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My Little Pony Rarity Micro Page 20

A page from the Rarity micro! Lines by :iconandypriceart: story by :iconkatiecandraw: and colors by me. Those of you that know my work and my characters can see an Angie pony there on the left, I colored the cutiemark blue instead of red for obvious reasons. This is the uncropped/unedited version so you can still see some of Andy's notes.
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The eyes! They follow me...
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Tara Strong on stage! XD

Also, Twilight's uber cute!
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God this was my favorite micro, hell favorite ISSUE of all time. Flax Seed and Wheat Grass were so well characterized and the growing frustration over Seed's um... I don't even know how to describe him lol he's 'special' I suppose. But yeah so many great parts its hard to choose just one xD

That pin prick deadpan expression Rarity gave him after he dissed her home town was priceless!
And that earlier 'Eww Compost' bit, that whole scene was so well colored, loved her expression at the cow utters too.

Man that issue really built up its momentum and worked its way that it wasn't trying to force any story bits in your face. You slowly just realize that, yes, Rarity is getting all these amazing beauty products that she helped make from all natural stuff as a going theme the moment she gets that first bottle, but it isn't thrown in so in your face.

I loved the coloring on Wheat Grass' tail and mane. She has the best tail <3
Shame we won't see much of them anymore =(

Funniest part? I don't know, but that whole "hottest stallion alive, dull as a door knob" bit with Rarity telling him to just shut up instead and just let his looks sell the product was nice. Though that BOOP on the nose by AJ to Rarity was adorable <3

Well, I'm ranting again as usual. Wanted to ask if you were going to Comic Con or not? Are you working on the AJ issue as well? Saw the preview and the colors looked closest to the main series, though not sure since it still kinda has a darker brush to it. Not to mention they gave her black freckles :p (looks just as cute on her though)
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Thank you very much! I won't be at Comic Con but I will be at Bronycon and NYCC. And yep, it's me on the AJ micro!