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Midnight Mascarade Pt1

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this picture is a 2 PART project... i should have the second piece up for linking purposes shortly

PRESENTING...    T  e  n  d  r  i  l    .... ... its his new halloween "costume"...what... you don't like it??

this is my contest picture entry for the 2013 halloween fan-art contest... and this time I'm going for straight HORROR & TERROR

how would things have gone if Tinsel had sent Tendril to deal with Mace and Paige instead of Ravat

this was basically an idea i had in my head for the better part of the past 2 weeks... i went through 5 re-draws... before i was finally happy with this particular picture...

yea.. i think i may go see a psych doctor after this. I'm slightly creeped out that this came from my subconscious mind
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Oh, that would be great., that would be sadistic
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crunchies and munchies
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Tendril, you sick, twisted creep.
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your sorrow gives me strength... (maniacle laughter)

actually it is really funny, if you know me, i love the connection between mace and Paige, and i had a really hard time taking the ending of the first doing this..was...well... just weird lol and slightly un-nervering that such an image and story-play would pop out of my subconscious
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Yeah. Seeing Paige leave in such a violent way really shocked me. it's such a dark turn.

it's a shame. but hey, if there was nothing to lose, we wouldn't be as invested. knowing that they can die and seeing it actually happen is very effective, and it just draws me in even more. 

So, although a painful and sad death, it was necessary. ;_;
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not bad.  Got some of the good details in there.
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really proud of this lol...but eventually my skill will need to increase on the level of shading and lighting... that would have made this picture SOOOOO cool
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your screams make me stronger
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You got the scary part down. Now the question is, are you prepared for the backlash for what you did to poor little Paige? As for seeing a shrink. I think as long as you have an outlet for the dark stuff you should be good. Just for your sake don't make a habit of using Paige for this stuff. ;) (Wink)  
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i honestly dont do that much on the whole dark stuff... so this is all relatively new to me... but still slightly freaked that this creation popped out of my head
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Still this is very creative. It takes a bit of bravery to go where you haven't gone before. So good for you I say.
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Eerily creepy!That sure sent a shiver down my spine!Good luck with the contest and Happy Halloween!
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that is exactly what i was going for... though... i meant to make her a bit more "bloated" but never got around to it
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That would have been more unnerving but time constraints are a part of life.....
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