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Tiny fairies

Hello everyone ! I'm back ! I lacked to publish my works here ... these are my last mini fairies, they will be part of the fairy lanterns, I hope you like them!

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Wow the detail in these is amazing!
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You have to be a fairy to make something so detailed and that tiny. They're incredibly beautiful, and it's a wonder how you manage all of that and make it into such a little package.
MyonaPierce's avatar
beautifull, theybare so well done
DangerouslySlowCat's avatar
So tiny! They are beautiful! :heart: 
Doodlz18's avatar
such tiny details, wonderful job :D
cyborgagent017's avatar
These are absolutely beautiful!
TanyaHedgehog's avatar
oh these are wonderful! You've really captured the graceful yet playful nature of fairies in these pieces. Beautiful work and exceptional attention to detail.
Carlsbergensis's avatar
They are so beautiful. It seems that both of us have been missing. It is good to see your work again.
PatriqueH's avatar
these are so intricate and cute!
LanSuxin's avatar
These look amazing! Love the colours and the different poses. ^^
Elenariel-Lab's avatar
Ooooh il movimento nei capelli di quella autunnale sull'anulare! :love:
Le ali sono tutte molto belle, e le gonne di foglie adorabili!
(Tutti dettagli che si apprezzano peggio su Instagram ;) )
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Super cute and inspiring, actually makes me want to do some miniatures of my own :heart:
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So tiny and adorable! <3 These would be so pretty in a fairy garden >w<
Pixiepastel94's avatar
so beautiful!!!!!!! XD you outdid yourself dear :3
Horseturtle's avatar
How did you make those ._.
Spirit-woods's avatar
WOW so tiny very detail and beauty :)
AngeniaC's avatar
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So very cute and precious! I applaud your skill and craftsmanship! Making something this lovely this small is no small feat! Awesome work indeed! (: (: 
 God bless you!!
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thank you <3 
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They're so pretty and cute omg!
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