your love was true
i loved you with everything i had
thanked you for never giving up on me
but i let the other's win
and made one of the biggest mistakes
i betrayed you
along with myself, and all i believed in
why i let them win the fight
is something i dont really understand
i eneded everything with the biggest mistake
lost the love
though you fought for me to come back
i pushed away
i let them win
but d
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Mind vs. Heart
Confusion runs through my mind
questions take over my thoughts
am i ready for this
am i ready to move on and forget
who i was with him, forget
who we were...
am i ready?
so much tells me to move on and forget
but a part of me screams to hold on
everyone tells me he's not worth it
that i deserve and can do better
but i cant help but say to myself
that it's the other way around
they always tell me different
a part of him's moved on to another heart
but i know i still lie within his
though there's another side to all this
But there's another side to all of this
so many are catching my eye
it's something i'm no longer used to
i no longer know how to deal with all of this
i never used to consider another
so much confusion is running through my mind
Mind vs. Heart
which do i listen to
am i ready to move on and forget?
forget who i was and who we were?
am i ready to forget the one who my heart desires
am i ready to move on and start over
mind vs. heart
the #1 question
that keeps r
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Tears formed in my eyes
at the sound of his voice
i cant help but try
to picture his face
for its been so long
since our paths have crossed
i dont know what to do
i thought i was over this
over him...
i guess i thought wrong
what would he possibly want to talk about
its been so long since we last spoke
the last thing i remember
from i last heard his voice
was the complete breaking of my heart
i pushed my love for him
into the back of my mind
as much as i possibly could
but the sound of his voice tonight
has brought it all rushing back
why cant i let go
why cant i move on
i've tried everything
in the attempt to forget about
my love for him
i thought i was done with this
with the constant thought of him
i thoguht i was done with this torturess love
i thought wrong
for my love for him
now stronger than ever
still lies within my heart...
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Child's Toy
Why must I
Fall for the Ones
Who end up
not caring at all
about who i am
or how i feel
why must my heart
be continuously
tossed around
as though it were
a simple child's toy
my hearts been broken
so many times
that the pain
had become unnoticed
but this last time
put me through an unbearable
pain, something i've never
felt before
the tears have yet to come to an end
his toturess voice screams within my mind
i've wanted to move on from this
all of this
i dont want to love him anymore
for it's never going to be the same
he says she means more
but why does he still
hold onto me, saying that he's unable to forget
unable to forget what?
why does it always have to be
a constant mind game
no longer is it me
who's pushing away
i gave up on that
it never works
just reminds you more
of how much you
truly love them
does he think
this is funny
does he see me
as that child's toy?
his voice wont remove itself
from my aching mind
what is it that he wants?
he cant have us both
if its not me he wants
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Life going no where fast
Slipping right through my fingers
Losing everything
That ever had any meaning to me
Every night
Tears soak my pillow
As I cry myself to sleep
The temptation to say those final words
Grows stronger everyday
How I wish I could be happy
No one knows
That I feel this never ending pain
For the smile that I wear
Is a mask for the hundreds of tears
That stained my cheeks
I wish I was a little girl again
When nothing in the world matter
How I wish I could be happy again
The one's who claim to love me
Are the ones who keep pushing me down
So much for love
No one should have to fear
Being loved
I run every time the words are whispered to me
For the fear overcomes me
Love has done nothing
But destroy who I once was
It's all been the same
Time after time
I gave up thinking anything was ever true
For many lies have crossed my heart
I don't know what to do anymore
For love is the one thing I used to want most
But now the one thing I fear most
Love= happiness?
Love= sadness?
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better than me
Things never used to be this hard
We never had to go through this
I used to be able to make you smile
Instead of making you cry
What happened
Who have I become
To make you not want to be around me anymore
Why does god hate me so much?
To take away one of the only things
That mean anything to me anymore
One of the only things that have saved me
From a fatal disaster
What did I do wrong?
What did I do to lose you
You left me and went to her
It kills me to see the smile you get
When you see her coming down the hall
The only thing that seems to remain between us
You deserve much better than me
I wish I could be so much better
I've tried
Not for myself, but for you
I've lose the fight to better myself
Become someone other than who I am now
Look at me
Tell me babe
What is it that you see?
Am I here anymore?
Do you even care?
Or should I just walk away
Into my destination of a fatal disaster?
I've loved you
Always have
What happened?
Am I that much of a failure?
Am I not worth it anym
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final goodbye
I don't want anyone to take this to blame
For it was no one's fault but my own
I let myself and everyone around me down
I gave up
There's nothing more to say about that
I gave up the fight
Of this life I grew to know as my own living hell
For years I've fought against this stupid disease
Fought against my life, trying to prevent it from falling completely into the dark
But like everything else I've ever tried to do
I failed…
I couldn't fight anymore
The battle became to hard, and I became too weak
I tried so many times, to not let it over come me
But again, I failed.
No one around me
Ever knew the full truth
For the smile I wore
Hid the pain and tears of my heart
I gave up on so many things
I no longer believed that anything existed
I gave up believing any of those existed
For they'd done nothing but betray me
Everyone I feel is better off
For the constant burden is now gone
No longer will anyone have to worry
Or take the time to ask if everyt
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Disgrace me...
In the morning
The light begins to peek through the curtains
Waking me with its gentle glow
You lay, I quietly listen to you breathe
Light gathers into the room, you slowly begin to wake
I turn my attention towards the light
Trying to realize what all has happened
To me to bring me to this moment
With you lying next to me
Admiring the body in front of you
Is it me you really see?
Or just a figure used for your own pleasures?
I know of my love for you, I've proclaimed it to you many times
You've never had any emotion towards it
Yet I continue to let you use my body for your own uses
Losing all respect for who I am
Destroying my soul
Leaving me lying here
How I'd like to remove that smirk that slowly begins to form across your face
For you know you've just taken advantage of my love again
I can't let go
My body has become your toy
Everything that we ever held between us before..
Was it all a lie? A figment on my imagination?
Am I no longer anything to you?
Does my name cross your heart a
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I lay in the dark, nothing on but the music blaring in the background of my thoughts. Alone, the feeling I've had for so long. Sadness and anger the only emotions that I know exist. I try so hard to not reach for my blade, fighting the temptation to release my anger is getting hard to fight anymore. I hate these thoughts and feelings, but I just can't seem to get rid of them, that just get worse as each day goes by, I try so hard now to fight my urge to end it all. I can't help but think to myself, would anyone notice? Would anyone care? There'd be a few, but they'd soon move on, forgetting my more and more and each day goes on, I'd be lost into their memories, that would never return. Everyday  I look into the eyes of the man that I love deeply, questioning more and more each day it its truly me he loves, or the one that's always been in between us. I die a little more inside every time I see them together. I try hard to show that I'm happy for them, each time though it gets
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a little too hard... oh well
No one will notice, the only words that keep repeating through my mind. I've thought this way for along time, never following through with my plans. But tonight I pressed a little too hard, no turning back now I guess, oh well no one will notice if I'm not in school tomorrow. I lay back in my bed, alone, the only feeling I know of anymore, even when I'm with the ones that claim they love me, I still feel alone… no longer will this feeling cross my mind, after tonight. Pressed a little too hard, oh well. Things were just the same for way too long, the pain and sadness I felt never went away, I don't blame anyone besides myself, I never pushed myself anywhere, except over the edge. The ones closest to me saw me slipping away, never saying a word, just looking away. I know they cared, it was just too late, there was no turning back for me anymore. The scars were never healing, and tonight I pressed a little too hard, oh well. I guess my time was up. I never wanted to go this way it hurts
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As I walk down these halls
I look at everyone that passes by,
wondering what they're all talking about, or thinking,
are any of them happy with who they are?
what they're becoming?
We're all so different, all classified differently by our peers,
some not truly fitting the description thats been given to them.
Will anyone ever speak up?
say that's not who they are?
That deep down they're someone completely different.
As my journey continues down those long halls,
I wonder what everyone's story is:
we've all experienced something different,
some of us, hiding some sort of experience
that we've pushed deep inside of us,
because it hurts too much to remember.
We all have different stories of who we are,
Yet sometimes it's still not enough to explain
why we are the way we are.
As I continue to watch my peers walk on by,
I start to remember what we've all been classified as,
the many possibilities that may be given to us.
we often get stuck with the one we know doesn't truly fit.
I w
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What do you see? by angleyes What do you see? :iconangleyes:angleyes 1 0
days of just you and me
Days of just you and me:
I look into your eyes, and I don't know what I see anymore, the look of love towards me you used to have so much is gone, hidden by pain and hardship, is your pain my fault? I remember the days when we'd sit together and you didn't want anything except for me to stay close next to you. Every time you'd hold my hand or lightly touch my skin with your hand I felt as I was all you wanted, what happened to those days, when you would just sit there and watch me try to sleep, you don't look into my eyes and get that smile like you were looking at the one thing you wanted most, what happened? Did I forget to kiss you, smile that little smirk you said you loved so much, did I forget to say those three simple yet so hard words, what happened? I miss those days, where I was just you and me, the laugh you'd have when id try to fight a sneeze, the feeling of weakness Id get when I was in your arms, what happened to those day of just you and me?
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United States
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Favourite photographer: dad, lexie, and tiff
Favourite style of art: i love black and white or old fashion shots
Favourite cartoon character: scooby doo
Personal Quote: the face is the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart
i miss him so much... i just dont know... i feel lost with out him...
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