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Prismatic Hydra

This one took a lot more time than I'd like to admit, but it was great fun!
Huge DnD commission piece for Dracovin ^^
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i am speechless .:la:

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My Image of an aquatic version of the legendary dragon Tiamat in my head is like this.

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Just me n the girls out havin fun.

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I thought their were only 7 colors of the rainbow.

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God of War flashbacks

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Marvelous.. what tools did you use?

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How much XP does it give and what does it drop to qualify as Prismatic?

Some amazing work right there. What did you use?

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Amazing! Great work!

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That, that is a big big problem!

And a beautiful artwork :)
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This is the best hydra art i ever see insta fave.....
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I like how powerful the Hydra is.
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This is amazing, well done.
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beautiful work
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Those knights will die alone
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Woof! Really well done, Angevere, perfect one might say... and to say otherwise I'd need my head examined! :)

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