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Wow... I fave stuff.. woo. NOW GO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKS!




Because it's time for a change. I nicked this from RensKnight 

♡ You have to post all the rules
♡ Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged I don't tag and fuck any meme that says you have to. I DO WHAT I WANT
♡ Choose 12 people and tag them... NOPE. FUCK THAT. 

You want to do these, go for it. 

1.  Tell me about all your furry, feathery, or scaly friends!  (If you don't have any pets, what kind would you get if you could have one?)
Weeeeeell, I have Grove, who is white with red points and went to the vet for a case of the sniffles. This week was his follow-up and he is doing magnificently. He's got two other brothers who look just like him and they're all sweethearts. All my outdoor babs are my babs, as is my indoor bab. And I love them all to bits.

2.  Do you cosplay, or trick-or-treat?  If so, what is the next costume you plan on wearing? 
Neither. Most times I can't afford to do either one.

3.  By the standards of the place where you live, what is the weirdest thing you enjoy eating and why?
If you ask my immediate family, probably sushi. And I still only go for the cooked fish simply because I'm not fond of the taste of raw. I suppose if I could get my hands on some better quality stuff (what I can get is good, but it's not, y'know, gourmet gourmet) that might change. But it requires me to drive to Austin, and the capital's motorists have no common sense.

4.  What is the last book you read, and did you like it?  Why or why not? 
I just finished Taminah: Daughter of the Steppes. I'm glad this is the first volume in a series if Amazon is to be believed (by god that ending had BETTER be a fucking sequel hook or my author cousin is going to have a very upset relative). The ending blew. Not gonna lie. It was seriously unfulfilling but it makes for a solid sequel hook. The book overall however was an interesting read. 

The characters were well fleshed out but the adults still sucked and most of the political figures are stupid and preoccupied with bullshit that doesn't matter, aren't worth a damn and need a shank in their throat (JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! WHAT A SHOCKER). 

5.  What do you do if you're worried your love for something is in danger of being killed by its fanbase?
If it's not working, let it go. But otherwise go about what you love and fuck the fanbase. Love what you love. Step on the naysayers that get in the way. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of the women. 

6.  You are stranded on a deserted island and your only music choices are country, opera, or rap.  Which do you choose?
I'd give up country in a heartbeat. 

7.  What  common error by native speakers of your language annoys you most and why? 
Mispronunciation (including vernacular. If I hear you pronounce "Pecan" as "Pee-Can", I'm gonna want to slap you with a wiffle ball bat if I like you and a nice solid Louisville Slugger if I don't. Also anything involved with a professional company that contains more than enough errors to make you question whether or not they're actually competent. Your department has a fucking spell check function written INTO the software program. And you likely have enough co-workers to at least attempt to beta the memos and other written stuff before it's sent out. 

8.  Do you have friends with significantly different political beliefs from yourself, and if so, what actions do YOU take to keep your friendship(s) going strong?
Avoid the subject and attempt to be civil otherwise. Agree to disagree when it's applicable and keep a reign on yourself. Keeping your mouth shut is not hard if you practice any modicum of self-restraint.

9.  Tell me about your favorite family member and why they mean so much to you. :) (Smile)
Posthumously, I had a cousin/grandfather figure (seeing as my maternal grandfather was not in good shape when I entered the world) who was amazing and taught me a lot. We were very close. He practically helped raise me.

Among the living? That honor probably goes to my oldest brother's kids. They're sharp and fun and fun to be around and we share a lot of the same interests. It's fun watching them light up when they talk about stuff.

10. You are forced to choose between losing your hearing or your sight.  Which do you choose and why?

11. If you are watching your favorite sports team and it looks like they're going to lose, do you keep watching, or stop watching?

I do this on weekends when my niece and nephew play soccer. You can't win all the games. Otherwise, I don't know. I find professional sports kind of boring. 

12. Which do you consider better art (including all types of art): art on traditional topics and themes, or art that violates tradition, and why? 
It depends on the piece and the statement it's trying to make or the reaction it was going for. Trying to judge different types of art when the themes vary is kind of unfair. It's like saying which is better, an apple or and orange? Both fruits have different tastes and textures, various chemical makeups and other bred traits that give them appealing natures. Trying to compare the two just because they're taxonomically classified as fruit makes no sense, as the reactions from people are going to lean more towards subjectivity rather than objective fact. 


And now 12 questions

1. What do you look for when choosing a novel or short story? Are there any specific things that stand out?

2. You return home one day to find one of your favorite fictional characters is real, and in your house no less! What do you do first?

3. If you enjoy instrumental music (think classical pieces, movie/game scores, etc.), what is it that you like about it? What sticks out about your favorite pieces? If you aren't a fan, this question applies to your favorite music genre.

4. Often as people with hobbies and interests, we have others who inspires us? As an artist or writer, do you have anyone that directly inspires you?

5. Are there any tropes in media that you like seeing? Why?

6. Are there tropes you would rather NOT see in entertainment media of any sort? 

7. Are there tropes in media that you feel are overused regardless of whether you like or dislike them?

8. Often even in movies and books we love we sometimes find things that we feel needed to be improved upon or perhaps in the case of movies ended up on the cutting room floor when you might have felt they deserved to be in the movie. What experience stands out to you the most?

9. Is there a book, movie, or game that ended up being an "I didn't know I wanted this" moment for you? 

10. What do you think is the best benefit of immersing yourself in new experiences?

11. Are there characters in stories you felt had reputations they did not rightfully earn? 

12. Are there characters in stories you felt gained reputations that were undeserved, whether it is within the story or in the fandom? 


Friendly Neighborhood Fuzzball Snarkbucket
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I draw. I write. I'm politically incorrect. I like gallows humor and depraved, twisted, insanity. What more do you people want? Oh yes and did I mention I was insane?


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