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Aura Beta 3

Aura is application that calculates average color of desktop background image or active window icon and sets it as Aero Glass color. It works like color hot-track in Windows 7 taskbar. Aura written in C# using WPF and Visual Studio 2010.

It's like a new feature of Windows 8 - Aero Auto-Colorization

Developer: Stealth2010 | [link]
App's homepage: [link]
Demo: [link]
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really great, thank you!
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I just wanted to mention that this allows Rainmeter in Windows 7 to use the colorizationcolor registry value just as it does in Windows 8. (i.e. You can change the color of your meters based on average color of the desktop wallpaper.)

Really awesome utility. THANK YOU.
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BUT it's just missing one feature:
At the moment we can choose between "Get color from wallpaper" and "Get color from active window icon". I currently have "Get color from active window icon" enabled but when all active windows are closed the color changes to black. I would like an option so that if all windows are closed it switches to "Get color from wallpaper" and switches back to "Get color from active window icon" when I open a window.

Still, great work. Hope you add my feature request if you do i'ld watch you as well as add you to favourites.
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Although it sounds like a cool idea, I'd rather have a single selected color. What would be even better is if there was a tool to allow you to select from a larger collection of colors (including ability to change color number)... :P
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is there a way to auto start it with windows?
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Place shortcut to Startup folder in Start menu
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Thx for ur great work.
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:wave: Hello, I featured this work and possibly others, in a Feature all my faves from the past few days, here: [link]
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sweet application! thanks for sharing :)
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does it work on windows 7 X64 bit edition???
i tried it on windows 7 x86 and works like charm but on x64 no joy

thanks for replying
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Totally awesome (except the WPF which renders unreadable text ,D)
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Btw what is nini.dll for?
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For reading and writing ini files.
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Wut, why don't you implement these functions in your program itself? ;D
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
That's why I was thinking. Reading and writing ini files is just a few lines of code.
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omg Stealth2010 is amazing Thanks for sharing!
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I tried this on windows 7 and it works great! My friend tried this on his windows vista and it had stop responding. Isn't this suppose to work on Vista/7?
will it work with custom themes too?
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Only if theme supports aero and colorization.
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