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this is what i ship/dont ship by angelthewerewolf666 this is what i ship/dont ship :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 0 why the hell not by angelthewerewolf666 why the hell not :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 2 join plz by angelthewerewolf666 join plz :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 0 0 TELL ME CUZ IM SO BORED!!!! by angelthewerewolf666 TELL ME CUZ IM SO BORED!!!! :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 2 6 update by angelthewerewolf666 update :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 2 2 :3 by angelthewerewolf666 :3 :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 2 who wants to join? by angelthewerewolf666 who wants to join? :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 2 12 join if you want by angelthewerewolf666 join if you want :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 0 (Collab) flowers bacth! by angelthewerewolf666 (Collab) flowers bacth! :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 2 woof by angelthewerewolf666 woof :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 0 0 oof by angelthewerewolf666 oof :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 0 0 -_- by angelthewerewolf666 -_- :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 3 :/ by angelthewerewolf666 :/ :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 0 0 lets play a game by angelthewerewolf666 lets play a game :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 1 0 brody sleeping by angelthewerewolf666 brody sleeping :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 4 0 im going to do bad at this by angelthewerewolf666 im going to do bad at this :iconangelthewerewolf666:angelthewerewolf666 0 0


Uahahah~ by StarStruck-Shadow Uahahah~ :iconstarstruck-shadow:StarStruck-Shadow 7 5 wolf ghost by Vickicutebunny wolf ghost :iconvickicutebunny:Vickicutebunny 22 94 Redraw by theartisan2 Redraw :icontheartisan2:theartisan2 11 5 [DELTARUNE] Spade boi by SpringBonnieGamer [DELTARUNE] Spade boi :iconspringbonniegamer:SpringBonnieGamer 4 4 Giant Ass Headed Vulpix Cuddle Base by Paige-the-unicorn Giant Ass Headed Vulpix Cuddle Base :iconpaige-the-unicorn:Paige-the-unicorn 25 2 MercyTomb chp1 pt1 by AncientInsainity MercyTomb chp1 pt1 :iconancientinsainity:AncientInsainity 3 2 500 Points Giveaway by daPointsCache 500 Points Giveaway :icondapointscache:daPointsCache 115 206 Draw your squad #6 by Ced145 Draw your squad #6 :iconced145:Ced145 107 21 DeltaRune [COLLAB] by DanDeEdgyArtist DeltaRune [COLLAB] :icondandeedgyartist:DanDeEdgyArtist 15 0 Redraw  :3  | Foxy by FoxyFan1102 Redraw :3 | Foxy :iconfoxyfan1102:FoxyFan1102 6 0
I have fun with these fsr
Also I'm diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression so don't be surprised-
I only do these when I get bored, there's no need to worry about me ;v;
[X] You hate your body. 
[X] You have starved yourself.
[X] You have low self esteem
[ ] You use laxatives.
[X] You need to be skinnier
[X] People always say you're skinny, but you think you’re fat
[ ] People think you are way too skinny
[X] You skip at least one meal a day 
[ ] You limit your calories or check them constantly by compulsion 
Total: 5
[X] You are hyper most of the time
[ ] You barely pay attention to anything
[X] You cannot cooperate with people well
[ ] You seem to never sit still
[X] You talk all the time 
[ ] You need attention 24/7 
[ ] You aren't very shy
Total: 3
Bipolar Disorder
[ ] You can act wild at times then the next you are severely depressed
[X] You are very irritable
[ ] You barely get any or no sleep 
[X] You have very high self esteem at times
[ ] You have used or abused al
:iconjollywitch:JollyWitch 4 7
Ice Doggo Base by Paige-the-unicorn Ice Doggo Base :iconpaige-the-unicorn:Paige-the-unicorn 47 11 Red Crystal Shard by venjix5 Red Crystal Shard :iconvenjix5:venjix5 17 0 Jevil and Ernie by AncientInsainity Jevil and Ernie :iconancientinsainity:AncientInsainity 4 8 Request Batch (4 5) by nonora87 Request Batch (4 5) :iconnonora87:nonora87 36 11 Base 91 by darkdeath6136 Base 91 :icondarkdeath6136:darkdeath6136 1,605 199


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ill donate to u if u donate to me
ill try to (im poor)…

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my thoughts on this
ok for starters sorry for not letting you get to know her cuz one
i suck at making up story so yha sorry and two i kinda let u get to know her by rping soooooooo if you want me to change that then help me with that plz 
and yes i wanted her to be edgy cuz why the fuck not also shes a demon soo that kinda explains why she has black and red eyes
and thxs for the advise and i was thinking on making her hair darker cuz winter is coming up and i was thinking of updating her fur and her hair color to
having angel get
white mix with little bit of grey fur
eyes crystal light blue
and her hair 
white and dark blue

001. Real name → grey boo

002. Nickname → grey or fluffball 

003. Status → idk

004. Zodiac sign → a wot?

005. Male or female → male

006. Elementary → - umm

007. Middle School → - what's this?

008. High School → - IM DEAD I DONT GO TO SCHOOL!

009. Smart → yes?

010. Hair color → dark grey with a mix of blue

011. Long or short → short

012. Loud or Quiet →  quiet

013. Sweats or Jeans → jeans

014. Phone or Camera → phone and camera

015. Health freak → eh

016. Drink or Smoke? → drink my pain away

017. Do you have a crush on someone? *blush* n-no

018. Eat or Drink → eat

019. Piercings → kinda

020. Tattoos → no

021. Favorite color → *demonic voice* blood

022. favorite animal → kittys and fox's


023. First piercing → no

024. First best friend → reo boo and sage

025. First award → NOPE

026. First crush → no

027. First pet → yes ice

028. First big vacation → i cant take breaks cuz im worried that someone's going to hurt reo's kids

030. First big birthday → non

031. First kiss → ummmmmmmm


049. Eating → a human that was half eat by king boo
(dont tell hem plz)

050. Drinking → blood or wine idk i was so drunk

052. I’m about to → find out what the fuck to do 

053. Listening to → this [=]

054. Plans for today → save our world from being torn apart from this asshole
Weaving by AncientInsainity

055. Waiting for → people to talk to me im so alone T~T


058. Want kids? → maybe 7W7

059. Want to get married? → nope

060. Careers in mind → eh

WHAT DO YOU PREFER FROM A BOY/GIRL (i like only girls shut up)

068. Lips or eyes → eyes

070. Shorter or taller → taller

072. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic

073. Nice stomach or nice arms → arm?

074. Sensitive or loud → sensitive

075. Hook-up or relationship  kinda

077. Trouble maker or hesitant → hesitant


080. Lost glasses/contacts → no i dont have tho's

081. Ran away from home → to be safe? yes

084. Broken someones heart → no

085. Been arrested → NOPE

087. Cried when someone died → no


089. Yourself → kinda

090. Miracles → yes

091. Love at first sight → a wot?? 

092. Heaven or reincarnation → yes cuz i live in hell

093. Santa Claus ? → no 

094. Sex on the first date → yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

095. Kiss on the first date → yes


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → ummmmmmmmmmmmmm

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → kinda

099. Do you believe in God → no cuz he hate's demons
100. do you want to protect some one right now?  yes my friends 

500 Points Giveaway by daPointsCache

join if you want
thing belongs to someone i wasint able to find who made this
just add your oc to the month you want to join
January is taken by
february is taken by
March is taken by
April is taken by
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November is taken by me
December is taken by 
1. What is your name?
irl its mia online its angel

2. Why did / do you think your parents chose that name for you? / Why did you name yourself that (if you renamed yourself)?
i dont mind both names

3. What is your name's origin?

4. What is your name's meaning?
it means mine or bitter

5. Do you like your name?

6. How long is your name?

7. Any middle name(s)?
cinnamon roll or
8. If you could, what would you have named yourself?
flowey or angel

9. If you were the opposite gender, what would your name be?

10. Any Nicknames?
devil face

11. What is your favorite male name?
flowey i guess
12. What is your favorite female name?
angel face
13. How about least favorite male name?
14. How about least favorite female name?

15. What is your favorite name for a pet?
chara or snowflake 
random fact about of one my oc's 
rikus shoulder has a mouth that everyone calls it buddy the shoulder partner
and he really likes to talk not jokeing but reo sage and grey got use to it soon angel and soul will get use to it
you: hey mia you've been overprotected over your friends every time they get attack how come your so aggressive?
me: cuz i like to be protected of my buddys so *sounds like red from uf* yha
you: you dont say



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Stamp: Respectful Funtime Foxy fan - male by Azrael-Legna Stamp: Respectful female Mangle fan by Azrael-Legna Absol Fan Stamp by StampMania
batim shippings stamp by FuntimeNamiko fnaf shippings stamp by FuntimeNamiko :: Poochyena Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-Chan

Undertale Undyne fan button by SilverFlame666 Chica Requests Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Undertale Asriel fan button by SilverFlame666 Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
King Boo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Super Mario Galaxy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Toy Freddy Collabs Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Sunset Shimmer Fan button by MajkaShinoda626 Ennard Requests OPEN Stamp by BlueBismuth
Rainbow Rocks -Fan button by MajkaShinoda626 Dead Child Commissions CLOSED Stamp by BlueBismuth
Rainbow Dash Button (EQG) by Agent--Kiwi Golden Freddy Contest Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Fluttershy Fan Button (EQG) by Agent--Kiwi Marionette Gifts Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Twilight Sparkle Fan Button (Friendship Games) by Agent--Kiwi Mangle Kiribans Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Starlight Glimmer Fan Button by Agent--Kiwi Pentatonix Album Stamp by gleefulchibi
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Luna Fan Button by Agent--Kiwi Eddsworld Stamp by Koriokraft25
I Ship What I Want! - Stamp by GwenCanDrawZat :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo
Another BSL stamp by ILTBY Anti Cyberbullying Stamp by jlj16
Save the Pit Bulls Stamp by Angel-Prower Pit Bull Everything-STAMP by Coloran
Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat I'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolf

king dragonite fan^^ by KingDragonite67 Crystaly Greeny Fan Stamp by WhitePeashooters DJ Fan Stamp!! by DjDarkness97
Killer Fan Stamp!! by DjDarkness97 Wichard Jr Fan by richsquid1996 Liam Fan Stamp by Kingofphotos200
Rainbow bage by RainbowDragons123


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