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Eternal Sailor moon

By AngeniaC
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Eternal Sailor Moon series

completely handmade with polymer pastes
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I'm so glad that I don't own this. I'd be afraid to wear it because it's so pretty. I wouldn't want anything to happen to it!
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Sailor Moon is one of my favorite things.  I love what you have done here.  I am only starting to work with clay.  I do handmade jewelry myself along with whatever else.  Us creative people have always got our fingers in many pies. 
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I can buy it?
i love it 💜💗
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Ahh how sweet she looks! :D
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this is so perfect. <3 you have great talent i love it
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Wow...its look so great, i wonder how you get this filigran like this...beautiful <3
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This is stunning....did you really do this?
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Your ability to do this much detail on such small scale is so impressive! Thank you for sharing
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OMg I soooo want this one and that one and that one and hey can you make Sailor Saturn?
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Ummm... whoa. This is amazing!
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OMG That's beautiful! Extreme OMG Little Akuma Do you mind having a look at the snow globe I made?…
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wow is there a link you can send me so I can buy it
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these things that you make? they're absurdly beautiful, and I wish I could have them all!
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I would love to but alot of these I'd be addicted they are amazing my daughter would love them to
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I love her so much, such expression in her eyes. I know so many have said it, but I really hope you think about selling some of these
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Can you buy these online? :/
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I absolutely love this!!!
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