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Pull me in farther,
Draw me in deep.
Keep on going,
Into eternal sleep.
Don't try to stop,
It will only get worse.
It's like I'm stuck inside
A giant clasping purse.
You ask for answers,
I don't know what to say,
I can only hope
That it won't get worse someday.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 1 0
I spread the love to all.
I spend my time making everyone else see their value,
But I neglect myself.
Value? Who, me?
I have none.
I'm a nobody.
I never admit how I feel,
Not even to my closest friends.
I tell everyone they are worth it;
They all have something worth fighting for.
What do I have?
Daily stress, a broken and healing heart,
Constant emotional pain.
Permanent scars.
I can't take my own advice.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 1 0
Hidden Emotions
All I show is anger.
Inside I am hurting. Crying.
I lash out, but I'm hiding the truth. I can't handle the pain, so I create more pain.
No one knows the truth.
Pain, always pain. Nothing but pain.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 0 1
Nothing but pain.
I put on masks so no one worries,
But I am always in pain.
I need someone to take the pain away.
I need someone to tell me it will be alright.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 0 1
Lost in the Woods
I'm cold. Why am I so cold?
I open my eyes, and am looking up at a forest canopy. Startled, I look around. No one else is there.
Suddenly I hear a noise. Looking around, I spot a small child, abour eight or so, crying nearby.
I slowly approach her. "Are you okay?" I ask, cautiously.
Startled, she spins around. As I see her face, I jump back in shock. I'm looking at my eight year old self.
"Don't hurt me. Don't leave me. Everyone leaves,"  she mumbles. I start to back away, and she panicks. "Don't leave me!!!"
She grabs my shirt and clings to me desperately. "Sweetie... it's going to be okay-"
"Don't lie to me!!! Everyone says that and it's not true!"
I realize I don't have any other choice. Wrapping the little girl into a hug, I say, "You're right. It's not going to be okay right now. But it will be. You just have to believe in your own strength."
Hope floods her eyes, and she returns the hug.
Suddenly, she vanishes. I feel myself land on something soft. Finally, back in my own bed! It
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 0 0
I've been so focused on me,
When it needs to be all about You.
I stress and fret over thr future,
But there's nothing for me to do.
It doesn't matter if I'm single,
It doesn't matter if I'm alone,
You're with me whenever,
I don't even need to pick up the phone.
I need to work on praying,
It's the best thing I can do,
I need to become lesser,
The focus needs to be on You.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 0 1
Lying Hurts
I say that I won't lie,
Because I hate it.
"So I'm not worth the truth?
It hurts me more than you know."
But what hurts me more
Is the knowledge that I lie.
I say I won't lie,
Yet I lie over and over.
Lying has ruined relationships.
Being a hypocrite has hurt myself more than being lied to.
Lying makes everything worse.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 1 4
A simple comment sends me running.
I fight back tears...
Crying, always crying.
Fine again.
Nothing's wrong, why do you ask?
Mask goes back up. I can do this.
Spiraling back into darkness...
I start again.
Avoiding the thoughts, the knives.
They look so inviting...
Hiding it inside. I refuse to tell a soul.
They can't know who I really am.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 3 1
Shattered Mirror
I open my eyes, and immediately wish I hadn't.
Screaming. Everywhere there is screaming. And fire. And lots of glass.
I slowly stand up.
The scene is chaos. People are running in every direction. The glass covers the entire scene. The fire engulfs us.
I spot my mother crying several feet from me. I run to her, and try to speak.
What's wrong mother? What happened? Why aren't you answering me...?
A police officer comes over to console her and deliver the news. You are dead, your body broken and bleeding.
I am here! Why does no one see me?
Suddenly you understand. You are gone. The shattered glass that covers the ground is a permanent part of your world now. You will forever wander lost, looking through a shattered mirror.
:iconangelvelvet:angelvelvet 0 5
Double Love
Is it possible to love two people at once?
Well obviously it is, because we love multiple people in our lifetimes. Our parents, siblings, friends - we love them all.
But is it possible to love two different guys at once?
I'm starting to think that it is.
I know, sounds like something out of Twilight, right? In reality, it can happen everyday. It's happening to me right now.
There was a boy last year about this time. He was sweet, funny, and the type of guy who would buy you random gifts just to show he cared. We dated for awhile, but out religious differences became too much to handle. Breaking up with him was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. As weird as this sounds, I never truly got over him. I moved on, and life has been fine. But I never stopped loving him.
Then there's another guy who I'm sure has no idea how I feel. After all, we're just friends. (As a Computer Science major I tend to have a lot of guy friends.) As much as I would love to tell him, I know it would r
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Have you ever wondered why when you try to adapt to a situation in a positive way, people still think you're in the wrong? Because people just don't understand me.
I am a lot different than people think I am. I do make mistakes, but don't we all? Why are mine any different? Why do mine warrant the teasing and the jokes?
People say they know I'm sensitive, but they seem to forget when it comes time to joke around. A joke or two is fine, but there is a limit.
Some people make it easier on me. Some people make it better. People get along better when there is compromise. While I learn to adapt and be okay with being alone a lot, she learns to include me in as many plans as she can. Everyone is happy.
Nobody's perfect, but with a little compassion we can learn to get along with everyone.
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My fingers ache for the keyboard,
The ebony ink pen, the pencil
But I'm lost in my head
And can't find my way.
I'm tired, so tired,
But I can't sleep.
My head is spinning,
I'm suffering from vertigo.
Silent and empty-eyed.
Withdrawn away,
And upside down.
Drifting attention.
Walking in the blinding light,
Dragging red thread,
Through the Minotaur's maze,
But not seeking the center.
Where are you going?
I can't answer myself.
I step forward blindly,
But there is no faith in staggering.
Won't someone bring me a night?
A night where I can rest.
A darkness to hold me,
In one place awhile?
At least at night,
I can fix my eyes
On a distant star,
And hold a course.
Please, won't someone
Sing me a song,
To lead me through
My blindness?
To gently call me back,
To given me a horizon line,
To assure me that my
Heart still beats.
:iconfawnheart:FawnHeart 1 2
Live Through Words
A poet is a strange person,
They live through words,
Words of love and fire,
Words of pain and tears.
You won't find them with your eyes
You have to use your ears.
They may be quiet, they may whisper.
They may be loud and raucous.
But if they truly are
A poet, they all have
Something very
Important to say.
They are a morbid collection
A collection of bleeding hearts,
The saddest flower of all.
So often passed by.
They gather in the shadows,
Won't you take them home?
The rejected ones,
With an archaic pastime.
We are the lost love language,
With our words on fire.
We are still here,
And we have more to say.
More to say than flowers,
More to say than chocolates,
More to say than hugs or kisses,
When we say, "I love you,"
It means more,
Because we,
Unlike you
Live through words.
:iconfawnheart:FawnHeart 18 27
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Hello all! I know it's been a long time since I've been on here. I've recently decided I'm going to start writing again. We'll see if I stick to it, but I'll try!


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