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Unsettling Vocabulary by AngelTigress03 Unsettling Vocabulary :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 3 4 Oh, Kriff by AngelTigress03 Oh, Kriff :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 2 5 De-Aged Plotline Derpery - Do NOT Disturb by AngelTigress03 De-Aged Plotline Derpery - Do NOT Disturb :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 2 3 Compassionate Hands by AngelTigress03 Compassionate Hands :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 4 2 Cactus Sampler by AngelTigress03 Cactus Sampler :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 4 0 Alligator Gar by AngelTigress03 Alligator Gar :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 1 0 Prickly Pear by AngelTigress03 Prickly Pear :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 1 3 Desert Sky by AngelTigress03 Desert Sky :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 1 2 Jackalope by AngelTigress03 Jackalope :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 5 7 Melondillo by AngelTigress03 Melondillo :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 3 3 Watermelon Desert by AngelTigress03 Watermelon Desert :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 2 0 The Real Problem stamp by AngelTigress03 The Real Problem stamp :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 10 1 Eye of C'zsharr AU -  Bad Coping Mechanisms by AngelTigress03 Eye of C'zsharr AU - Bad Coping Mechanisms :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 4 3 Laying Down The Law by AngelTigress03 Laying Down The Law :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 3 3 Fruit Cat by AngelTigress03 Fruit Cat :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 2 2 'You've Stopped Using Words' by AngelTigress03 'You've Stopped Using Words' :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 1 0
Novel concepts for you to ogle.


Charlie and Oliver by DawnFrost Charlie and Oliver :icondawnfrost:DawnFrost 184 7 uh another one by frecklesordirt uh another one :iconfrecklesordirt:frecklesordirt 45 2
The Ask My Characters Meme!
Swiped this Ask Meme from uunearthly... ;)
So the way this works is you pick a character, and then a couple of these headcanons you'd like to hear about the character.  If you're lucky and the character's being talkative, they may even answer it themselves!  You can pick up to 3 characters, and up to 2 headcanons per character.  Some of these, I know, are not OCs.  Please note you're getting an answer specific to my universes, not something I am claiming to be canon.  (And if anyone requests Zarander, please make sure to specify which universe's version of him you want.)
And yes, I know Commander Ren and the Reader character are not on the list.  Kylo flat out refused when I asked, and the Reader character...well, some aspects of her change depending on the eye of the beholder so I don't want to lock down anything that might restrict any of my (real) readers' perspectives on her.  I do have a few of characters on offer from the ASoE-verse, though
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 2 21
Chrono Trigger Comic- Moving Forward by orinocou Chrono Trigger Comic- Moving Forward :iconorinocou:orinocou 36 34 Cecil the Babysitter by TheBourgyman Cecil the Babysitter :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 149 35 SotI P27: What just happened? by we-were-in-love SotI P27: What just happened? :iconwe-were-in-love:we-were-in-love 8 18
The Human Touch
“A heated rock in every home!”
    The crowd gave a few uncertain claps.
    “Free locusts for every school!”
    Confused muttering. An aide took this opportunity to step up and whisper something in the Prime Minister’s ear.
    The Prime Minister gave a quick nod in response. “Something something hardworking families!”
    Enthusiastic cheers.
    Doug squinted at the TV. “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something odd about this guy...”
    “Seriously?” Eugene put down his copy of UFO Afficionado. “You’ve only just noticed? He’s a reptilian alien in a latex human suit. Everyone knows that.”
    “Well,” Eugene shrugged. “Everyone on the intern
:icondamonwakes:DamonWakes 25 23
The Stardancer's Love
There lived a king on a distant planet who treasured two things above all else: his three children, and a tree which bore fruit of gold.
It happened one night that a thief came and stole a fruit from the golden tree, unseen by the palace guards. The king, fearing as much for his life and that of his children as for his precious fruit, proclaimed that the thief must be caught at once: and whosoever brought them before him would win his planet’s throne.
The king’s sons were eager to please him, and all the more eager for the promise of kingship. They guarded the golden tree by turns: but each night the weight of sleep closed their eyes at last, and each night the thief came and went without any trace of their passing. At last the youngest prince cut a wound into his arm and rubbed it with salt, and the pain of it kept his eyes open through the night: and so, at last, he saw who it was that came to steal his father’s fruit.
But the thief, he saw, was not human. It had wi
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 8 22
Catfood Tin Top Scoop by lgliang Catfood Tin Top Scoop :iconlgliang:lgliang 77 7 Mantabu plush concept by tessary Mantabu plush concept :icontessary:tessary 315 29 Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Ripto by nicholaskole Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Ripto :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 1,088 41 Kylo Ren by BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY Kylo Ren :iconbotagainsthumanity:BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY 129 17 That's METAL by manic-in-tricolour That's METAL :iconmanic-in-tricolour:manic-in-tricolour 182 29 Drawing folds by mannequin-atelier Drawing folds :iconmannequin-atelier:mannequin-atelier 1,044 58 Cheat sheet for drawing heads by mannequin-atelier Cheat sheet for drawing heads :iconmannequin-atelier:mannequin-atelier 1,424 79 Punishing Questions Creates Phobias by RensKnight Punishing Questions Creates Phobias :iconrensknight:RensKnight 14 4
Wow... I fave stuff.. woo. NOW GO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKS!




“Fuck you, I got mine.“ is a seriously shitty life philosophy.

Being kind, considerate, and thoughtful of others costs you profound little, if nothing at all, and allows you to impact others lives in a positive matter. And that comes back around in the long run. Think about that the next time someone needs help, even if it’s a total stranger.


Friendly Neighborhood Fuzzball Snarkbucket
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I draw. I write. I'm politically incorrect. I like gallows humor and depraved, twisted, insanity. What more do you people want? Oh yes and did I mention I was insane?


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