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Took me a bit longer as I expected! I worked the last three days on this piece with at least 5 hours per day :phew:!

I found the reference in the net some time ago but I didn´t liked it as it was and I decided to cut it to the important and eyecatching part: Spidey and MJ :D! Drawing Spideys suit was a big challenge and it took me the most time. All in all it was a very hard drawing this time and I am very happy again that I could finish this piece so well :).
Hope you will enjoy it! Btw Siderman II is my favorite Spidey movie :D!

Here some stats:

:bulletred: A3 (11,7 x 16,5 in.) Hahnemühle sketchpaper.
:bulletred: 0,9mm, 0,7mm, 0,5mm and 0,3 mm HB mechanical pencils. 0,7mm 2B and 0,3mm B mechanical pencils. 3H, 2B and 6B wooden pencils.
:bulletred: Normal and sharpened erasers.
:bulletred: Tissue, q-tips and brushes for blending.

Time: Approx 30 hrs.

WIP I: [link]
WIP II: [link]
WIP III: [link]

Spider-Man and all related characters are copyright by MARVEL!!
This drawing is copyright by me!

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© 2009 - 2021 Angelstorm-82
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This level of skill is near impossible to achieve. I've just recently taken up realism, and it takes me at least 12 hours to makes something that isn't even close to a shadow of what you can make. To make things look exactly, EXACTLY as they are in photographs...with a pencil...from something I haven't seen. Ever.
The only flaws I could find in technique were some almost unnoticeable shading mistakes in the teeth and lips...marking down for that would be beyond evil (and pretentious) of me, especially when the overall piece is so stunning. Pieces like this one inspire me to keep drawing, even though I know I will never achieve what you have with this piece. Beautiful work.
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Spider-Man 2 is one of my favorite sequels ever.
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I am not a spider man fan at all.. But I saw this by accident and wow... this - is - amazing!!! The detail, skill and talent is indescribably incredible!! WELL DONE!! These words don't come close to enough!!

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Dude, this is fucking amazing!
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Holy shit your skill is OTHERWORLDLY
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good‹‹\(´ω` )/››job
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Really impressed what you can do with a pencil ,great deddication man,impresive galerie,i love graphite art ,is one of my favourite tools to use and i know with dedication,one day i will reach a level like your;regards
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This is beautiful!  One of the most amazing pencil drawings I have ever seen! The detail is exquisite, it's looks like a b&w photograph! I am thoroughly impressed and mind-blown beyond words :heart:
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Words can not describe how artistic this drawing is. Every time  I come on this site I am amazed with the talents of people from around the world! I wanna try my hand at realism one day now after seeing so many great realistic drawings. :D
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OMG!!! freaking awesome eye for details :iconshockedplz:
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Wow! Die Zeichnung ist der Hammer! :wow: Unglaublich realistisch und die ganzen Details sind einfach genial. Super! :thumbsup:
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Nice one man, i'd love to be able to draw at a standard like that. However, i still know a place for improvement when i see one. MJ'S hand, is too big. Also , the way her arm is going down, she wouldn't be able to hold his shoulder like that. You just can't do it. Apart from that its pretty cool.
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Many people seem to like this kind of stuff, although I respect this extraordinary skill you clearly have, I can't help but not understand the point of copying a photo EXACTLY. Realism, is an art form back when people didn't have cameras, to record imagery, now that people do have cameras, photorealism in art is largely pointless. This is not criticism, but rather, personal opinion. Can you use your extraordinary skill to do something creative? Use your own imagination rather than someone else's to create something magical. Do something that a computer cannot. I don't believe there is anything original about copying somebody else's artwork.

This is just an opinion, if you prefer to carry on doing this, go ahead,
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Personally, I feel this is an essential skill to have. If not for the practice, for the amount of patience it would take to complete a piece like this.

Computer art can make talented artists incredibly lazy (myself included) depending on what they choose to do with it. Your gallery is full of digital art, which is good in it's own right because you do use it creatively and very originally.
This artist has chosen to produce traditional artwork and is sharing their talent and labors with us.

Sure, computers can do this, but it's juvenile and short-sighted to say these pieces are pointless.
Just because we have calculators, should stop learning how to do math the old-fashioned way? No.

Though I totally agree about original artwork being very important and not something to be overlooked, I feel that the amount of time and patience this exercise takes sharpens the artist's abilities and makes them better in the long run for their own projects.

Also, on the note of original pieces, I don't put 95% of my original art up on deviantart. Now I'm nothing special, but Angelstorm-82 clearly has an amazing gift here. Perhaps they have a whole host of other, original, projects we on da have not seen? Honestly, that's none of our business.

Angelstorm-82, keep up the amazing work! Traditional art has every right to be preserved in this way!
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The reason I use computer art is because I study photography and a lot of it involves photomanipulation, and as for the 3-d art in my gallery, this is because I am pursuing architecture in the future, and there is certain area in architectural design which I would like to focus on.
Angelstorm-82 has been on deviant art for 4 years and not once has he ever talked about or done something remotely original.
Although you have presented me with a clear and thought out argument I cant help but see flaws in what you say to back his work up. For example, the fact that someone would need THAT much patience to complete a piece of art implies that he doesn't enjoy what he is doing, if he were to use his imagination, I think you'll find that he will be doing art purely because he enjoys bringing his ideas to life, which is pretty much the point of art.
Lastly, people largely HAVE stopped doing maths the old fashioned way, go back hundreds of years, and you'll find people have had to do massive calculations to find the answer to something you could easily use a calculator for. Also, I don't know what your idea of doing traditional art is, but I certainly would not characterize it as copying a spider-man poster or a scene from x-men. Although he DOES have incredible skill, more than I could ever have, it upsets me that he uses such a skill on something like this.
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WOW! Detail is incredible!
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This is an exquisite piece of work
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Phenomenal work! I love how you've captured every detail :)
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One of the most amazing drawing I have ever seen...EPIC !
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