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Taskbar UserTile

7.1 changelog:
Picture set to one from Resources folder by default. To set video from Resources, just edit path in config.ini. To use system picture, just delete config.ini (not forget to backup it).
Trying to fix "Close bug" when explorer.exe freezes on closing on x64 systems (and some x86 too).
7 changelog:
Added "Dynamic Userpicture".
Little slow and using WMP engine for now.
Set your own picture - edit path in config.ini.
Set system picture - delete config.ini.
5 changelog:
Added small taskbar support (still only at the bottom)
App that adds avatar of current user to the notification area like in early Windows 8. builds
By clicking on this pic you can open control panel, log off, switch user or lock PC.

Developer: Stealth2010
Note: this is the alpha software and it contains some bugs. It works only when taskbar placed at the bottom and has default size.
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Could you please update to make it work on Windows 11?

use explorerpatcher and it should work

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How did u place the window on the taskbar? Did u use some kind of hooking?
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How to download this app???????????????
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any chances of sharing the sourcecode?
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I love the look of windows 8 so much, I had to get this :3
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I like it but the 'Switch User' does nothing
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Can you make installpack for this?
How to download this app???????????????
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is it weird I wanna use this app to put the tile back on Windows 8? :D
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Love ur app.. Can u make the UI more User friendly?
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Very nice some bugs but
Pulkit-singh's avatar
Very nice some bugs but
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great application, but would it be possible to translate into French [link]
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Great job. thank you for this great application !
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IN FLAMES! YES.. by the way.. I like your Deviation, :+fav: downloading now!
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Great job!! Works fine for me!
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can .gif, .flv, file support?
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wmp can't play them so UserTile can't too
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Not works for me anymore e_e: [link]
ill use in on win8build8400
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