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Bullet; Pink Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green RULES Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink 

Point Right Point Right Point Right My work is copyrighted and misuse, or modificationPoint Left Point Left Point Left 
without my permission is punishable. Any misuse without
permission could be solved even by a court action!

Credit me if you draw my characters/use my art (with permission):

© Angi-Shy
© -Angi- (and similar)
© Angi-Shy (@Angi-Shy)
- and anything similar where people will understand, who it is and links to my page.

© Angi
© Da friend
"i don't own this character/art/etc"
- or nothing and anything else, from where it is not certain who made it.

- use (c) if you don't know how to make ©

- You are NOT allowed to ask anyone else to color in a sketch/outline i made for you as they do not have my permission to manipulate with my art.

- I do not do any exceptions, because it is a fraud against other people!

- Don't try to steal, I know how to find my art by google similar image search.

- You are NOT allowed to ask someone else to draw any character in MY original styles.
Rules for spreading my art - small by Angi-Shy
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