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After what seemed to be a 10 year long hiatus I'm easing myself back into the saddle. It's funny how all it takes is something as simple as a new tool to inspire you. this is now the 4th piece of art I've managed to complete on my Surface Pro. On top of this I've joined up with a really cool drawing group where we just hang out eat, chat and draw. it reminds me of the art club back in high school. 
But even though I wasn't drawing much, I am and probably always will be heavily involved in my deep sith-like passion for gigantic breasts. That said, I've started an N scale train layout also centered around my fictional world of Zeta-C. There isn't much in terms of art but there hopefully will be some interesting bits. I'll see.

What else? umm...... dunno. So I'll leave it at that!
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Well...... I posted again. And it didn't take a full year..... or two......... or more! This is also now the 2nd drawing completely done on my tablet from inception to final! WOOT!

Not much to say here except that. For other ranty stuff go check out my website. =o
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WOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Man all kinds of changes are going on in 2017!! This really is one crazy year of change! I just cross my fingers that all the good stuff going on in my life isn't adding up to one massively horrible end! 

BUt WOOT! I did artses! 
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Hello? Can anyone hear me?

And here I am on another orbital pass. Amazing that I'm still here. Well sort of. You can tell when you really have a passion for something when it never truly leaves. No matter what changes or how hard life pulls, that one string or strand just keeps holding on. no new art as of yet but dar I say the bug is slowly coming back. some things have changed in life and I'm slowly starting to pick up with drawing again. I really do miss it. and of course the old love of boobs is still a thing. if I really get back into it I may end up posting a thing or two in here, but I'm not going to force it. I want ti to kind of happen on it's own and set how it wants to. Sort of like glue, you have to just let it sit and cure if you want it to be strong. 

Hope all you fellow giant boob lovers are all doing well and hanging in there. I see some old faces/avatars but not sure of who has decided to quit and move on. 

Anyway....... looks like my signal is about to dropout again... Good to see the art and the busty love is still going on ...............

<<signal lost>>
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Another entry and it's not even a full year passed? hmmmmm. wonder if it means some thing. 

anyway just to give you all an update....... I"M STILL HERE. As you also know I haven't been doing much in way of giant breasts art. in truth I just haven't been drawing much in the past few ears save for an occasional piece here and there. Just recently I bought a Microsoft surface 4 pro. and I have to say...... it's actually inspiring me to draw. I missed being creative and doodling ideas for stuff I was actually able to draw my very first image from start to finish on the tablet!!  it's a slow process though. I'm not going to force it. as the urge builds I'll just do with it. But hopefully I'll be able to draw more big breasted women and share with you all.

Btw thank you to all for the birthday wishes I've missed! 2016 has been one hell of a troublesome year and it's not over yet =\. I'm gonna stay positive and hope 2017 is better. If not I'll try my best to make it better if I can. 

Anyway, the connection is dropping again.... so I'll catch you all next loop around..

[signal lost]
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So here I pass by again. Seems like it's an annual thing. It's been such a long time but I'm still trying to get back into drawing and such. Its strange, despite not having school anymore, nor having kids or major responsibilities besides work...... I still have no time. Or maybe it's zeal. I dunno.

The good news is that I'm still addicted to massive breasts, and I'm still making stuff breasts related. Check out my website for updates I hope that I will be able to get back into the swing of things soon, as I have some ideas I would like to try.

I hope everyone is doing well in the giant breasts community! ...  <transmission lost>
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zooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm. around I go leaving my trail of letters and thoughts. I still exist but still caught up in lots of other stuff. only time will say where things will go but it's great to see artists are still pumping up those breasts as big as imagination can go. love it love it love it! I feel inspired to continue on in the warm fun of my giant breasts fetish/fantasy/obsession. Anyways.... untill next tiiiiiiiiiimmeeeee zoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm.
If you were to have your own space ship to pilot. What things / areas / compartments would you have in it and why? ..... discuss.
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Woah! Hey wait this place looks familiar!

*floats to the window to look around*

My....gosh............. I haven't been here in forever. *ponders the scenery and the familiar breast mass features of the planet below. Looks over the the hyper drive display as it blinks a slow solemn message "jump complete"*

Of all the places. How'd I end up back here? wow. *floats my way down the the small hangar deck below and glides into the scout pod. A few clicks and switch flips brings it to life as the hangar doors open. *

I wonder if anything has changed? *launches down to the planet surface*
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Looking to add more links to my web site. Must be about or include gigantic breasts of course, but it can be web comics, art, games or whatever other kind of media.

Free sites - If a payed site looks like it would be a really nice link I'll include it, but I'd like to give attention to those who do it for the love and let people see. Also some decent/really nice art is preferred.

I'm a fan of huge boobs on slender or shapely girls and would like to link to the same.

Of course this isn't to come of sounding mean or anything as I know there are many other fetishes that incorporate large boobs. But I'd rather be upfront in saying what I'd like than beating the bush =o. So yea, links pweeze.
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nothing that amazing but I just felt like being dramatic. Well........ NO there is a wow gosh darnit! I posted art! That's wow! considering how long it's been since I've done anything =. So Anyways I'm starting to put up another section of my website to show the things of my fictional breast centered fantasy world. Still some tweaking here and there and some story alignment to iron out. I figure I spend so much time developing all these things I may as well share right? So when ya get the change peek on over to my site and take a look see at what is going on in my Boob obsessed world.
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I've been meaning to ask. What is the deal with llama badges? Is it something cool? or is it like those shirts in Chinese that you have no clue what I means. shirt says "I'm a poopy bottom" and your rockin' it like its fashion week.

llama info please lol.
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Men and Brethren(and one or two girls), the time has come! Due to the pressures of feminism, political correctness, professionalism and personal hangups, I am dividing my page. Fear not I will be leaving the Angered-Icon to deal with all things breast-tacular and huge. My other acct will handle the safe, Pg13, and publicly agreeable art that I can show to other folk outside of "the community". I'm debating on if I should change the mask to suit the new change. I dunno, thoughts?

My apologies to those who have some of my clean art faved. You will be seeing it popping up under the new name of :iconchroma-k:.

Wish me luck!

Edit: last second change it's now Chroma-K.
So what happens to a person when no one has time for them any more? lonlyness sets in that's what happens. not happy at all. I dunno what's happened, and the silence kills me. I'm becoming bitter, jealouse and confused. Everyone does a lot of big talking but no one actually helps. And so the end of another year comes and I sit here....... blah. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year n all that.
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Where has the time gone? It's been so long since I've done busty art, I know. I've been in the world of Second Life putting my talents to other use. I still peek in here to see I have 400 messages and such and look at other peoples art. I think to myself (no not a wonderful world) maybe I should throw something up, but then I never get to it. Sad I know, I've fallen off with my love of monstrously massive breasts. Well the good part is that I haven't forgotten. One thing I know with me is that as long as it keeps resurfacing in my mind it will eventually get done.

Any hoo, some extra news to drop on ya. Some of you may have seen already but I'm redoing the adult side of my site .  It's more of a sort of blog set up so I'm hoping it will be a touch more interactive. I dunno,I'll see. one thing is for sure is that it's hell friking easier to update! When you get the chance give it a look see.
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Sigh. So I guess the time has come to give my beloved mask logo a rest. I've been told that I need to change it casue it's not "Logo" material.  I'm been toying with the Idea of keeping it and using the other logo for other things but I'm not sure.  If I do change it i know I'm gonna miss my mask :cry:
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So another year. ..... somethings gotta change aside from my age.  I know definitely my mindset is gonna change on somethings.  I'm hoping for the better but who knows.  I know I'll definitely have to come to terms with somethings about myself and go from there. All in all my plans are quite simple, better. A friend of mine told me one of his friends made that as a resolution. I like it, I may roll with it. This is my show now, I plan my survival alone and only fate has veto power.
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ooooooh Santa has a secret?  The Secret Claus!  coming to theaters winter 2008!  XD j/k.

Any ways. Dear Mr Secret Santa Person. If you would I would like to have one of my Red bras Characters  drawn, painted, rendered, or even sketched. Paideka, Paio, and Kyonyu are the three that make the group. There I also the lovely kate Leches in the space suit she can be done as well.  posing, and outfits are at liberty of Mr. Santa. ^ ^

BUT! to also make things fun I can go with a Santa created Idea involving a hot girl(s) with big boobs if that would be easier. XD

I want to type more here but I be tired...... soooooooooooooooooo I'll up date this tomm! lol.
GMAIL NEEEEEEEEEDS FOLDERS damnit!  MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. all have folders to help organize incoming mail. And both MSN, and Yahoo, both allow for pictures in your signature.  do damnit why doesn't gmail!!?

Well here's why..................... Nobody is saying any thing.
And supprisingly Gmail hasn't made it that clear about how to suggest stuff. So one day I just combed the whole site and found THIS:…

That's the page that probly very few people know about. So for all you Gmail users.... Let's get some folders shall we? Companies only do stuff if people tell them too. Like they say: the wheel that squeeks the loudest gets the oil. Pass this on to as many people as possible and get google to get with the program!

Vote folders and Sigs!  XD
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I dunno. I just feel very good right now. content, pleased, easy going, .........  something like that. Dunno why, and I'm not gonna question it. I'm at peace and I like it.  ;P;P;P;P.