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Mature content
Up Close Series: Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader :iconpyrrahdakwhil:PyrrahDakwhil 12 0
Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader - Respite
            There you sat, drowning your feelings in a tub of ice cream.  Cold chill melted on your tongue and cooled your throat as you swallowed the sweet creamy substance.  Soft melodies and somber lyrics flooded your eardrums as you closed your eyes.  You had a vague sense of why you felt so weighed down, but it’s not something that could be easily fixed.  Then again, when could anything be easily fixed?
            Picking up your phone, you texted your boyfriend.  “Hey.  Can you come over please?”
            Not even five minutes later, you got a response.  “On my way.”
            Standing from the couch, you stretched your arms above your head, popping stiff joints with a groan.  Ambling into the kitche
:iconpyrrahdakwhil:PyrrahDakwhil 5 0
{breathless} Kise Ryouta x Reader
[this is a Secret Santa gift for the lovely Selvatic!]
“Ah – what about her? She’s really pretty.”
“Oh, wait, there’s a boy with her. Maybe the girl with the black hair, then? Her smile is gorgeous!”
“Are you sure you’re not interested in the slightest in her?” You turned to Kise, a frown playing on your lips. “Are you sure you even have hormones?”
“[Name]-cchi, I came here to enjoy the club, not to hook up with someone!” the blond whined. “And I do have hormones!”
Your eyebrows knitted together as you pondered his response, the frown on your face only deepening. “Then why haven’t I ever seen you stare at a girl before? Maybe you’re asexual?”
Kise spluttered at the word, choking on his drink and gaping at you with horror written across his features. “I-I’m not-”
“It’s okay if you are, Ryou
:iconhaikyuubbys:haikyuubbys 20 4
Let Me Move On (Kise x reader)
“I'm truly sorry Kise, but you have to let go of me now.”
He remembered these words as clear as day. It still hurt him to think of their failed relationship. 'Wrong timing.' If only he had not feared to ruin their friendship, things could have turned out differently. He let out a long sigh, closing his eyes. His best friend's face suddenly appeared before him. Her eyes, her smile, he missed seeing her features every day. Just like he used to before... Before what? What happened to them?
He wished he could go back in time and make other choices. If only he was given the possibility to go back to the time where things were easier, back to his carefree self. If only he had known the impact of his decisions, he would certainly have chosen another path. Kaijō High seemed more like a distant memory now. It was a blur. The only person he could clearly remember was her. She was a constant in his life, through thick and thin. She was always there. Why didn't he realize s
:iconjusttayx:JustTayx 5 4
The ABC of love [Kise x Reader]
A – Armor
His smiles, his pretty eyes and his obnoxious personality were just an armor. An armor to protect himself from the real word. There was much more than flesh and bone behind that fake exterior. And you were determined to catch him off guard and strip him from it.
B – Book
You were not particularly thrilled by sports, often preferring to have your nose buried on a good book. But even the fantastic plot, the incredibly charismatic main protagonist, or the fantastic worlds you could even barely imagine stood no chance against him playing on a basketball court.
C – Court
He was often surrounded by fake smiles that he had to reciprocate. Superficial comments about his good looks and talent in modeling. But it was on the court where he could leave it all behind and be himself. Rare times in which he went all out, doing what he loved the most.
D – Dark
There were many things you didn’t like. Snakes, for example. Or particularl
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 18 2
The New and the Old (Kise Ryouta x Reader)
Hiiiiiiiiii :)
I wrote this story a looooooong time ago haha! It was one of my first :)
This one's about my second favorite KnB cutie, Kise!
Can you guess who my NUMBER ONE is? xD
Hope you enjoy!! <3
Kise Ryouta was stunning. He was strong, talented, kind, and everything you had ever wanted in a man.
You stood in the near empty court near Kaijo, watching Kise make basket after basket without fail. Sometimes he would imitate the flawless arc of Midorima Shintarou. Other times, he would copy a unique formless shot of Aomine Daiki. And yet, the moves were only his in your eyes.
He finally caught the ball and looked at you.
"Sorry, (Last name)-san. Have you b
:iconwishbloom-hearts:Wishbloom-hearts 4 0
Up Close Series: Kise Ryouta x Reader
            “Do you mind, Ryouta?”
            The basketball player full of sunshine beamed at you with a grin that stretched ear to ear.  “Not at all [name]cchi!”
            You sat between his legs and he rumpled your hair with a laugh.  You turned back to look at him.  “What’s so funny?”
            Still grinning, he answered, “I’ve never been this close to you before.  It’s nice!”
            It took every single damn ounce of iron-hearted willpower to not dive forward and kiss him.  Why’d he have to say that?!  Instead, your face burned as the scarlet flushed to your ear tips. 
:iconpyrrahdakwhil:PyrrahDakwhil 17 0
A Thin Line: (Hiro x Reader)
 “Shut up for a minute, okay? Can you just do that? For a minute?
            That was not a response you took to well, but unfortunately for you, you were in no condition to fight back due to the shape you were in. On the other hand, though, there was no way were you going to submit to that rude barking of an order. “Maybe if you weren’t so impolite, I would be quiet.” You grumbled the statement under your breath, before abruptly turning over onto your side and dismissing the boy hovering over you.
            “Maybe-” his retort was cut short, overcome by the hissing noise of you seething as he pressed something against your shoulder. “Maybe if you thought ever, you wouldn’t be here right now!” Hiro practically shouted at you, trying push his message
:iconlightyear23:Lightyear23 3 1
Prom~Hiro x Reader
Prom. The one thing Hiro was dreading from going because he didn't have a date.Sure,he could go with the gang but he didn't want to.After a huge argument about Hiro not going, blew out at Fred's mansion,HoneyLemon decided enough was enough,she pushed Hiro into a room with his suit and locked the door. "What?! HoneyLemon let me out!" Hiro said,pounding on the door. "No! Not until you change for the Prom! We have a hour left! Hurry up!" HoneyLemon said.
"Alright! I'm finished! You can open the door now!" Hiro said.Carefully,GoGo opened the door seeing Hiro fully dressed,nodded to HoneyLemon.
HoneyLemon grabbed Hiro's hand and ran to the car with the gang following after them."Everybody in the car?" Wasabi asked while he put on his seatbelt. "Yes!" HoneyLemon said.He nodded and drove to SFIT.
After a long car ride of hearing Hiro complaining they finally reached SFIT. As they walked through the door,HoneyLemon squealed "Ah! Just how I imagined it!" She said.
The gang went their own ways.H
:iconnocontrol28:Nocontrol28 4 0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Hiro Hamada x Reader)
You and Hiro are best friends since you came here in San Fransokyo and later you have a develop a crush on him.
You put your books on your locker when Hiro is running over to you "Hey, (y/n)" waving at you.
"Hey, knucklehead, what's up?" you asked.
"Nothing, the class is already over so I'm running over to see you" He grin.
"ohh okay" you slowly nodded.
"come on, let's go to my lab, we have to finish our project" he grab your hand and walked over to his lab as you felt your cheeks heated, trying to hide your feelings for him even when you know about the girl he always talk about.
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl you talk about,
And she's got everything that I have to live without.
Two of you walked in the lab and finished with project later on "uhm Hiro?"
"is there something wrong?" he said as he walked over to you "no, I'm okay"
"forget about it Hiro-" he cut off "no, (y/n), tell me everything"
"I really have to say is... uhm... I... like you.... a lot" you finally confessed your f
:iconxxkimmy28xx:xxkimmy28xx 4 0
Prince!Kuroko Tetsuya X Reader - the book of life.
Prince Kuroko Tetsuya X Fem!Maid!Reader
warnings: none
her/she pronouns used for reader
*royalty au, duhhhh
**kuroko and reader are 18+
**this is an old fic i revamped and decided to post here, so if it sounds familiar, it is from my old account.
Life has always been something that has always confused you.
Why were we born, besides the fact your parents wanting you, because even then you thought you were conceived and born by accident.
So, what was the purpose of life? You don’t know, though you supposed no one truly knows or understands the value and sheer depth of what life is about and what it is meant to be. Despite these philosophical thoughts, you knew that your life didn't mean much and will never mean much. 
You were a simple maid in a simple castle under the rule of a very simple, but elegant, family. The value of your being wasn’t important and didn’t matter to anyone, expect yourself. Yet, you often wondered since your life really did have no value
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 15 5
Do you even care? ~~ Edward Elric x reader
[YN] [LN]. The girl that everybody loved and adored, for she was just amazing. She helped the aged and played with the young. She was that one person that you couldn’t help but fall in love with. Her smile, her hair, her eyes, everything was perfect about her!
But then one dreadful day, [YN] had to move, which left everyone in Resembool heartbroken. Especially one little blonde boy, by the name Edward Elric. She was his everything, and one day, he even daydreamed about her as his bride, which resulted with him blushing wildly at the thought.
But now, as she climbed into the carriage, Ed’s face was tear stained and his blond strands of hair were wet due to the rainy day. He watched as she departed from him, slowly but surely. [YN] [LN], the love of his life.
She lowered her watch and tears ran down her cheek. How is Ed? Is he ok? Is he even alive? She thought, wiping away the salty tears with the edge of her sleeve. She jumped and landed on her feet, pushing the thought of E
:iconjustignorethor:justignorethor 4 0
Toshinori Yagi x Reader: Hush Hush
A long sigh of exhaustion left your lips as you waited for the hot water to pour into your mug, the instant coffee mix turning the clear water a dark shade of ebony.
Finally the water stopped and you grabbed some creams and sugars off to the side. Just as you grabbed your mug, a thundering voice nearly blew out your eardrums,
"Good afternoon, (l/name)!"
Despite your hurting ears, a faint smile spread on your cheeks at the familiarity of the voice. You turned your weary gaze to meet the mass of a hard-bodied man. Your eyes panned up his ripped body until they meet with his dark eyes.
"Afternoon, All Might," you said in a low voice, shooting the hulking man a subliminal loving stare.
Toshinori blushed a bit, rubbing a finger under his nose, "So...(l/name)," he turned to the small number of teachers in the lounge, most just relaxing and minding their own business, "have you had lunch yet?" he said, slightly leaning down to your level.
You shook your head with a giddy smirk.
"Well!" he pul
:icontaiyakipress:TaiyakiPress 13 9
Izuku Midoriya x Reader: Portrait of You
"I like you, (l/name)."
Your eyes widened and your cheeks heated at the sound of those words entering your ears. Midoriya's captivating green eyes stared deeply into yours as he inched ever so close to your face.
"ARGH!" You shot up in your bed and instinctly slammed down on your alarm clock. You sighed and placed your hand over your face.
This was the third time this week.
"Who's Izuku?"
You jumped at the voice and looked up only to see your little sister hovering at the edge of the bed. Your cheeks flushed,
"It's no one."
"Izuku sounds like a boy's name. Is it a boy?" your sister badgered, a coy tilt in her head.
"N-No. It's not a boy," you scoffed, "Just get out of here!" you said, your cheeks getting hotter by the second.
The little imp gasped and grinned mischievously, "You have a crush on Izuku!"
"W-What? No I don't...! We're just friends."
"Aha! So it is a boy!"
"UGH," you got up and grabbed a pillow, ready to knock the stuffing out of the evi
:icontaiyakipress:TaiyakiPress 22 5
First Kiss (Sub!Midoriya Izuku x Dom!Reader)
"(Y-Y/n), are you sure this is okay? People are staring!"
"They're only staring because your freaking out, Izuku. Besides, all I'm doing is holding your hand!"
"Still! It's embarrassing..." he trailed off. You knew Izuku wasn't big on public displays of affection and the last thing you wanted to do was make your freckled cinnamon bun embarrassed or uncomfortable...but he was just so cute when he blushed like that! Lunging forward and wrapping your arms around the poor, red-faced boy, unable to help yourself. It was impossible not to cuddle him when he was being so adorable!
"You. Are. So. Sweet! Have I mentioned how much I love you?" Your lips smacked his cheek in a wet, affectionate kiss, making him blush even harder.
"Y-You have, (y/n). Several times."
"Well let me say it again!" Jumping back, you stretched your arms out to the sides with a flourish. "I love you more than life itself, Midoriya Izuku! I'll love you till the end of time and beyond!"
Around you, people smiled and giggle
:iconlordsister:LordSister 28 20
Servant (Hak x Reader)
You watched from a far as Princess Yona continued to chase Hak around (probably for something he said about her) whilst Lord Soo-won watched them laughing. You smiled and giggled behind your hand, however the smile was quickly wiped off your face when you heard fast approaching footsteps coming towards you.
"What are you doing (y/n)?!" The master servant yelled as your eyes automatically found the floor, as she glared at you. (I'm not sure if there is such thing as a master servant, but more like a person who makes sure that the servants are doing their job)
"I-I'm sorry Miss. I was just taking a break -" However you were interrupted when you felt an immense pain hit your right cheek. You held on to your cheek, tears now gathering in your eyes as you continued looking down at the floor. You knew that if you looked up, you would see the red face of the master servant.
"Enough of your excuses!" She yelled. You took a quick glance at the Trio to see them all looking at you, which was no s
:icontheweirdandrandom:TheWeirdAndRandom 183 10




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