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I missed him

Just a fun little comic--done in a bit different coloring style than my webcomics.

...and no, I don't try shooting my exes with AK-47s. (I prefer much slower methods, since I can enjoy their suffering)
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I recommend:
Steyr Scout
SIG SG 550
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum
USMC Designated Marksman Rifle
Dragunov SVD
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Omigosh that's funny... missing him, but not in the sense he meant.

lol XD
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That has to be about the most amazing comic I've ever seen.

Doubtless that I shall quote it. You've made my day. ^.^
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Thanks very much!
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I :lol: at the sniper special stuff :XD:
:lol: :+favlove:
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LOL That is great
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See...this is why we can't take you places.
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You say that like I'm the only one who scares away people from our section of the Artist Alleys... *looks at you accusingly*

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pfffft. They act like they've never seen people throw shit at each other. :paranoid:
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It's an anime convention--they are used to seeing that.

I was referring to certain other antics of yours. ;-) *hug*
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XD Cute little comic.

I don't shoot guns in real life, but in video games, I'm known to be a pretty good sniper. X3
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Thanks Schala!

That would be an intersting mental image...I keep seeing a cute little Gaia avatar with a high-powered rifle. >_<'
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You're quite welcome. ^_^

Yes. XDD Cute, but deadly. X3
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*gigglesnort* Ah, I just adore viciously violent humor. XD
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heheheh. You know, after seeing you in the arcade, I totally think men should not mess with you...
Angiechan13's avatar
I got beaten though. sweatdrop*

...or are you referring to how hard I mash buttons? X-D
Fairytwister's avatar
nono. You were totally shooting like an ace. As I said, guys won't mess with a girl who knows how to use a gun >D
Angiechan13's avatar
Ooohhh---that one! I thought you meant the fighting game where I was just mashing buttons. X-D
Fairytwister's avatar
heh. no, shooting gunz = skillz
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