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speed painting with polymerclay video !

By AngeniaC
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i hope you like it <3 LINK:
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Oct 3, 2016, 11:29:39 PM
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This is so beautiful--I watched your video tutorial, and it is AMAZING how you can create those backgrounds. Painting with clay... what a great concept.

After having watched your mermaid tail tutorial, I do have 1 question about your mermaid's tail. I've noticed you add those glittery round circles to your mermaid tails sometimes, and it gives a fabulous effect of making them look like they have wet, shimmery scales. It's a perfect texture and visual effect, and I'm just wondering, what is that glittery material? (And where/how do you purchase/acquire it?) It almost looks like tiny sequins, but I assume it is some sort of material that must be oven safe (since the sculpture is polymer clay) and able to withstand however much heat is required to cure the clay.

(Please do forgive me, as you probably already verbally answered my question within your video tutorial, but since I am not fluent in the language in which you were speaking--[was it Italian?]--I could not understand. Please forgive my ignorance with regard to this.)
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ColdEverHobbyist Traditional Artist
fantastic Heart 
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Doodlz18 Artist
impressive :nod:
well done on the mermaids tail design :D
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chubbybunnycherrychu General Artist
The artwork is beautiful, and you did such an amazing detailed job too!!
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BabongaProfessional Traditional Artist
Amazing work!
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Clivia-nobilisHobbyist Artist
Fabulous work !!! (*≧▽≦)ノ
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GreenAngel5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh! I just watched the video and holy moly! I knew you wrote at some point that that  background is also made of clay, but to see it being done is simply amazing :clap: Such tiny details and blending involved! Very awe-inspiring :clap:
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Very pretty.

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NeriHyugaHobbyist Digital Artist
The ship looks amazing, i have the feeling as if the whole scene is alive. i can feel the waves rushing against the hull and the warm sunlight comforting my back, helping me to fight the last remains of the slowly fading storm.
I can't believe you did this with clay, amazing job x3 and the tail from the mermaid is just incredible, it looks so fluffy and fragile in the same time, like a piece of paper in the water. i really love how you do those tails, fins and wings <3~
the only thing that distracts me a little bit is that her eyes are a little to caved in, with this the whole face looks a little sunken into the back of her head. i hope you understand what i mean ^^'
could be that it's just the angle, but it is the only thing i noticed that looked a little strange, the rest is nearly perfect x3 great crafting work
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I always wanted to know how you made these backgrounds!
damn that looks like lots of work... how long did it take in real time?
but awesome work! so beautiful!
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FilipaPStudent Traditional Artist
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NutMaegyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GloomySpaceChildHobbyist General Artist
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LoyaldisHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing, just amazing.
The process of the background is interesting to look at.
And the mermaid is beautiful and just looks gorgeous.
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