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Beware the Kiss of Breasts and the dangerous lips of Bee Bryant. Who will her next swollen victim be? The sound of popping buttons and bursting bra straps will cut through the air ... and bring a gentle smile those who like them B.I.G!


This was some art I did for :iconmdetector5: I like his character and her very interesting means of breast enlargement. Her personality also comes through very well so I tried to emulate a little bit of it in this pic as well. I hope it is to your liking Mr Detector! =D
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RaidenSnake Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
Those are some wonderful meteors on her.  Lovely pic, and keep up the good work!
rocketdave Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
The lip print bg is a nice touch.
DJWill Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
Danm! Bee-chan looks pretty hot!! :D oh yeah!!
PhilcoTV Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
Wow, that is the biggest I've ever seen Bee -- but she can carry it well. Love the way she's bulging out of her top.
Aonar Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
too bad I dont have any money... or chari inspiration or else Id get one >.>
Splicerion Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Awesome. :D
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Stunning stuff here Angered-Icon, hats off the your version of Bee and and how much of an excellent bust your added to her, simply amazing sir. *applauses*

I'm sure that MDetector5 shall definitely take a liking to this piece, thumbs up to you coloring too, damn the lip on the back was a sweet touch.

Fabulous commissioning stuff, keep up the great artwork.

Lxxi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Nice! Poor girl needs a bigger shirt... lol
TheDetectorDX Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Disregard that note I sent ya, then!

I see that you did get it done, AND you did a damn good job! Bee is looking so freaking sexy, and I enjoy the pose a lot!

Even I never draw her that busty, but you did, and I really love this! Thank you very much for this!
Angered-Icon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cow you move fast! 2 minutes didn't even pass! LOL. I'm glad you like it. Took me a while but I didn't forget ya. Sorry if I made her boobs too big.
TheDetectorDX Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, and I do like it! No, you didn't make her too big. She looks darn good this way! In fact...

From now on, if you want to draw my characters, no questions asked, you can!
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Submitted on
December 1, 2007
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