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Caging Me Softly(Nicolas Cage Dating Sim) by Angequilla Caging Me Softly(Nicolas Cage Dating Sim) :iconangequilla:Angequilla 6 5
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Last Part
My eyes slowly opened themselves to a new environment. I felt really strange. My surroundings were strange as well and everything was so blurry. I felt like that night I drunk that weird shit on a party.
I blinked several times as I tried to remember what happened and how on earth I ended up in this weird place.
Suddenly Ben's face flashed in my mind and I immediately remembered the event that had taken place earlier. Wait, I thought I was dead? I thought Ben had killed me. Where am I? Is this the afterlife? Why would the afterlife look like this?
I recognized the thing I was sitting on was a throne and I was- wearing a white gown? I'm wearing a gown? What??? Why am I wearing a gown????
Ugh, I have more important stuff to worry about than that dress. I need to find out where I am and how I can go home. It seems like I'm not dead after all.
Why is everything so blurry though? It feels like I'm wearing an oculus rift.
This room was small and all it had was this throne I was sitting on an
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 10 15
Mature content
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 17 :iconangequilla:Angequilla 7 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 16
After school ended, I immediately went home to get ready for my "research" or whatever awaited me in my old hometown. Thankfully, my afternoon classes were cancelled so I don't have to worry about traveling a far distance when it would get dark.
"Are you sure you're going to do this?" My brother asked me, rather concerned.
"Yeah, don't worry, I'll be fine." I reassured him. "I'll be back around dinner time."
"Alright Sis... take care."
I said my goodbyes to Daryl and left for the train station. It would take me around one and a half hour to reach my old hometown, plus after reaching the train stop, I still need to take a bus.
The trip on the train was boring but it gave me enough time to think of how I would locate Ben's dead body or how I could find out how he died. And maybe put him to rest or something. Afterall, I've been his only friend so far.
After several hours of traveling I exited the bus, having finally arrived at the town I had lived before. I took a thorough look at my sur
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 9 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 15
I ran back to the door, hoping that it would open but much to my dismay, it did not. I was locked up.
"Shit!" I cursed, realizing I could not get out of here anytime soon.
The flickering of lights was really irritating and it was hard to see straight. Why was this happening? Why was Ben doing this to me?
"Ben, please stop!" I pleaded.
Miraculously, the flickering of lights stop. Huh, looks like Ben listens to me after all. The door, however, was still locked as before. Looks like I'm gonna stay here for a while. I could ask Ben though to open the door... but nahh, I came here for a reason. I would figure how to get out later.
Shakily, I went down the stairs that led me further into the basement. I can't deny the fact that I'm shitless scared of what's going to happen but I had to find something, anything that could tell me about Ben.
Oh God, what if I meet my death down to here? What if Ben would kill me here or something....?
I shook my head, no he said he loved me and I'm pretty sure
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 11 4
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 14
Everything felt so surreal. It felt like I was simply gliding through time. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I didn't even blink once and my eyes were wide open, staring at the empty space of atoms.
I couldn't believe any of this. Why did this have to happen? What is wrong with my life?
I miss my old life, where no one minded me and I was just by myself and never got involved in any trouble. In just one week so much had happened, it was too much to take it all in properly.
Drew's death spread quickly over the school and I tried to visit Drew's dormitory but the police didn't let anyone in. The cause of his death was confirmed as suicide but I knew very well it was not... I knew someone actually murdered him... and I knew who it was. Should I tell the police?
That doesn't really seem like a good idea. I don't think they would believe, but how else could I at least bring justice to Drew? It felt wrong to cover up the truth.
My phone suddenly vibrated. I took it out of my pocket to v
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 7 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 13
I read the message in shock. Drew can't be dead, can he...? Did Ben already sealed his fate? If Drew is really dead then that would be all my fault... Someone died because of me!
My throat felt like it bound itself together and my heart run cold but pounded in my heavy chest. No... please let this all be a dream! I want to wake up anytime soon. I closed my eyes and tried to drain the negativity I was feeling and was ready to open my eyes to a better scenario.
I lost my composure in the end as panic took over me. I would never wake up! This is reality!
I  jumbled for my phone and decided to call Drew. I didn't care anymore. I had to make sure he was alright. I don't care if I seem annoying or whatever, I would call him until he picked up.
I bit my lip as I dialed his number. Please up, please pick up... I heard the phone ring but no one picked up until I heard the intercept message.
"Damnit! Come on!" I cursed as I desperately tried to reach him again.
I couldn't reach him and call
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 7 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 12
I shouted at my brother after I put my clothes back on. This is probably the most embarrassing and awkward thing that has ever happened to me.
"Alright, alright, let's just try to forget about that. Anyway, that guy from earlier is here."
"I see." Looks like Drew had followed me after realizing I disappeared. How am I supposed to explain everything to him? Should I tell him that ghost had followed me to the party and was the cause for the sudden black out?
"Did something happen between you guys? I mean, there must be something really wrong if you ditch him and run home to strip-cam with some other dude, right?"
"I-it's not what you think!" I said skeptically.
"If you say so... but don't worry! I'm not going to tell him about what you did." Daryl gave me a teasing smile.
"Seriously!" Frustrated, I ran with my hand through my hair. This just had to happen, did it? "Whatever, I'mma go see Drew."
Avoiding any further discussion with my brother, I ran down
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 13 7
Mature content
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 11 :iconangequilla:Angequilla 4 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 10
I was so confused right now. Why did this all have to happen? Why does Ben love me and Drew like me? What the hell did I do? And I don't exactly know what I feel about the two either,  and not to mention, I hate love triangles. Hell, I'm not even inlove.
I slumped into my bed and thought of what to do. Man, I should have told Drew that my stalker is not a human being but a ghost, but no, I didn't tell him. Why didn't I tell him?Was it because I originally never believed in ghosts? I don't have time for that shit.  I have to tell him tomorrow. I should think of how to explain to him my current situations.  
I don't get it. My deceased childhood friend is inlove with me and a popular guy wants to my boyfriend? What on earth is that all about? What was so special about me? Just because I play video games? Nonsense.
I decided  to play in order to clear my mind as well as to distract myself. It was a Friday and I should have fun. As I was about to play, Cleverbot opened.
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 6 5
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 9
Who would have ever known that the famous creepypasta character Ben drowned was actually real?  That he haunts people for real... And above all, that he was actually my deceased childhood friend?
This is insane. I have a hard time accepting this. How did this all happen? How did I get into all of this bizarre mess? I'm someone who doesn't believe in ghosts and all the supernatural.
What shocked me most though was that he was my childhood friend and died without giving us a chance to say goodbye. And I had just moved on with my life without knowing that he had died a horrible death... I knew nothing of it.
I buried my head in my heads. Was all of this real? What if this person was just pretending to know me? No, he already gave me enough signs that this is really Ben. I had only refused to realize it
"I'm so sorry..." I whispered.
I need to distract myself from this or else I won't be able to do anything productive in class today. Thankfully, it was already lunch time so I have som
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 4 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 8
I sighed and got dressed. In the end, I decided not to reply to either of them. First of all, Ben could read all of my messages anyways and start stalking Drew which would all be my fault. Second, I'm really tired. I headed downstairs to find my brother already preparing breakfast.
"Oh? Morning sis! It's rare to see you up this early. Couldn't sleep again?"
"Yeah..." I said, clearly more gloomy than I intended to be.
"You look down. Is it the stalker again?"
"I'm not sure... I think? I don't really understand myself lately."
"What's wrong, (n)?" This time he's clearly worried.
"I don't know... I guess I just need some time for myself. Need some time to clear my mind."
"Well, it's Friday so I guess the weekend would be a good time to do so."
He's right. It's a Friday and I shouldn't be so down. After all, I've been waiting for the weekend for so long and now I could finally have time to play. Why wasn't I excited? This was always a reason for me to be excited.
I trotted off to school, s
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 8 4
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 7
I grimaced upon reading the message. What the hell? Was he stalking me in the library earlier? This is going way to far.
"Yeah, he was my partner in some school activity. What about it?"
"You seem to enjoy his company..."
"So? I had no choice. Teacher wanted me to work with someone so... that's it."
"Is that so?"
I was beginning to become irritated. Why was this any of his business?
"What does it concern you?"
"Well... I care about you. And I don't want him to hurt you...."
The strong irony in his words irritated me even more. I just had done school work with a guy that happened to be partner and here comes this bullshit? What did I do now? I only did what I had to do. If there is anyone to blame then it's the teacher.
"Oh yeah? I'm more worried about you hurting me."
"I would never hurt you, (n)"
"I don't even know your name."
"My name is Ben."
"Yeah, right, stop messing with me."
"I'm not. I'm telling you the truth."
"Right. Like I'm going to believe you."
"I feared this..."
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 8 4
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 6
After all of my classes were finished, I trotted off to the library. I really wanted to go home and play video games. If possible, with that dude named BEN. God, what is wrong with me? Why am I even entertaining a stalker?
I'm not used to this kind of attention. I've always wanted to be cared about but at the moment I feel like I'm being squished. I miss being invisible.
I never expected to be stalked by anyone and now there was also this really cheerful boy whose energy makes me wish I was a hermit crab.
It seems like Drew wasn't here yet so I took a seat somewhere quiet and listened to music from my phone. I just hoped we would end this quickly so I can get home sooner and play.
All of a sudden a cold breeze made me shiver and my eyes wandered to the dark bookshelves. There was a figure but I couldn't see it clearly. I stood up to take a look at it but as I took a step nearer, I didn't see anything. This is weird... I swore someone was there.
"Ah!" I was startled as someone pulled my
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 8 6
Zelda (Ben drowned X reader) Chapter 5
After a long day of school, I was excited to play again. I'm pretty sure Resident Evil 6 has been completely downloaded by now. It would be also kinda fun if that user named BEN would join me again... It would definitely be fun to play it with him.
I don't know if it's weird to have that kind kind of relationship with someone on the internet but I didn't mind. Perhaps it's normal for people who love to play like me. I am sure every gamer had  experienced at least once to play with someone they never talked to but just play until the goal had been reached.
It was the same with that dude yesterday named BEN. I don't know him but I trust him. Just in the game of course. I wish there were more gamers like him out there.
I turned by PC on and was ready to launch the new game and selected Helena's character. I decided to play in online mode to let other players join me. Just hope they won't be too shitty.
Surprisingly enough, a player joined me soon enough. And his name: BEN. Again. Thi
:iconangequilla:Angequilla 8 3
Okay??? by Angequilla Okay??? :iconangequilla:Angequilla 3 3


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Angie Philapator

You can call me Angie. I'm not gonna put my age here cause that's pretty embarrassing especially since I am way older than I actually look (Stupid genetics).

I am Asian-Caucasian, meaning half asian and half caucasian, 5'7 or 169cm.

I love creepypastas and anime. My favourite animes are Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Death Note, Black Butler, SNK, Mirai Nikki, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker than Black, Jigoku no Shoujo and a whole bunch of others.

I specifically love Deidara from Naruto Shippudden, and Nnoitra from Bleach. I'm also a huge pervert, so please forgive me for that.

I love writing cause it's fun and because I suck at drawing

That's pretty much all I can think of
Finally, someone has compiled most of the Akatsuki Hiden Translation.

For those of you who don't know, the Akatsuki Hiden is the final novel of the Naruto Hiden series and as the title suggests, it's about the Akatsuki members. To sum it up, the book is about showing the human side of the Akatsuki members, that no matter how psychotic most of them seem, they are still human and had people they care about.

There a few new characters introduced in the book so if you wanna check it out, here is the link:…



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