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Hello guys Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 
been a while when iwrote here anything. 
But i decided to create journal with Hope works, which (in my opinion) i found in art :3 
yea i know i wrote in 1st journal from 2018, that i will write soon..well.. its no so soon but at least finally i did it ! Major Blush  

Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Time for HOPE collection Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 
   White Rose (Meaning: Innocence, Purity, Charm) in Digital Art
 Celestial Dreaming by Enamorte star guardian ahri fan art by jiuge Forever and Beyond by Xenonia You are not alone by yaichino

Zelda by Jennyeight  COMM: Let me warm you by AkubakaArts  Green Nymph by Radittz  Violet Storm by keelerleah  Cherry Lady by Vasylissa
The Rose by Valentina-Remenar  Aurun and Alvrericjas by LAS-T  Hello Spring by daekazu  Void II by wolf-minori  Piesces| Horoscope Series by Toshia-san
Magic by Miriel3

Sun of my Life by Iskander1989Heart tree by ElenaDudina Sea of Dreams by SummerDreams-Art playful space by KPEKEP

Aeternum by Carlos-Quevedo

Magical Sky Touch by QAuZ  Celestial Rainbow by Emerald-Depths  Solar Flair by Chromattix Zen night by Ellysiumn

Um Lugar Encantado by Wesley-Souza

White Rose (Meaning: Innocence, Purity, Charm) in Traditional Art

Goldberry 2 by kimberly80  FloralFeb - Cherry blossom by ArunaWolf  Green Dendrobium by Calur  Lielvn by laverinne 
Blue lilies forest by JoaRosa

Angrod and Eldalote- sketch by EKukanova

White Rose (Meaning: Innocence, Purity, Charm) in Photography
Between the Rocks by Sigfodr where the dim lights shines by jyoujo Winter Woods XV. by realityDream
Meili Snow Mountain Shangri-la China Sunrise by Furiousxr

the new world by arbebuk  Roe-deer by jacekson  daydreaming by werol  Shine Through Me by MaximeDaviron

Morning Light by MarcoHeisler Ocean of Clouds by Sigfodr Last Time I Saw U by SvenMueller
Moonlight and shadow by HendrikMandla Who Wants a Feature? 5175 by Sooper-Deviant

Pink Is Blooming by oO-Rein-Oo mother's love by O-Gosh Peach Tree by PassionAndTheCamera

Finally Spring by sesam-is-open What Is This Even by JenFruzz Spring 2018 by CozyComfyCouch

Little Red... by gummaid

Niezapominajki by Justine1985  Like Candles by TeaPhotography Poppy Field by newcastlemale

Blowing in the wind by incolor16  chlorophyll by MarcosRodriguez Drops by MisterMistrz

And some of mine works :) 
..:::Hope never Die:::.. by Angie-AgnieszkaB 
Memories of Sun by Angie-AgnieszkaB Between Autumn and Winter Lovers by Angie-AgnieszkaB Magic Journey by Angie-AgnieszkaB

Thanks for watching ! 

White Rose 
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Well.. what can i said.. 
2017 year was crazy year, i get some work experience, i started my 1st job (and already i left it..couse of stupid boss and also place was..just..scarry. I bet, nobodys wnats to work in place like this. ugh x.x It's empty... )

Anyway..its also good yea for my art, couse i 1st time also took part in Inktober event! <3 

Oh and i didnt publish any work here, so i have a question to You guys (i cant do poll or im just a noob and cant find it  :oops:)
So.. the question is
.:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. 
If i should add here on dA my Inktober works ? 
1. YES, i want to see all !!!! 
2. Only few the best works.
3. Nah you dont need to do it.
If u want, write in your comment number with answer :giggle:

.:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. .:Happy star:. 

Next thing which i wanted to write was.. very very very positive suprise with my 1st work which i added on dA in 2018year.
I mean this one: 
Just ice Dream by Angie-AgnieszkaB
Do You guys know it have 173 :tardfavlove: ?! 
It was very very very nice thing, at the begginig of year F2U: Black Neko Blob Icon 

And now i wanted to THANK YOU all, who like it Daisy thanks for fav 

fave angelus-iom fave irakliy fave ArunaWolf fave shujiko fave Hypercuts fave puppet-soul fave cristii fave rosa-pegasus fave travelie fave BurgerForLunsh fave Perniciouss fave kaoru-kamiya fave Hera-of-Stockholm fave Ilharess fave uosiek1 fave WindTiger fave  AndyCat90fave batjenka fave GrotesqueDarling13 fave Angelwaveo6 fave thnkfrthmmrs fave spiti84 fave Althytrion fave engineerJR fave PaulaDarwinkel fave newcastlemale fave Evil-Fairy-Kitten fave knytcrawlr fave Morphine-Cloud fave ingeline-art fave matali fave MismeHellawes fave mecengineer fave  RagingEspeonfave claudio51 fave Chanteur-de-Vent fave  lapis-lazuri fave 999999999a fave fotoponono fave cristell15 fave DarkReyzer fave TheGreatWiseAss fave DawnroseofRedwall fave Marius1771fave TriMechA fave adriannazajac fave Tiroko fave EvaPolly fave Naeran fave SynthCorpse fave KPeters626 fave gonedreamer fave purstotahti fave Flower-of-Art fave Allalon2 fave LUCILALEYLA fave Rebelmoon fave SayakoRush fave vi0letdreamer fave crista-the-hedgehog fave ltiana355 fave notwithoutmycamera fave ugnip  fave Ciryu fave PrinceVegeta6 fave jellybear07 fave HelloSariuss fave surrealistic-gloom fave xJBIRDxfave WillTCfave seiantifave Cochalitafave Rosepuppfave SeekerDestroy fave cheeseblue4 fave Cali4niaChick fave IreneHorvath fave MisterMistrz fave ZalyHeartlessTigress fave animatingstoat fave Jaeyelle fave Ohiko4Hatsuyume fave boanergesjr fave  Emi30 fave XxRadioactiveHeartxX fave Akimiri fave hannes-flo fave Dovilix fave Stormlover10 fave Nitkaczek fave ZaraaLeanne fave Lochnessica fave EleLibe fave CrimsonSapphire19 fave garrus368 fave OnlyTheGhosts fave nightgirl250 fave kowaiotaku fave Sahori-Chan fave anseo1985 fave Harp-Darkthrope fave tawunap159 fave WestMauE fave austin316hellyeah fave corazon-kokoro fave AnonymousRabbitLover fave AWanderingDryad fave DarthTepes fave Kaizekxwaxl fave AZForever fave odd-mouse fave himeogi fave PapierowySzczur fave XVeyron68 fave MathematicGreen fave ABigBlueBalloon fave PlushiesMyhero fave lucyhatesrainydays fave Diniosaurus fave addoublen fave Rechiedcatfave Recobbled-Cobbler fave Bluesmile14 fave Cocoandcookiethedog fave Diamondblingbling fave Alikis-Kuznetsova fave KiraLakeman fave Acrophobic-Birds fave RetroGalicia fave hraphoto27 fave LiussSteen fave Ereriisthebestyaoi fave R-FantasyArt13-K fave HecateBast fave Nimbue fave Rainfullfun fave JoJolGoh fave Alila99 fave MoonKey19 fave Sagehills fave liam345321 fave foxysmoments fave FrillianPuspaD fave Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9l fave BigDarthMaulFan fave Myosotispuella fave Ancient-One-And-Only fave akphotographystudio fave Husky-Flame fave ChinchillaPuff fave diamondfireart fave deadpoolprime fave Mizunek fave 818Skies fave Maloof22 fave GummieShadie fave GiantessDiana fave viewfromphotos fave JustAStormtroopr fave Blue-Simplicity fave WingedSky100 fave LinkMuffins fave JanayaDanielle fave OpNik fave AutumnIulia fave SandyBPhotography fave beriphotos fave planetI fave Thecatofsilence fave SnaziGrape fave Etherealpho fave GypsyTurtle fave arielspg fave 
Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] Panda LOVE Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]
 Thank You so much guys, i really appreciate it :heart:
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Panda LOVE Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 

Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] Dancin Cow Love Planet
 I also get some new watchers !
 Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] Dancin Cow Love Planet  

Evee Luv Icon Alba03 
Evee Luv Icon SkekKel 
Evee Luv Icon foxysmoments 
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Im really glad to have You guys Pink Heart Icon :flirty: 
It means a lot really ! Puppy-love :D 


And last thing.. 
Again I will organize Kiriban Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
Stampede Catch my 73 k pageviewers
.:Bunny note:. Send to me screenshot with this number
He Noes No Love Get gift from me :3 

Next time i will do a journal with art features Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

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oh well..nobodys catch my 70k kiriban. What a lazy people doesnt want to win free gift. Well maybe next time XD

no cóż..nikt nie złapał mojego 70tys. kiribana. Co za leniwi ludzie, nie chcą prezentu za darmo. No to może następym razem XD
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And we Have New Year :)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 12:20 AM
Happy New Year to You all guys ! :heart: 

Winners of #30 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:
Atlantis Lights by FrostAlexis

Shattered Fairytale by FrostAlexis  Stealing Ice (Book Cover) (Sold) by FrostAlexis  The Deep Scrolls (Bookcover) by FrostAlexis

Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art

The key to my past by SummerDreams-Art  .: ABANDONMENT :. by SummerDreams-Art  :: A Moment in Solitude :: by SummerDreams-Art

Amanita Fairy by LanaTustich

It's Only a Mist by LanaTustich  MRQL by LanaTustich  Snow Queen by LanaTustich

Chasing Demons by Secretadmires

Dream Time by Secretadmires  The Lost Melody by Secretadmires  Carpe Noctem by Secretadmires

Buterfly V 2016 by Energiaelca1

Winter Angel by Energiaelca1  Crossing of eyes by Energiaelca1  Lilith's Realm by Energiaelca1


Winners of #31 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:

Hidden Place by Dani-Owergoor

A Tale of Dragons by Dani-Owergoor   The Guardian by Dani-Owergoor

The return of Anubis by adrianoampb

Coming Home by adrianoampb  Black Widow by adrianoampb  Strange things happen by adrianoampb

The Golden Gateway by Mr-Ripley

Last Christmas by Mr-Ripley  Nocturnal Hunters by Mr-Ripley  The Maiden by Mr-Ripley

Poor Soul by IasmyKillha

<da:thumb id="643433062"/>  Fire by IasmyKillha  Covering in Darkness by IasmyKillha



A lots of love to You all,

~Angie :)

  • Reading: Bóg Honor Trucizna - Robert Foryś
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Independence Day

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2016, 2:41 AM

Yea, in Poland today we have our Independence Day. So i decided to do some features on this Great day. 

Orzelek Polak by Nocturno19021992Flag by thebodzio

Archangel by EmjayxD Konstytucja 3 maja by kanavenya
First Marshal of Poland by Julanna
1918 by lolipopek
With Fire and Sword by pilka3331 Na Zielonej Ukrainie by AncientKing
The battle is tommorow by Iagal
APH Poland  by Fenrin-kun
Battle of Grunwald 1410 by N4020
Staging of warsaw uprising battles by slidespl The Battle of Warsaw 1920 33 by ZelaznyJan
Battle of Wizna by propagangjah
Warsaw uprising 1944 by Vanishowa
White and Red by ThunderboltFire Zolnierze Wykleci by ManePL
Honor Their memory - Polish soldiers by N4020 Battle of Kircholm by Lacedemon
Polish Hussars patriotic wallpaper by N4020

hussar by dugazm Husaria by Erebus201

Polish Hussars by Lacedemon
'Husaria' by Czarcio Husaria by propagangjah Husaria (Winged Hussars Charge) by rysukris

Winged hussar by Venom-svd  Husaria by Tirana-Weaving Husaria by Koster87

Husaria by septemnox

Husaria by kazzdavore

I'm Polish, I'm PROUD. by ManePL

and what we have NOW ? 


  • Reading: Bóg Honor Trucizna - Robert Foryś
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Busy busy busy busy.. !!!!

Sat Oct 8, 2016, 1:19 AM

GOD im so busy last time XD
But all fine with me.. i had some "adventures" last time..for example i sprained my foot (but it was a little one, lucky me lmao) but now all is good, sometimes i just "feel" it, when raining days are coming or just on change the weather.
22nd of Septmeber, the best day in the Year ! Why ? Becouse it was my BIRTHDAYYY YAAY :D
but 23rd of September was also great ! in this year me and my boyfriend have 5 years since we are couple :giggle:
Also im happy becouse i had some great days for photography. 
SO yea all good with me :) 
Oh the most important thing..i got Premium membership from anonymous.. Huuuh Billy is that You ? :D :iconnotofthisearth:

Ok so let's show...
Winners of #27 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:

The girl with lamb by Lotta-Lotos
Russian beauty by Lotta-Lotos  Warrior of Light by Lotta-Lotos  Pandora by Lotta-Lotos

Immortal by FrostAlexis
Blue Fire Embrace by FrostAlexis  Sakura Whispers  by FrostAlexis  The Calling by FrostAlexis

Dangerous Cargo by annewipf
I Ching 41 - Sun (Decrease) by annewipf  Mordor by annewipf  Splendor of Moria by annewipf

Boat in ruins by marcosnogueiracb
Fury by marcosnogueiracb  Prometheus by marcosnogueiracb  Sartana is coming by marcosnogueiracb

The Mysterious Island by niyya00
Nature by niyya00  Rebirth: Post - Apocalypse. by niyya00  The Abandoned Temple by niyya00

Winners of #28 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:

Dark hope by adrianamusettidavila
Brasil-12-28-2999 by adrianamusettidavila  Ramona, the Lizard Princess by adrianamusettidavila  ENTREATY by adrianamusettidavila

Unleash the Beast - contest version by Dani-Owergoor
Intense by Dani-Owergoor  Tree Of Life by Dani-Owergoor  The Secret Garden and The Golden Harp by Dani-Owergoor

Raven Rework by destroyer971
The little death by destroyer971  Gabriel 2 by destroyer971  Time by destroyer971

MUSE by TheKei

Nice Kitty Redo by marphilhearts
Dis Is Bowing by marphilhearts  Rose Vines by marphilhearts  Enjoying Indian Summer by marphilhearts

Winners of #28 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:
Medusa? by adrianamusettidavila
Capitulation by adrianamusettidavila  What darkness hides by adrianamusettidavila  Moonlight's Soul by adrianamusettidavila

Underworld by VanessaPadua
my little mouse by VanessaPadua  . Transformed . by VanessaPadua  Lake despair by VanessaPadua

Dark Queen by Lotta-Lotos
Echidna by Lotta-Lotos  Forest School by Lotta-Lotos  new Year by Lotta-Lotos

The New Queen by adrianoampb
Two Sides by adrianoampb  The Beauty and the Beast by adrianoampb  The Guardian of Time by adrianoampb

Queen of Hell by deathbycanon
The Bubble by deathbycanon  If I Could Fly by deathbycanon  Iowa Oceans by deathbycanon

phew, Congratulations to All ! :clap:


  • Listening to: Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love
  • Reading: Krwawa Jutrznia Straceńcy
  • Eating: bułke z dynią :D
  • Drinking: Inka ♥
like in tittle Hello :giggle: If You are really interesting how I am, just wrote a comment/note we can talk :iconcocoloveplz:

Winners of #24 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium: 
Star! Members choice Star!
We Were All Young Once by Poglazovs by :iconpoglazovs:

  Fish -  the Firebird brings good luck by Poglazovs  Night flower fairy by Poglazovs  Castle by Poglazovs

Star! Jury choise Star!

Who's there? by annewipf by :iconannewipf: AND The Observatory by Aramisdream by :iconaramisdream:

The Bridge by annewipf  Mushrooms' Door by annewipf           La memoria dell'acqua - Memory of the water by Aramisdream   The Fallen by Aramisdream

Winners of #25 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium: 

Star! Members choice Star!

A warrior's soul by Poglazovs AND Jumper Childhood by jiajenn AND The warrior and wolf by marcosnogueiracb

Thoughts by Poglazovs  Little house in night forest by Poglazovs     Fire Rose by jiajenn  Into dark waters by jiajenn     Eros e Psique by marcosnogueiracb  Cranny of Forest by marcosnogueiracb

Star! Jury choise Star!

Please stay with me by genivaldosouza AND Celebrating Spring by nrcArt

The tenderness of a moment by genivaldosouza  Finding the dream by genivaldosouza         Goje, aloje, dona d'aigua by nrcArt  Ice Queen by nrcArt

Winners of #26 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium: 
Star! Members choice Star!

Curse by Dani-Owergoor  AND  In space by IasmyKillha  AND  Fire heart by marcosnogueiracb

A Tale of Dragons by Dani-Owergoor  Cold As Ice - gift by Dani-Owergoor   When imaginary meets reality by IasmyKillha  Paper Heart by IasmyKillha   The Violinist by marcosnogueiracb  Lament by marcosnogueiracb

Star! Jury choise Star!

looking up from underneath by Nikkayla  AND  - The Chosen One - by TheKei

blackbird song is over now by Nikkayla  to the stars *Prints Now Avaliable* by Nikkayla          [UNDER THE SEA] by TheKei <da:thumb id="600058120"/>

Congratulation to all :clap: :clap: :clap:

Angie ~ aka :iconangie-agnieszkab:
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  • Reading: Krwawa Jutrznia Straceńcy
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Hello my friends :huggle: 
Last time..ok for a long time i was more offline again, but it's not becouse i just fed up with dA, no no no ! 
Finally i get graduate's internship in provincial court :aww: it's something similar to placement, but with little less salary. But i dont care, i'm happy that i finally get something and i will have some money for my own :) Maybe in future i will get a job too!

What else from me ? 
huumm all is fine with my health, i'm drawing on my new paper, and i hope i will finihs my new work soon.. oh God it has got a loots of details :faint:
i'm still love with photography to, but..the weather..oh weather dont love me so much :< or maybe..i have small amount of free time now, only weekends and in this 4 weekends i have totally 2 free, becouse in other too i always come back to my small city and meet with family..4 free days for one month, isnt so much ugh.. my photographer soul is crying !!!

Anyway..time to catch up all things ^^

W krótkim skrócie, ostatnio nie jestem zbyt aktywna na dA, ponieważ załapałam się na praktyke absolwencką do sądu okręgowego, więc dużo czasu wolnego w tygodniu mi nie zostaje ^^; Bardzo z tego się cieszę, bo w końcu mogę zarobić troszkę pieniążków dla siebie :) a kto wie może w przyszłości dostanę też pracę..pożyjemy zobaczymy :)
Jestem w trakcie rysowania mojej kolejnej (i pierwszej na nowym papierze :D ) pracy :3 am nadzieję, że niedługo ją skończę.. Bożee ile ona ma szczegółów !!!!!  
Oczywiście nadal kocham też fotografię, ale nie mam za dużo czasu na robienie zdjęć, gdyż mam wolne weekendy..4 w miesiącu, z czego tylko 2 na prawdę wolne, bo w 2 kolejne jeżdżę w odwiedzinki do rodzinki, do mojego rodzinnego miasteczka.. moja fotograficzna dusza płacze T.T to czas nadrobić zaległości :D

Winners of #22 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:
Star! Members choice Star!

The Field Of Miracles by Lora-Vysotskaya by :iconlora-vysotskaya:

Spring by Lora-Vysotskaya  Your Clock Will Stop In The End by Lora-Vysotskaya  Detached Duty by Lora-Vysotskaya

Star! Jury choise Star!

A gift for little girl by genivaldosouza by :icongenivaldosouza:

Assay to solitude by genivaldosouza  Distress by genivaldosouza


Finding Nemo by annemaria48 by :iconannemaria48:

The Hiper by annemaria48  Earth Felt In Water by annemaria48

Winners of #23 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:
Star! Members choice Star!

The dreamcatcher by genivaldosouza by :icongenivaldosouza:

Longing raises feelings by genivaldosouza  The messenger by genivaldosouza  The encounter by genivaldosouza

Star! Jury choise Star!

Shes a maneater by lumpi69 by :iconlumpi69:

Princess Turandot by lumpi69  wolf 2 by lumpi69


Fae Office by Can-Cat by :iconcan-cat:

Sunday In The Park With Georgina by Can-Cat  Human? by Can-Cat

Congrats to all :clap:

Have a good weekend ! :heart:

~Agi :iconcocoloveplz:
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  • Drinking: Inka ^^

Spring features :)

Sat Mar 12, 2016, 8:10 AM
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Hello :)
At 1st.. about my 55k KIRIBAN...NOBODY'S CACTHED IT !!!!! 
lol not my problem, nobody wants, nobody's catch xD

Winners of #21 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:

Star!Star!Members choice : Star!Star!

Deep In The Forest by silviya by :iconsilviya: i voted for this work :aww:

Christms Tree by silviya  Bleeding Rose by silviya  The Last Unicorn by silviya

Star!Star!Jury choice : Star!Star!

Midnight Ride by adrianoampb by :iconadrianoampb:

Damien by adrianoampb <da:thumb id="593803972"/>


In the fairy world by mrscats by :iconmrscats:

Merry Christmas by mrscats  I miss you by mrscats

Congratulations to all :clap:

AND last part.. Spring features !!!!

.:: Spring Time ::. by Whimsical-Dreams  Spring comes by Lelia  Spring breeze by DarkVenusPersephonae  Spring by jgvillu  Spring! by sharandula  Fake Spring. by TinaApple  Spring by Vitaly-Sokol  Spring by Bory-Einfrost  Spring by crying-shinigami  While Away by Einsilbig  Spring Time by kittynn  SPRING by phoenixlu  Spring Blossom by kucingitem  Spring by muhoho-seijin  Spring by patriciabrennan  spring by maticgolob  spring... by rahmanio  spring by aimeelikestotakepics  Spring by JenniferHealy  Spring by yuchenghong  Spring by leonard-ART  spring.... by mechtaniya  Day 1 - Spring by CarlaSophia  Lighting by Jennyeight  I wish it was spring already by JoaRosa 

Have a good weekend ! 

~Agi :heart:

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  • Eating: chalka xD
  • Drinking: tea

Hello :)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 20, 2016, 9:46 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Just wanna say hello to You all. :iconhiiiplz:

Guys remember about my kiriban !!! 55 000 pV :giggle:

What about me ? 
Still searching a work.. :( 
and drawwwwww ! :3
my new drawing : Air Element by Angie-AgnieszkaB

ok and now : 

Winners of #19 and #20 Short Challenge hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:


:star::star:Members choice : :star::star:

King Frog and the Magic flowers by adrianamusettidavila by :iconadrianamusettidavila:

DEUS EX VOLUNTAS by adrianamusettidavila  FINAL FIGHT by adrianamusettidavila  Autumn by adrianamusettidavila

:star::star:Jury choice : :star::star:

I Feel Good by Lora-Vysotskaya by :iconlora-vysotskaya:

Two Love Stories by Lora-Vysotskaya  Swan Song by Lora-Vysotskaya


The Enchanted Flute by marcosnogueiracb by :iconmarcosnogueiracb:

Lilian by marcosnogueiracb  Shellina by marcosnogueiracb


:star::star::star: Members choice: :star::star::star:

You'll regret it, Mr. Wolf! by Twinkle-space by :icontwinkle-space:

Escape by Twinkle-space  Nocturne by Twinkle-space  November by Twinkle-space

:star::star: Jury choice : :star::star:

The Dreamland's Lighthouse by Aramisdream by :iconaramisdream: I voted for this work :giggle:

Wings of change by Aramisdream  Waiting the first snow - Chibi Poinsettia by Aramisdream


The Journey Begins by Standoutloud by :iconstandoutloud:

Shape Of Destiny by Standoutloud  I Fell For You by Standoutloud

Congrats to All !!! :clap::clap::clap:

and some wroks from my :+fav:S :aww:

I belong to you ~ Paint Study by Ellysiumn  from a distance by jyoujo  Crescendo by Lilyas   Chibi Erza by Mihoshi5  Sailor Moon Lineart By Artgerm by tekino  COMM: Sousuke and Eterna by AkubakaArts   morning selfie... by Justine1985  Club26, Sisters by Vint26  Cup of Hot Chocolate by Selenada  Anthem of the Angels by SvetlanaFox  Burning Skies by MarcoHeisler  The Hoodoos by IvanAndreevich  An Autumn Sunset Over Kebler Pass by kkart  whisper by arbebuk  Scottish Reflections by Nelleke  Winterglow by MarcoHeisler  Auroral Fireworks by m-eralp  Adrasan by m-eralp  The Calling by m-eralp  The Death Falls by Inebriantia  Vilanova III by MarcosRodriguez   Heavy Rainbow by Chromattix  Book Penguin II by rockgem  The Sewer Girl by Jennyeight   Winter good and Winter bad by Incantata  Innocence by ArunaWolf  Illumine by Enamorte  happy valentine  by Lovepeace-S <da:thumb id="591756480"/>  Chibi Dream by Agnaartis  Assassin by daekazu  Kosmokrator by wolf-minori  The angel by heise  M'ichiru Kaioh by laverinne  Sound of ... by yaichino  The Return by xLocky  The Source by Emerald-Depths  Exegesis by Carlos-Quevedo  Air dress by ElenaDudina 

Hugs ! 

Agi, aka Angie-AgnieszkaB



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A lots of winners and next kiriban !

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 1:44 AM

HI Guys :) 
i just want to tell You all, that i'm still alive ! XD I have new drawing :aww: but i will put it here on dA, in next weekend, becouse i want scan not photo, probably it will be better  xD

This time i have 4 nice contests results, so i want to show You wonderful winners ! 

Here we go !

:star::star:1st Results:star::star:

Big Birthday Contest from :iconpolska-malowana:

The winner !

Antos by ISzopI

Angel - Oli by ISzopI <da:thumb id="584038008"/>  Blue Diamond by ISzopI  Water witch by ISzopI  Nightmare night by ISzopI  Purple One by ISzopI  Heliotrope by ISzopI

Honored mention: 



Bocianica Marta by wolf-minori  Color Pride by wolf-minori  Hummingchilla by wolf-minori  Fishing owl by wolf-minori  Blood Moon by wolf-minori

:star::star:2nd results:star::star:

Mascot of :iconmangastyczni: group :

:heart::heart::heart:Winner !!! 

Mania Mangaka by LoveEmerald

aph: Anton in the snow~ by LoveEmerald  I wish you a pika Christmas and a pika New Year!! by LoveEmerald  aph: Alex. by LoveEmerald  Foxie by LoveEmerald