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Aero 6519 theme for Windows 7

By AngelWZR
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Aero 6519 theme for Windows 7 build 7100-7600.

Just a little modified Aero theme. Superbar resources from build 6519. Coming with wallpaper.

Uxtheme patcher - [link]
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Now you need classic shell, 7 taskbar tweaker and enable the quick launch.
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alexanderVasilchevHobbyist Photographer
Great, it's the best aero for win7.
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DarkjetproductionsHobbyist Digital Artist
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TheVistas2004Student Interface Designer
looks great, good start menu ;)
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dumblink23Hobbyist Digital Artist
nothing happened when i downloaded it :l
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I really wish you would have labeled this as x32 only as I just installed it on my Win7 x64 bit and now my explorer.exe won't work and I'm not sure how to get it back.

So keep this in mind people, it's ONLY for 32bit versions of Windows. Nice theme though, spot on work mimicking Vista.
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AngelWZRStudent Interface Designer
It's just a standart theme file with some required files. I'm tried this theme on my W7x64 machine and it works same way as on x86-system.
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That's strange, I installed it on my (new) Windows 7 laptop running the x64 architecture. I kept getting an error that explorer.exe could not open. I had to run my computer via the taskmanager. There was absolutely no way for me to restore explorer.exe so I had to use Acer's backup utility to reset Windows 7 to factory defaults.
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AngelWZRStudent Interface Designer
Sorry to hear that.
Did you patched dll-files to be able to use custom themes?
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Of course. :)

May try it another time on one of my x32 machines and see if it gives me the same problem there. But I don't want to detract away from the great theme, it does exactly what it says it'll do and it does it nicely.

So keep up the good work.
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AngelWZRStudent Interface Designer
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hope this one works
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Eddy-SHobbyist Writer
This is actually pretty good, though I wish the taskbar was a bit darker. Great job nonetheless.
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You can change the color of the taskbar and the windows title thingy to black by right clicking on the desktop, click Personalize and go where it says "Window Color" and put the color intensity all the way up, click "Show color mixer" and put all 3 bars completely down. And it's dark!
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hey,is it legal to download these themes from devianart???
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Yes, it's just a theme. And Deviant Art is official.
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Thx dude
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Why would you want to make 7, look like Vista?
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Will this work on Windows7 RTM ultimate?
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AngelWZRStudent Interface Designer
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Good theme for Netbook! Thanks! :D
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