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Bruce Lee

The Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. This will be a bday present for my sister next week. She is a huge Bruce Lee fan and I hope she´ll like it. This one was quite fast done compared to other drawings in this size. It took me approx. 10 hrs. I blended not very much at this drawing. That is one reason for the quick finish. I´ve got a lot of great tips what I could used as background and I tried to imagine how it could look but I decided me for an very simple fog like background. I think it worked pretty good :D.

Tools that were used:
A3 Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchpaper with 190 gsm
A 3H graphite pencil for the sketch, a 2B 0,7mm mech. pencil, a 2B regular pencil and a 0,5mm B mech. pencil for the shadings.
A eraser.
A reference

WIP: [link]

Thanks for looking. Enjoy

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That's my boy
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Excellent my friend. 😀
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I question the ridiculous bumps on his skin (Are those veins?) a little, but I still love this. 
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Nice work! Bruce is a Legend! I do some Artwork of a similar theme feel free to check it out :)
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Outstanding. 😀
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Wow that's aamazing! :D
Would you mind sharing the reference pic you've used? :)
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Great pic of the one and only Bruce Lee.
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Your pencil work is amazing!!!
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This is insanely good! Bruce Lee is the man.
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Fantastic likeness. Great job!
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Man id love to see you do one of him and Chuck Norris just staring one another down
drakewl75's avatar
gees! nice work!!!
aDeSsINgH2's avatar
Enter the Dragon!
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wow! you have some talent!! AWESOME PICTURE!
i like martial art and bruce lee is my idol
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bruce Lee is amazing!
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Wow, the legend himself. Texture of the skin is incredible, and the muscle.. Great work.
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I am in awe! Simply stunning!
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