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everything became so bloody by angelvomit666 everything became so bloody :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 22 1 yesterday's hero by angelvomit666 yesterday's hero :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 21 3 glitch by angelvomit666 glitch :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 29 8 sweet toothache by angelvomit666 sweet toothache :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 24 0 now that's edgy by angelvomit666 now that's edgy :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 30 0 we might be dying here by angelvomit666 we might be dying here :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 19 0 32118 by angelvomit666 32118 :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 20 0 like lambs to the slaughter by angelvomit666 like lambs to the slaughter :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 22 0 what exactly dear are we supposed to be by angelvomit666 what exactly dear are we supposed to be :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 35 2 painkiller by angelvomit666 painkiller :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 23 2 absolutely terrible by angelvomit666 absolutely terrible :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 10 1 aren't all the pretty girls happy? by angelvomit666 aren't all the pretty girls happy? :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 23 1 dream girl by angelvomit666 dream girl :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 33 1 bad end by angelvomit666 bad end :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 14 0 Father by angelvomit666 Father :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 15 2 2718 by angelvomit666 2718 :iconangelvomit666:angelvomit666 18 0


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everything became so bloody
Just a doodle that turned into something more

Dolly belongs to me
yesterday's hero
Just a little practice in drawing characters in this style

Yên belongs to me
Sorry about the lack of art, school was beating my ass, but I'm on summer vacation so I should be posting more often now

Dolores belongs to me
now that's edgy
A little thing I drew of my persona while watching Higurashi
Haven't updated this in a while, Jesus (sorry If you see the same ocs from the other lists)

Adriel- a very stoic and cold being, works with Salathiel

Diano Quintana- a very enigmatic man, he's trying to take down xavier's and anastasiya's cult.

Eztli Alza- a party girl who soon gets involved in some really messed up shit

Mariangely Aldatz- an angel who lives alone in a forest, she's very eccentric

Richard Roswell- an eccentric prophet who only sees bad ends

Riina Anker- the self appointed queen of demons

Rimmon- quite strange, doesn't seem to be from this world

Robin Tasker- Chad's older brother, he's a drug dealer

Roman Angelone- a terrible man, he's Sally's creator as well as her tormentor

Ronan Hayward- sells organs on the black market, sometimes he even eats them

Rose Shinozaki- A member of Xavier's cult, obsessed with feeling love

Roxie Bernard- A middle schooler that is able to predict people's deaths, she tries to tell them but when she does this their death comes sooner and is more violent than it was supposed to be, she's very depressed and has a hard time concentrating and being around people, feels guilty most of the time

Ruhama- works with salathiel and adriel, she's very kind and loves to see pretty things.  

Ryoichi- A strange virus like curse that kills anyone who sees it

Sacnite Castro- a very bitter, jealous demon that works as a bartender

Saint A. Gardinier- a terror, she's a huge bully who always get her way. She's never responsible for her actions

Sally- Roman's creation, she's absolutely terrified of him

Samanta Del Olmo- an abomination full of bees, Anatoly's secretary

Sammie Bennet- can control ice, she's a very snarky girl

Samuel Nikolajsen- makes torture devices for Dallas

Sasha Royer- attention hungry android

Sashi Kumar- a very nice kid, she's Jia's best friend. She meets a bad end

Saturn Days- a serial killer who records her victims deaths as well as why she killed them, who they were and how she came to kill

Sayuri Mori- A sort of creature in the shape of a school girl that can cause people's deaths just by thinking about their death or them dying. She's very solemn and dreamy, seems to be somewhere else in her mind most of the time.

September Day- a girl who puts up a facade of being a nice and caring girl but she's really secretive and cruel, she bullies people who she sees as weak

Shinobu Yukimura- faked their death, they want to start over and escape from their past life. Very tired and sickly but very smart and clever. Has always loved stories about people who are suspected of faking their deaths and finally decided to try it out for themselves

Siarhei Hadjiev- Nikita's friend, eats humans

Sibyl T. Morse- a cruel caretaker of an orphanage, she's a member of anastasiya's cult

Sidney Alger- A blind girl, she's very peppy and happy. She loves her big sister very much and wants to be like her when she grows up! Her and her sister are on the run

Silsa- works with salathiel, adriel, and ruhama. She's cold and calculated, takes her job very seriously

Sissy Stern- a sitcom actress who is the exact opposite of the silly character she portrays

Slava Kozlov- an angel looking for a purpose in life after coming back

Slaven Kasun- hit man, he's a hot mess

Sophie Washington- a kid who gets caught up in Dallas's sick game

Stacy Collins- he's a priest, as well as the first demon

Sunny Vega- a sweet kid born as an immaculate conception

Sára Székely- A not quite right lounge singer, she's very creepy and off putting. Something is very wrong with her. when she's not singing her speech is strange, she phrases things strangely and says violent graphic sexual things out of nowhere, she makes people very uncomfortable and fearful

Tahlia Keighley- has the ability to mind control anyone she comes into contact with, she isolates herself for everyone's protection, she is the picture of calmness

Tai Lu- constantly bullied, she relies on an imaginary friend, that's all that keeps her sane, she just wants someone to care about her, but it's hard for her as she has an extreme case of agoraphobia. Her imaginary friend is strange

Tasha Marlow- works for Dallas at Cube Entertainment, she cooks for the victims. the only reason she works there is to provide for her wife and child

Tatiana Amador- A supermodel with a love of wealth and luxury. She's a bit vain and self absorbed but is all in all harmless and not the type of person to hurt someone on purpose. She mainly tries to keep her abilities on the down low. She's a prophet which attracts all manner of supernatural creatures and events

Teddy Winchester- the horrible secret hiding in Diantha's basement. Teddy is a demon human hybrid and seems to be the illegitimate child of Diantha's previous relationship which is why he doesn't have Diantha's surname.

The Blood Queen- the queen of the kingdom of blood, she's very stoic and never speaks

The One Who Will Save You- The Saviour

The White Queen- a strange queen of an even very stranger kingdom. Nothing is what it seems

Tryphena- A strange being that knows the future and speaks in riddles. they're NOT human. No one knows where they come from. They live on a diet of eyeballs doesn't care if they're animal, Human, or even fake

Uri Petrov- part of xavier's cult, he's a very offputting angel

Uzziel Hartell- runs a motel in the rougher part of the city, it's the 1980s and people seem to vanish without a trace in his motel

Valentyna Zelenko- A teenage runaway who seems to be shrouded in mystery, she almost never speaks and seems to be able to see ghosts. she ran away from her abusive home to....well somewhere, she seems to be looking for something

Vance Morris- happy go lucky doctor

Vashti- A gentle entity from another reality

Velvet Spears- a cry baby demon

Veva Simpkin- a bad influence, she's very vindictive and a bit rude

Vicki Fear- that one bitch, Konstantin and Arkady's big sister

Xavia Van Wieren- a member of xavier's cult, she's very strange even he thinks so

Xavier Blackburn- the leader of a cult, he's very charming

Xia Kwan- The lazy one in the group, they're the youngest and have better judgement than their friends. Always tired and drowsy, they like drinking smoothies and talking shit with their friends

Xochitl- A strange entity, who is seen wondering around a forest in Mexico

Yadira Zamorano- the holy one, one mean bitch

Yehoram- A demonic abomination that lives on spite and anger, really powerful, all they want is someone doesn't matter if it's romantic or platonic he's really lonely and his constant attitude and violent outbursts really drive people away as well as their appearence

Yoko Yamada- A girl being stalked by a serial killer

Yuuna Kimura- a witch that specializes in healing wounds

Yên Lê- optimistic witch, who uses her powers to help people

Zazil Almarza- a girl who wants to be real

Zeph Fairchild- a doctor that steals organs and sells them in the black market

Zibiah Choe- a witch in anastasiya's cult

Zinnia Causer- a very dangerous lady in Barbara's gang

Zoë Fox- she is supposed to die but keeps resurrecting after each of her deaths, without any memories of it, each of her deaths get more and more violent as time passes


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United States
I'm ruby and welcome to hell. I love ocs, gore, and horror


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