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The Mathematicians

This piece took me forever to finish. In total, probably about under a month if I had drawn it nonstop.

For more details about the mathematicians themselves, see this link:

They're quite amazing and interesting people.

I used over hundreds of layers to do this, so I ended up making extra copies of the original psd file.
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What an amazing piece of art. Congratulations. :)
Hi, extraordinary piece of artwork.
I was wondering if you could let me use it for a magazine I'm working on in the university. For the credit I want to use the link that you have put it yourself above in the text. Would that be okay for you?
And I have a suggestion for you : Draw one like this for physicists of Solvay Conference or anything that comes to your mind about them! 😉
Thank you
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Amazing! Im in love with this piece, just moved to Göttingen and now I study in the place a lot of these incomparable minds used to life and work.
All my fellow student I showed this where just as amazed as I was when I first saw it. Really happy to see some art honoring these geniuses that are sadly not as well known as they should be.
Formidable work.
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Thanks. Although some people will complain I didn't remember to include such and such. If I had to add every single "important" (subjective too) mathematical figure, this picture would be even bigger, and at the time I was doing this, there were probably quite a few of them I didn't even know about either (or nobody knows what they look like?).

Not much I can do about that...

I was in Göttingen once on vacation. Nice place too. Bikes everywhere though.
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Haha, indeed Göttingen has more bikes then inhabitants. At least thats what it seems like near the university.

Yes you´re right, the importance of an idea is sometimes very hard to evaluate, some may say that topological studies are far less important then
for example achievements in stochastics, but you may never now what kind of knowledge can be "useful" in the future.
And even beyon use, mathematics is like art, and art is always subjective.

I mostly agree with your choices, especially since Gauß is somewhat sacred to me and Hilbert just inspires me everyday when entering the math faculty
(theres a bust in the entrance hall, which is actually called "Hilbert-Raum/Hilbert-Room" among the mathematicians, I guess you get the joke).
Angelus-Tenebrae's avatar
I like Gauss a lot too.

I think the "Raum" thing works better in German because it can also mean space. As in Weltraum for outer space.
Jiyushisoka's avatar
Yeah, I guess so. Totally forgot about the differences between the languages.
Hi, this is amazing. In between them, the place of Maryam Mirzakhani (The First Woman Fields Medalist in History) is empty!
Hello! The last comment was from my friend for whom I am doing the cover of the book, using your amasing illustration. I was very happy to hear that you decided to let us use the picture. I was wondering if it is possible for you to send me the illustration without the background, since the book we are working on is for the University and it would probably be too complicated to use with the whole background, given all the colours and etc. Sorry for bothering you this much, if you can''t I understand. Hoping to hear from you soon! 
Hello, I have seen your work and I liked it a lot. You're an extraordinary artist. I am currently working on a book from mathematics for high school students which should help them with enrolling at college. I was wondering if you would give me permission to use your picture on the cover. I would give you credit for it in the book, write your name, website or something else you want
Angelus-Tenebrae's avatar
Yes, you can use it if credited. It would be alright with me if you wanted to use my DA username and this website for the link.

If you're publishing it commercially, I'd love it if you could eventually send me a link to it if you had one. Thanks.
This is great. I always love art of scientists especially if they are some I may not have heard of. 
I recognise the green and red as geometry and calculus respectively. Would I be correct in assuming that the blue is algebra? 
anyway superb artwork.  
Angelus-Tenebrae's avatar
I can't remember, because I did this so long ago, but not entirely. There's some series at the top which probably appears in other fields in math other than calculus.
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yo this is dope and well impeccable! i did something similar but on canvas and with not just mathematicians but other great humans in similar fields, and in a illustrated cartoon form!
Love this a lot created a deviantart account just to comment this picture

I would love to see a psychology thing like that with famous psychologists (Sigmund/Anna Freud, Adler, Allport, Bandura, Binet, Cattell, Erikson, Eysenck, Jung, Maslow, Piaget, Carl Rogers, Skinners, Thorndike, Vygotsky, Watson, Pavlov, Wundt, Kurt Lewin)
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I'm curious if this might be a series not only for other countless mathematicians especially the big modern ones but also of famous and important figures in art, engineering/inventing, science, philosophy, and in literature to name a few fields.

This art work obviously took a lot of effort and patience but judging by the results, it seems totally worth it. 
So maybe you might continue with this perhaps. 
Angelus-Tenebrae's avatar
Actually, it was only inspired by my interest in mathematics. Because it has a broad range of influence in many other fields, including sciences, logic, and art (it may not appear obvious, but it's there). It just feels like people know who Newton is because he's a scientist, but not because he made mathematical contributions, and Michellangelo, Da Vinci and other Renaissance artists mostly seem to be appreciated for their artistic contributions, but not so much their scientific or mathematical interests, or the scientific or mathematical approaches they took with their art. People don't seem to pay as much attention to mathematics or mathematicians, and they are more interesting than most people think they are. People seem to have this negative stigma about mathematics and by association, mathematicians because it appears boring and "useless", and by extension, mathematicians are studying an uninteresting and "useless" field.

Well it's not. It's everywhere, and all the people who have studied it and made contributions to it, and by extension, to sciences and everything else that requires it are worth appreciating. That's why I did this piece. I didn't make this a series to lessen the impact their mathematical contributions have by muddling it up with other famous figures that everyone else already knows about.

(And just to be clear, I have nothing against those other famous figures. It's just that everyone generally already knows about them.)
KrissJfig's avatar
I kinda thought of the series thing because of closure of providing collection of diverse and grandiose form of talent, hard-work, and ingenuity that mankind has to offer, as in to showcase the best we've got thus far.
I really thought it would be a great idea for such a series .
KrissJfig's avatar
Sorry, if the previous comment I said pushes some buttons there. 
I was just seeing it as possibly a series full of awesome/influential people in general and being the first post to be about mathematicians to me is really fitting. I also thought how if people saw an art post of already famous people out of searching them, they would go "meh, seen thousands of this. I hope there is something that could keep up my fleeting interest in the internet" they decided to click the mathematicians art post in the series out of curiosity of how amazing they can be and realized how awesome they are right at the very start.

So, I think the whole motive of the art post, besides how math and mathematicians are awesome on general is this:
Alot of people from the other fields are way more famous in pop culture than the mathematicians so why not focus the underdog, especially if said underdog transforms not only the field of knowledge of pure mathematics but walks of life and ways of thinking of different people with vastly different interest of their own
while realistically most would abhor the pursuit the said field.
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I owe you eternal love for this!
Not bad. Not bad at all.
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One of the most awesome things I've ever seen, man... congratulations, this is fabolous :D
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Is the woman in the corner Emmy Noether? And who's the other one?
Angelus-Tenebrae's avatar
I think I intended her to be Sophie Germain, but for some reason, I ended up using the wrong reference, so now she looks like a different Sophie. Eep.
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