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Star fan art Sarah Kerrigan

By Angju
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Zug Kerrigan and Sarah Kerrigan.

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© 2011 - 2021 Angju
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I love this so much great work !!
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This happens in the game.
Lovely, to say the least.
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excelente imagen..!!!
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Oh I see what you did there with the blood!
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Great artwork :) It's like Kerrigan's personal Yin and Yang. Very nice job, thanks for sharing!
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I was just watching HotS cutscenes (unlucky not to have the game or a rig to power it...) earlier today, and I remember a scene that ended almost exactly like this. Now I see you've made it in 2011. You've turned out to be a prophet :D
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Glory to Kane
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Awesome job! I saw this art in this video. [link]
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It makes me think of some out of body experience Kerrigan would be having while metamorphosing in the Zerg chrysalis or during some psionic search or something, whatever its beautiful and awesome... Now I need to think of a dialogue for the 2 of them
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Very Nice!! ;)

The two sides of Kerrigan. :)
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very original and creative.
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Very exquisite art .. love the circular composition you did here .. impressive work on the details too ^_^

I had a similar piece about the duality of Kerrigan character some time ago [link] .. it seems her character duality is indeed inspiring for many artists ^_^

Personally i wish they reboot the canned SC:Ghost and let us play with both ghost and zerg kerrigan instead of Nova .. but Heart of the Swarm will do for now XD
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Great conception!! Congratulations :D
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