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My Bio
NAME: Angelswake
AGE: roughly 21 human years
FACTION: Doesn't really matter, does it?
FUNCTION: Scout and front line combat
ALT MODE: Eurofighter Typhoon
PREFERRED WEAPON(S): A Null ray (3 scope) and my fists......:evillaugh:
Hi my name is angelswake, but alot of my comrades know me as Angel. I was born in Iacon and raised as an autbot fighting for the greater good, however I chose to go to the other side and fight for the all powerful Megatron. Before I did this, me and my brother, Fire-blade, Quarreled a lot before one of us one finally won. That was not me.
I left the 'cons after many years of service but I still keep the insignia and wear it proud. In most cases I have the worst reaction to seeing a 'Bot because of what one in particular did to me.
However it came to the point (when I was still in service for lord megsy) That I was sent with my trine on the usual mission for energon seeking here on earth.
I met many kind sparks and soon hooked up with one until something terrible happened to him. I stayed from my duties to be with him, until I was found out. I got taken away and put into the cells for not doing the correct duty as I was blamed for being an Autobot intelligence spy. I did time and many a day it was brutal.
Soon I escaped and this is where I am now. Here on this planet with no one and nothing to do.

I am, as they say, single now but many avoid me because of my uselessness for them.
I hold the tag of a murderer in many cases but I have tried to hold that back as much as I can. And my main hobby is just! I have taken part in many airshows with out poeple even knowing who or what I am. soon one day I will unleash payback on some humans that thought it was funny to seek me down and take me apart bit by bit....they will pay.

(this is a RP account. do any RP is you wish!)

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Favourite Visual Artist
hmmm hard question
Favourite Movies
i see a human called Micheal Bay made movies about us cybertronians. i like them
Favourite TV Shows
heh what the hell is a t.v in human eyes, it's pointless to watch that.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
some humans called coldplay, Linkin park, BVB and such and such have my taste in music. i like them very much (thats a surprise)
Favourite Books
i don't read puny book, i have the tendancy to read plans and archived pieces from cybertron
Favourite Writers
look at the above..... -.-
Favourite Games
last bot standing. this is an all time favorite for us brutal kind....wanna have a go? i dare ya!
Favourite Gaming Platform
pfft gamings for wusses. real games are the best
Tools of the Trade
does guns and fists count? CAUSE IT WILL DO IF YOU HURT MY BLAST-WAVE!
Other Interests
I fly most of the time, but i have the tendancy to pick a fight when i want. and most of the time i will be the one starting it and sometimes the one to finish it! don't come near me unless you want a dented faceplate!
I have decided to leave this account and start anew. you can find me here ~Rogue-sky ( which will feature everything i have always done! photography, art and flightsim.... if anyone has any questions, please note me on the 'Rogue-sky' account. All of my better works WILL be moved to the other account but please be aware that i have made a journal considering why and how i will be working on this other account. sorry for the late notice, god speed...
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I may be a possible candidate for joining the RAF in the future so my career has been looked over and now i'm sorted for what i want to do... College will finish this year for me, hoping to pass with Cs across the board after the long exam season (mid-may to mid-june) and have a bit of a break with someone who is so special to me.... :heart: During easter, i will be making my way to RAF Akrotiri for a Cadet Camp. I WILL BE GONE FOR SEVEN GOOD DAYS. May will see an 18th birthday in the making.... however this will not b so great --> maths exams first thing in the morning the very next day...BUT A WEEK HOLIDAY TO FOLLOW... Summer will be
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New years now, but after so many years of thinking about the airline, i got to fly with them, let alone working with them three years prior. AIRLINE: Flybe (Fly British European) FLIGHT NO: BE863 SEAT NO: 7A (port side) DEPARTURE AIRPORT: Southampton Intl (SOU/EGHI) ARRIVAL AIRPORT: Manchester/Ringway Intl (MAN/EGCC) FLIGHT DURATION: 31 Mins AIRCRAFT: Embraer Regional jet ERJ-195LR (ERJ-190-200LR) AIRCRAFT REG: G-FBEJ ROUTE OF TRAVEL: Southampton over Reading, Oxford, Rugby, Loughborough, Buxton, Hyde, Stockport, Manchester Airport MAX SPEED: 300kts (345mph) MAX ALTITUDE(CRUISING):19,990ft MAP:
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A Very Merry Christmas to you!! :hug:
Happy Birthday! :cake::party: :3
Best wishes for your Birthday!! :glomp:
Happy birthday~
:la: HAPPY BIRTHDAY angelswake-tf!! :la:

On behalf of :iconcybertronians:, we wish you a very happy birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful time on this special occasion! :D

:party: :iconcakepinkplz: :dance:
Hey angel how are you~?