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Starlink Sketch by anghorkheng Starlink Sketch :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 107 9 Alien World by anghorkheng Alien World :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 34 3 We Are Greek by anghorkheng We Are Greek :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 109 23 Skulgox by anghorkheng Skulgox :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 113 12 The Trolling by anghorkheng The Trolling :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 111 24 Demon: The Dark House Cover Art by anghorkheng Demon: The Dark House Cover Art :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 26 9 Dun Mess with this Gurl02 by anghorkheng Dun Mess with this Gurl02 :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 111 14 Barbarian Sketch by anghorkheng Barbarian Sketch :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 140 12 Muay Thai 2 by anghorkheng Muay Thai 2 :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 105 3 Muay Thai by anghorkheng Muay Thai :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 100 11 Kitty vs Laji by anghorkheng Kitty vs Laji :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 69 6 Manicular Tentacalis by anghorkheng Manicular Tentacalis :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 68 12 Wolverine by anghorkheng Wolverine :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 119 18 Amazon Girl 01 by anghorkheng Amazon Girl 01 :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 128 28 Tokanii01 by anghorkheng Tokanii01 :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 90 10 Bald Barbarian Sketch by anghorkheng Bald Barbarian Sketch :iconanghorkheng:anghorkheng 39 16


New Contest! The Will to be Badass!
Sup BADASS! :iconbadassplz:
Even the most gifted badasses have to train. Whether it's mastering their techniques, achieving spiritual enlightenment or just plain old working out, badasses need to train!
This contest is open to original characters and fan works alike.
What we are looking for is...
1. The character or characters working to become or maintain their badass status.
2. This training can be all sorts of things. It can be pumping weights or exercising. It can be practicing with their powers or abilities. If you like it can be something more spiritual, like levitating rocks with their mind. Even meditation, done right, can be badass.
3. Sparring with an opponent can be accepted. However, you should be careful to make it different from an actual fight or combat.
4. While some forms of training can be conveyed in a static pose (like standing beneath a waterfall), most of the best in
:iconbadass-characters:BADASS-Characters 19 49
Is dA and its Group system slowing dying out?
Hello everyone!
:megaphone: :police: Before you read, please keep in mind that my intentions are not to blame, insult, criticize, or say anything harmful about anyone! The intentions of this feature if anything, is to motivate us all in improving the group system and dA as a whole! ALSO this is focused more largely on photography, digital art, and a few other mediums, but I don't claim to speak for the cases of other mediums and types of groups that I am not familiar with.
EDIT: To make things clear, I don't believe dA or Groups will ever be "dead" in the sense of them not existing anymore, or members in both factions not existing either, I'm using "Death" more metaphorically perhaps, in saying that the way the group system is intended to be working, has been failing, and needs improving in order to not fail its purpose, and that dA needs to do something to strengthen the community sense and interactions between members both in groups and in the dA com
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 80 221
Technicalities of Pixel Art - File Formats
I've seen too many pixel works being saved in bad file formats, so I may as well write this to help others and to save me time when I have to explain something.
In a nutshell:
PNG (Stands for Portable Network Graphic)- The best file format for pixel art.
You generally cannot go wrong with this. This file format works best with images with areas of solid color, which includes pixel art as well as vectors.
However, if you use MS paint, you may have difficulty replacing colors using the eraser tool if you try to edit a PNG file.
GIF (Stands for Graphics Interchange Format)- Next best thing for pixel art.
To be safe, only use GIF's if you know your computers.
BMP (Short for Bitmap)- Acceptable
You can't go wrong with this unless you upload BMP's to deviantART (dA will turn your BMP into a jpeg), but this file format is not efficient with size. They tend to be bigger than other files.
JPG/JPEG (Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group)- If you are doing pixel-work please avoid thi
:iconpix3m:Pix3M 38 31
Astrid Spell Sword by RobertoAGM Astrid Spell Sword :iconrobertoagm:RobertoAGM 20 6 African Elephant by Vilibald Martic by UmjetnikVelikaSrca African Elephant by Vilibald Martic :iconumjetnikvelikasrca:UmjetnikVelikaSrca 6 7 Hex by keucha Hex :iconkeucha:keucha 175 11 House on the hill by teemoh House on the hill :iconteemoh:teemoh 344 56 I Dream of Electric Sheep by RobShields I Dream of Electric Sheep :iconrobshields:RobShields 1,509 174 Inevitable by Rothmansmoker Inevitable :iconrothmansmoker:Rothmansmoker 33 25 White tiger by flankerus White tiger :iconflankerus:flankerus 73 20 Machine Gun by NateKaranlit Machine Gun :iconnatekaranlit:NateKaranlit 761 66 HELLBOY by MichaelBroussard HELLBOY :iconmichaelbroussard:MichaelBroussard 1,878 60 Yesterday by Ikane326 Yesterday :iconikane326:Ikane326 3 2 Monster design by motherdarker Monster design :iconmotherdarker:motherdarker 48 3 Circular Logic by vishstudio Circular Logic :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 2,815 179 Zyassin by JussiKarro Zyassin :iconjussikarro:JussiKarro 110 17



Fuh..that was CLOSE!

Please check your old electrical appliances, mum's rice cooker, we found out (the hard way) was the cause of all the blackouts in our house lately..the moment she plug it in, boom!

No more electricity. And I was doing backups on my PC at that time..luckily, no images were lost or killed..haha

That rice cooker...poor thing...anyways, it was older than me...time for it to go...


anghorkheng's Profile Picture
Ang Hor Kheng
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My name is Ang Hor Kheng and I'm a hobbyist comic style illustrator based in Ipoh, Malaysia, who draws just about anything. What you'll find here is my interpretation of the world around me, both real or imagined. I always try to keep my lines simple and tight. I do hope you all can find something you like in my page, and if my art can inspire you somehow, all the better.

Just a little about me:
I've been drawing since I was 3 years old (that was as far as I can remember it) mainly doing comic stuff like X-men or Avengers...Favourite artists include Peter Konig, Jim Lee, Al Williamson, Jae Lee, John Buscema, Frank Frazetta. I haven't got the privilege to enter a formal art school (my mum wants me to s.t.u.d.y...), so I'm basically self-taught; observing carefully the beauty of our universe and drawing inspirations from it. I occasionally dabble in watercolor and digital art too, but my main passion is still good old traditional art, which I believe to be the best way to hone our skills as artists.


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