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The characters that I designed were made into a live-action version in an X‐rated film.

I designed “Ghost Hunter Yui” and “Youma Spider Lady”. Please find my characters using the following link:…


Ghost Hunter Yui…


Youma Spider Lady…


More details can be found here. This Contains Mature Content.…



I designed「妖魔ハンター・ユイ」と「妖魔蜘蛛女」というキャラクターをデザインしました。以下からそのデザインが見られます。…












I will not want requests on this information. It is work offer guidance in Japan. Not requests guidance. I will begin the only one commission offer In the near future. On the other information.


Commission: Closed
(Expiration date: The end of Apr, 2011)

■■Progress reports■■

Pooko from Sailor Moon SuperS by angle333 Yukata Pooko 1 by angle333 Yukata Pooko 2 by angle333

Viluy Manga 1 of 6 by angle333 Viluy Manga 2 of 6 by angle333 Viluy Manga 3 of 6 by angle333
Viluy Manga 4 of 6 by angle333 Viluy Manga 5 of 6 by angle333 Viluy Manga 6 of 6 by angle333

Mimete from Sailor Moon S by angle333

I am offering picture commissions.
I offer only colored picture.
(I can offer a monochrome work or line drawing if you need. But, the cost is same as colored picture.)
I use only Paypal.

★Rough Estimate★
◆Basic cost◆
・Single colored charactar with bust up shot ---- us$20
・Single colored charactar with simple pose (waist up ~ full body) ---- us$25
・Single colored charactar with dynamic pose (or dynamic camera angle) ---- us$35
※Add the same cost per one additional character.

・web size [1,280×960pixels] ---- +us$0
・letter size [8.5×11inches, 215.9×279.4mm, 2,550×3,300pixels] ---- +us$10
・A4 size [210×297mm, 8.3×11.7inches, 2,480×3,508pixels] ---- +us$10
・Other size ---- please tell me

◆Variation of the coloring◆
・Like a Japanese anime +us$0
・Delicate gradation and texture expression +us$10~

◆Clothes & Equipments◆
・The thing which I feel it very simple ---- +us$0
・The thing that the sample is available enough ---- +us$10~
・The thing which needs my imagination ---- +us$20~
・The thing which needs my design creation ---- +us$30~

・Without an object (Gradation and others) ---- +us$0
・The background materials which I have ---- +us$5~
・Simple ---- +us$10~
・Build the location ---- +us$50~

Check and correction of the progress are optional.
・Entrust ---- +us$0
・Check and correction of the rough sketch [composition and placement] ---- +us$10 about once
・Check and correction of the line drawing [correction of the details]---- +us$10 about once
・Check and correction of the colored picture [correction of the colors]---- +us$10 about once

Nudity / Sexual content [mild] ---- +us$0~
Nudity / Sexual content [strong] ---- +us$30~
Violence / Gore content [mild] ---- +us$5~
Nudity / Sexual content [strong] ---- +us$30~

①Send me your note with the subject "Commission". Please give me a description of what you want. When you write detailed content, please refer to "Rough Estimate".
②I will tell you the price of the commission.
③You decide approval or not the commission.
④Please tell me your Paypal e-mail.
⑤I tell you my Paypal e-mail.
⑥Please complete your payment.
⑦I begin to draw the picture if I confirm your payment. It is completed within one month.
⑧I send your e-mail the colored picture.
⑨I show the picture [about 800×600 pixels] on dA.
I am offering picture Commissions. This is sketch or full colored picture. If you are interested send me a note with "picture commission" in the title. The price is different by the picture complexity and others. When I got the note which the details of your commission were written, the price will be stated clearly. If you feel that the price is high, you can cancel your commission. This is paypal only.
I started to draw paintings for the exhibition of the Japanese traditional paintings. Therefore update speed of my site becomes slow from January 2010. The reply to the comment may not be possible, too. I'm sorry.:cries: