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Avengers Assemble

I have been working on this SEEKRIT PROJECT for the past month. Only a few people knew what I was doing mostly because I'm paranoid. But I can finally show it off because I am done!

All of the Avengers, and Loki, in scoodie form! All of them are up in my etsy shop: [link]



My art is mine. Not yours! Do not steal, repost, claim as yours, etc.

Pattern by ~aeiryn
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Are you planning on publishing the patterns for these? Perhaps on Ravelry?
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These are fantastic hats. Your very good at this :D Congrats to your amazing win on finishing these hats! I solute you for making such a beautiful line of avenger hats.
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Very nice. Love the Lucky Charms' shirt.
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aww ya! hawkeye!
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hi there! I was wondering if you'd be willing to share this on your tumblr? I run fymarvelcrafts and would love to reblog it over there. ^^
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Actually I have all of them posted on my crochet tumblr, Crochetallthethings! I don't have them posted like this, but they're posted individually :D
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Awesome! Thanks for the link! ^^
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You're perfect. Just sayin'.
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Very creative of you and to photograph them with the characters was great idea too.
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*grabby hands* I would like one of each. XD Seriously cool.
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These are pretty awesome
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it'd be neat for the black widow hoodie if you made it black on the hood part with the red hourglass symbol
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I absolutely love the Loki Scoodie. These are all well done!
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