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Hey guys, thank you very very much for all the fav's and the DA-Watch! It makes me happy and proud of myself and my talent as a photographer :)

Share my lovely pictures with all around the world and don't forget to like my facebook-page

Oh and take a look on my redesigned Website with my redesigned logo of fortune days!


hello guys.

after so many requests of guys that want a pic of me with her/his name on it, this is a message for ya'll:

I WON'T DO such a stupid thing. This is so pathetic and meaningless. I don't know you and I couldn't care less!

Ask anyone else for it.



Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2012, 9:56 AM
I wish you all a happy new year :)



Big THANK YOU to the anonymous Deviant who has given me premium membership (:



Peanut & Muffyn are on YouTube now!

check it out!

and like it :heart:
Hello again!

My new Website is now online!

Check it out on

Thank you and have fun! :)


My Photography is now on Facebook!

Check it out:…

Thank you :)
hey guys :]

i turned 19 and my dream had come true.

i've got a canon eos 450D!

i love my baby so much :)

you will see new pictures with my new camera taken.
and it will be better than everything i've ever made.


dear guys and girls who watch my deviantarts,

please be sure, that i will NEVER send you pics of me and i am not interested in seeing pics of you.

i'm no internet whore or something.

and i think it's very ridiculous that you guys send me notes where you wrote that you love me or that you think i'm a hot girl.

haha thanks.

but i don't care.

i'm not here to find anyone and have cybersex with you.

fuck off and grow up.