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"Okay ladies listen up! There are a few rules you gotta follow if you don't want to rot behind some bars for life or shot in the head! Every mercenary must follow these rules or face the consequences of their actions!"




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Do you want to be the worst of society? Do you want to do the jobs that no other man would do? Take out targets who are a threat to our city or a threat to you. Do you have what it takes to be the the biggest mercenary who ever lived, join, and enjoy our bar and the community.

Lions Den
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May 16, 2016


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Bathroom by jorgeiam00
Welcome to the Character Creation Journal. Now I know everyone hates this part but READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY! We are gonna tell you how you make the proper applications and what to avoid when making your Mercenary Oc's. First off, read the guidelines for the OC making!

  •  A drawn Mercenary Oc Man/woman/trans a full body and a head shot for the application
  •  Use of bases are prohibited for all applications and submissions. However if you may commission an artist to do the drawing part  to illustrate your application art, but said artist must be credited in the artist's comments.
  •  Tracing is STRICTLY prohibited! Don't be a loser!
  • Add details in the personality and biography, as much information as possible. Make them interesting! We don't want boring silent types who have no personality in here!
  • The OC's must be between the ages of 21-60 
  •  Your character can be from any country in the world! Make them interesting! Give them history!

Please try not to use the following:
  •    When making an OC DO NOT give them history with real life extremist group or terrorists that others may take offense from! This may be a fictional world but were not putting up with that shit in here!
  • Do not make them KNOW EVERYTHING! We do not need a bunch of OP people who can hack a computer while using his free hand to sword fight! That no fun! We gotta keep things challenging
  • Is secretly in the group to try and kill the GM's how cliche is that? None of that please!
  • No super powered! This has to be said again. These will be humans! None of them can fly, no supper strength, mind reading ALL OF THAT IS A NO! The OC's must rely on real skills and use their brains to solve missions!

These are just what has to be done to keep everyone happy! So please follow them!

The Ranking System 

    When making your application there is a ranking systems the higher the rank the more experienced you are and the more dangerous missions you may take on. 

  • The 1st Tier: Novitiate - They are ranked as followed Initiate, Apprentice, Recruit and Trainee EVERYONE will start off as an Initiate level and with each mission earn their way up the ranks and gain access to harder missions!
  • The 2nd Tier: Journeyman - They are ranked as followed. Runner, Courier, Yeoman and Professional. Those in this rank are allowed to take on more challenging missions but unlike Novitiate theses mission have a better payout along with more damage your OC's can take.
  • The 3rd Tier: Equite - They are ranked as followed. Privateer, Raider, Corsair and Reaver. Those in this rank are given more dangerous missions, these mission have a great payout but they could also cost your OC's a limb if they are not careful!
  • The 4th Tier: Elder - They are ranked as followed. Eminent, Master and Legend those in this rank take on life and death missions! The Payout unimaginable but the price costly if the Merc slips up. Die on this mission and you are bumped back to Initiate and all items saved up taken away! 
  • Grand Master - The leader of the Mercenary Guild they are the ones who give out the missions and pass judgement on those who earn their way to the top or get bumped back down for endangering their brothers and sisters. To become a Grand Master will be learned in due time.

Filling out the Application!
    •  Name:
    • Code-name: (Optional)
    • Age:
    •  Gender:
    •  Height:
    •  Weight:
    •  Birthday: 
    •  Nationality: 
    •  Rank: (Everyone is starting off at Initiate no exceptions) 
    •  Weapons - (Go ahead and list the weapon they use on mission! But do not go overboard! Some weapons are very heavy! You may need to make a quick escape if needed!)
    •  Skills: (What are they good at? Throwing knives? Hacking skills? Keep it simple! We do not want to see OC's who knows how to do EVERYTHING! That boring and making them OP everyone has weakness! No exceptions!)
    •  Personality: (Be very detailed with complete descriptions of each character trait, both positive and negative.Tell us what they are like around others!)
    •  Background: (Be as detailed as possible. Ex: childhood, important events, Tragic events! How they got recruited as a Mercenary, their goals tell us their story!)
    •  Family: (If any they can be living or dead)
    •  Likes & Dislikes: (Have fun with this one) 
    •  Relationships: (Leave this blank when making the application when you first join! Later on you will fill this out with all your allies and how the Oc is around them but also the enemies they also made here!)
    • Sexuality: (Optional, for those who plan to pair this OC off with a member in the group.)
    • Pets: (Optional everyone has a pet be it an attack dog who mauls people on command or even a kitty cat!) 
      • Name:
      • Species: 
      • Gender:
      • Personality:
    • Goals: (Now to see their true colors! Why are they in this dangerous game for? Money? Power? Revenge? Maybe they just like to kill? Tell us what they seek~)
    Mer APP by Rojoneo 
If you need help check out other members files to see how it done.

  • Once you have completed all the information, send in a Join Request! Join Requests must be made in the following format. Any deviations from this format will be automatically declined.
    • Name: [Name of OC]
    • Rank: Initiate Me
    • Age: [Put in their Age]
    • Password: The Lion's Den
                And provide a link to the Application
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