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RVB - Project Freelancer insigna



Idea for the insignia for Project Freelancer from the web series Red vs Blue.

Been a big fan of the series for a while now, ever sense it first started as I was never a big fan of the Halo game series, more a book and comic fan than game fan as I always felt especially after 1 or 2 that it began to focus more on multiplayer than anything and more time was spent on that than the overall game that I felt at times feel short after have good act 1s and such.

But anyway decided to make an insignia to visually represent the Project Freelancer program from the RVB series since to my knowledge they have not shown any kind of distinguish insignia to represent this group among taking the lyrics the very cool song Extraction that appears in the second episode of the current season.

You can check out @

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Hello, I hate to be the guy that burdens you but may I get a copy without the watermark, its for a chat picture and I think it looks amazing.