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A very nice picture of a scythe I did. I luv the way this turned out! Considering this was the first scythe I've ever drawn, and the fact that most of my inanimate drawing don't turn out well. lol


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well, might a lot of people have asked and this seems a little old so I´m not sure if you´d answer but
I really like this design and would really like using it on a character I´ve made! I´d give you the credit of course!
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shades just on point...
hallo. may i use this awesome scythe as a tatto idéa? Love 
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Hi Angi.

I send to you my gratitude and apologies for the long delay in this notify. Starting early with a simple logo test, and much time later it became an official design, the matter is your scythe is being used by our airsoft team logos from 2008 to present. Of course it is credited to you and linked to your DeviantArt profile in our main web from the beginning.

Our team is well known in Spain as nonprofit institution for action sports, international cultures and local charity projects. In these years your drawing has been proudly used in clothes, gear, vehicles, flags and even tatooed in various team members. Nowadays many airsoft players believe our Death card design with your scythe belongs to an actual russian military force.

For that, thank you very much and sorry for the years of delay to inform to you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have more information or pictures.
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Nice knotty handle and wicked blade!
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I was wondering if I could use this for just part of my Youtube Channel's symbol that I'm making may I use this? Also I was wondering if you could do one like this but the shading being darker on the edges and maybe some inking? I can send my symbol but with the scythe in the background to give you an idea of what I'm thinking? :)
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Sure, you can use the image.

As for making another... I haven't drawn much in years. I'm sure anything I make now wouldn't be anywhere near as good looking as the original image turned out. So I'll have to pass on drawing another for now.
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May i use this pic sir?
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Hmmm. This one may be the one i stick on my tat. I am having a scythe behind a pocketwatch with my anniversary as the time on the pocket watch. To do a whole till death do us part kinda theme for my next tat. :-) 
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You're welcome to use the design if you like. If you do, send me a pic! I'd love to see it
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this is amazing, and i adore the shading along the blade especially. I have been looking for a scythe design for one of my characters, may i use this?
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Yea, go ahead
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Hey,…  has re-uploaded your pic here =/ thought you might like to know.
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Thanks for letting me know. I've left him a message about it, so I'll see what he does.
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OMG, this looks alot like a pendant i just ordered :) (…
Looks amazing though !!
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((Love it! It's awesome!))
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I want one!!!!!! Perfect for a shinigami hehe
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