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Livin' La Vida Loca by AngieR3741, visual art


On Pirate Island by AngieR3741, visual art


OCP 2020 theme 8 Angie by AngieR3741, visual art


deep waters (OCP 2020-theme5-Kumiko) by AngieR3741, visual art


The Bibi, the Ugga, and the DRAMA [OCP 2020 th4] by AngieR3741, visual art

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My Bio

I’m still actively posting on this website! And I’m very slow at checking my watch-feed and messages.

Unless the subject matter directly concerns me, my art, my OCs, or my groups, DO NOT SEND ME ANY NOTES!!!


In case you think you have business with me:

- I am not a staff member! For problems, contact @team.


  • I give llamas to everyone, no need to thank me.

  • If you want a llama, give one and I’ll return one


  • There is SERIOUSLY no need to thank me for faves. You are welcome! If you really want to thank me, please give faves in return (granted of course, you like my art).

  • I fave as much as I want and I don’t mind anyone fave-spamming me.

  • Comments/notes asking for faves will be flagged as spam.


  • No need to thank me for a watch. You are welcome!

  • Do not watch me expecting a watch back. I rarely, if at all, do this.

  • Comments/notes asking for a watch will be flagged as spam.

Feedback on art:

  • Do not ask me for feedback on your art. That is actually rather imposing self-advertisement that makes me uncomfortable. Your note/comment will be deleted without response.

  • Do not post critiques on my art (unless specifically asked for). If you’ve learnt something about critiques, you know why it is not useful to post unasked-for critiques. I won’t get mad at you but please: you can spend your time in a better way, really.

  • I read and appreciate all comments (granted they refer to the art only), even if I don’t respond. Thank you!

  • Random ‘your art is nice’ commentary on my front page or in private messages means nothing to me. If you honestly think my art deserves support, please favorite and/or give comments to push my algorithm. Everything else is a self-serving lie to me.

Points and core memberships:

  • Do not ask for points or core membership. That is rude.

  • Comments/notes asking for points or core membership will be flagged as spam.

  • Do NOT buy me a core membership. It’s a waste of money because I rarely use this site anyway.

Art status:

  • Art trades: closed

  • Commissions: closed until further notice

  • Collaborations: no

  • Requests: never

  • ‘suggestions’: never

Using my artwork:

  • Reposting my art, except for one exception (see below), is NOT allowed.

  • If you see my artwork reposted somewhere, it was done without permission. Please report quietly or make sure they at least add a link to my original post.

  • Please do not recolor my artwork. I don’t mind you trying to copy the artwork as long as every line is drawn by you. And please be honest about where you have taken the inspiration from.

  • Please don’t ask to use my art, the answer is no.

  • There is only ONE, SPECIFIC exception: anyone is free to use my FANART in youtube videos for fanmade, non-profit videos. In such a case, please send me a link to the video. I’d like to see it.

My OCs (own characters):

  • I don’t roleplay, so don’t ask.

  • None of my OCs are available for sale/trade, so don’t ask.

  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise by me in a comment or deviation description, do not draw any of my OCs!

  • No, I’m not fine with you creating ships or crossovers between your and my OCs. No, I’m not going to answer any inquiries about my OCs’ fetishes or sexual preferences either. I will report your ‘inquiry’ or ‘request’ and block you. I’m fine with random lewding of my OCs as long as you do it from a distance. Suggesting sexual content with underage characters is not okay with me, no matter how many times and however politely you insist that you are ‘not a weirdo’.

Also, please:

  • Do not advertise stuff on my page. No links or references to personal works or other websites (unless I explicitly ask for it). And it does NOT matter if you combine your advertisement with feedback on my art. Your comment will be flagged as spam, NO exceptions!!!

  • If you post any sexist, racist, homophobic, random confusing/irrelevant comments, or crazy conspiracy theories (‘viruses don’t exist’ and similar bullshit) anywhere on my page, I will report and block you and never give you a second chance.

  • Do not make any religious or political comments on my works. These are generally not themes of my art, so I’m only left to conclude you have the need for some misplaced propaganda here. Use the forums in order to discuss such subject matter. If you don’t comply, I’ll flag your comment as spam and block you.

  • Deleted comments are still being sent to my notification center!! Please tell me if you edited your message. I don’t get mad at people who explain themselves. I only get mad at those who confuse me.

  • Never think that gifting me or showering me with compliments will ever give you a free pass to do as you please or excuse any indecent or insincere behavior. Either you are a decent person or you are not. Even if I don’t call you out for it or don’t block you, doesn’t mean that I’ll blacklist you and quit communication.

  • Do not talk to me about anyone behind their back. No matter how ‘serious’ the issue is or how ‘famous’ someone is or if it is ‘just a joke’. If the issue is serious, report them to authorities or block them. Not to sound rude, but there is a lot of drama here involving people who edit ‘evidence’ or cherry pick what a person does just to make someone look bad. I will not support anyone in unjustified schemes to make anyone look bad. EVEN IF I ‘don’t like’ said person either. I’m fine if you need to vent or seek advice in handling a situation as long as you anonymize all names and don’t ask me to ‘hate’ or ‘call them out’.

These rules for my page are set because of issues I’ve had with people and based on my experience I will not deal with more similar issues. Most people naturally never do any of this, but don’t say I made no warning before reporting and blocking you if you don’t comply.

If you have any complaints about my rules... I don't care. This is my page and my time and I will not let be wasted on people who cannot think outside their own shell of 'everyone outside my group is evil'.

Have a nice day!


Hello visitor!

Thank you for all faves or watches. I greatly appreciate it even if I don't say 'thank you' individually. Really!

Llama 4 llama

No need to thank me for anything, really. If you like my art, I'd appreciate faves back.

If you want to know why I deleted/reported your comment/note, read my bio for details.

Have a nice day and thank you for having a look at my gallery.




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light cherry blossom Thanks a lot for the watch, I really appreciate it! light cherry blossom

Wing (left) [Bunny Emote] Hug Wing (right)

Did I unwatch you somehow? I don't remember. If I did, my hand must've slipped and accidently pressed the unwatch button.

I'm fairly certain I wasn't on your watch list before. Thanks for the watch back, I appreciate it :hug:

Thanks for the llama! :D