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Dragon Maridin

This here is an image of one of my characters in one of my RPG's. She's part Dragon, and recently discovered that she could transform into a full dragon form! So of course, I had to sit down and draw it! ;)

Course, when I first started working on this, it was just suppose to be a simple line drawing. I wasn't going to do a whole lot of detail and fussing over it. But, like always, I just could not do simple! I am too much of a detail oriented person... so I ended up adding lots of decorations and stuff to it... lol

I hadn't planned on shading it either... but then I thought that if I left it as just the line art, people in my game might have a hard time distinguishing some parts of the body from others (I've had that happen before). I had also planned on only doing a bit of light, basic shading, leaving the majority of it line art.

But... again... my obsession for adding detail to my drawings kicked in, and I shaded things more heavily then I had intended to... but it worked out well. :)

Although... I realized after I had gotten the whole head, neck, and chest region shaded, that I probably should have scanned in the plain line art version, that way if I ever got the inclination to color it on the comp, I'd have nice, clean line art to work with. I can still color it, even with all the shading... it's just a little more difficult... =P

Note: Before any of you say anything... I'm aware that there are some anatomical features that look a little weird... I know that, and I didn't realize it until I had the region all shaded in, thus making any attempts at editing quite a bit more difficult. But I've been feeling lazy, and didn't want to fight with it. =P

I'm also not entirely pleased with her head... I probably edited various bits and pieces on it a dozen times before I came to something I could settle with. It has the basic facial features I wanted... I just couldn't seem to put them together in a way that I liked. *sighs*


I thought it was a nice pic over all... certainly nice enough to throw up here on Devart! And I haven't put any black and white pencil drawing in here in ages! hehe

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that is a cool dragon
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fantastic drawing! might i ask what rpg it came from?
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a dragon very cool
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OKOK so if you draw this awesome, I'm a little scared to see how good you color/paint
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Wow, I LOVE this picture!
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this has been done really well :D well done :D :D
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Hiya, just a little message to let you know this piece of work has been featured in Issue 35 of Devious Dragons, the blog for older dragon artwork [link] :)
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=D Thumbs up from me. I think the design was done nicely and you did well at not making it look cluttered. =3 Very nice. I wonder though is she pettable? o_O
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