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Xunae portrait

So i was a bit annoyed that I can't draw portraits as good as i want to and started painting with a reference in black and white just to study. Needless to say, I got carried away with it and ended up painting my drow out of it ;p

Planning to do more achromatic paintings soon. So much easier when I can forget about the colors and just focus on shapes, textures and shading :)
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Woah ! Elle est magnifique ;) !
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Her eyes are so beautiful! Heart 
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Merciful Eilistraee this is gorgeous. This, this is what I think of when of when I think of a "good" female drow. Just... stunning.
Your pictures are realy awsome
looks amazing, i must ask, is she suppose to be a half-elf - half human/half night elf?  cos the hair and ears are very night elfy, but the eyes and eyebrows very human.

either she way it's a gorgeous portrait, well done. Ah..just read it, she's a drow, but  she is exactly what I'd imagine a half night-elf/human would look like
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Wow, very beautiful!
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Awesome work! I love it!!!  :D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing, definitely one of your very best works.
Can't wait to see more black 'n white art from you.

Thank you for sharring this.
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Thank you very much ^^
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Oh wow, this is beautiful :D really well made ^^
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pretty, oh so pretty :love:
nothing surprising there though, I love how you did the mouth and hair :)
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