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In Greek mythology, the young Hyacinthus was admired by both Apollo and Zephyr. It is said that whilst Apollo was teaching Hyacinthus the art of throwing the discus, Zephyr became jealous and blew a strong gust of wind during the discus throwing, causing it to veer off course and hit Hyacinthus on the head , killing him. Apollo was devastated and refused to let Hades claim him. Instead he used his powers to transform him into a beautiful flower - Hyacinths. The hyacinth flower symbolizes the themes of love, rebirth, and the transcendence of death. Each spring, the blooming of the hyacinth represents the undying love Apollo had for Hyacinthus and reminds us of the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. Hyacinths are linked to lots of folklore, from this story alone it is linked to love, rebirth, death, power, beauty and jealousy, sorrow and mourning. My shoot with the Hyacinths covered several of these - But I ended the session with lots of black to signify mourning and death. I love this image, it is pretty much straight out of camera, just a few stray bit of debris cloned out and a tiny tweak to highlights and shadows. Plus I had to clone out one flower which was distracting. But it needed very little doing to it.

Purple hyacinths carry a message of deep regret and sorrow, asking for forgiveness. They're often given as a sign of longing or to express a sense of sorry. In this context, they serve as a poignant reminder of the tragic tale of Apollo and Hyacinthus. Whilst these do not look very purple here, they are, I just added a lot of turquoise, green and blue earlier in the shoot.

Link to my submerged flowers tutorial -

Come and join me for an on demand presentation on my floral photography, hosted by the lovely Mark Evans on his fabulous Camversation website. The talk is recorded so you get the chance to watch it at a later date too and its only £5.

I take you on a journey of how I first got into flower photography around 17 years ago and how that progressed and influenced several other genres I have enjoyed. Then moving on to my submerged flower photography with back stories to do with folklore, myths, history and the meanings of flowers.

Here is the link

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Fantastic photo! :clap: :love: