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I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 3
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 3
{The Sparring Day Incident…}
Training went by almost like every other day of my life had gone since the fall of Wall Maria; morning conditioning, lunch break, afternoon conditioning, dinner, sleep, rinse and repeat.
I didn’t really pool in with anyone whilst everyone else had their little groups; Eren had his friends Mikasa and Armin, Krista, Ymir and Sasha were all in a group with Connie sort of trailing with them, Bertolt and Reiner were always together, Jean and Marco too whereas Annie was the other loner who never spoke to anyone.
I didn’t really see a problem with me not trying to make friends; I wasn’t necessarily interested in that, I was here to join the Scout Regiment’s research branch; after graduation I’d probably never even see these guys again.
I sort of got to know people when we began sparring training; hand to hand combat with each other. I decided the last
:iconobakekai:ObakeKai 8 2
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 2
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 2
{104th Trainees Squad…}
The day began with a blazing sun hanging in the sky, casting waves over the barren landscape where the cadets stood. General Shadis walked around to a select few and started shouting or even hitting a few of them while Levi and Petra stood on a high ledge somewhere and watched. Petra’s shoulders shook while she stared down at them and after another minute of silence, Levi sighed.
“You couldn’t talk her out of it this morning what makes you think she’d back out now?”
“Well I was hoping Shadis would yell at her!” she said back sharply.
“She’s grown up with the man, I doubt he made it easy on her.” He said low when Shadis walked right past their girl in question. She stood among the cadets, another face to them all but Levi and Petra would never forget her face. Rounded and a little childish, slightly shorter than the res
:iconobakekai:ObakeKai 7 0
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 1
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 1
(Originally Uploaded on TigerlilliBJW15's page on October 4th 2015 at 11: 23 pm)
(P.S. I was TigerlilliBJW15 but not anymore)
I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader)
{After Maria Fell...}
An overcast sky loomed over the fallen town of Shiganshina, it had been two years since the fall of the Wall Maria and a returning scout regiment rushed through on horseback. The group fronted by Erwin Smith with Levi Ackerman and their whole group close behind. As they ride, hoping to avoid as many titans as possible, behind them a door in a wrecked building opens and a woman rushes out, holding her twelve year old daughter in her arms.
“Wait please wait, don’t leave us again!” she calls out as her child raises her voice and points behind them.
“Mom, look!” she calls out as a 3 meter titan gives chase to the mother and child.
Petra pulls away from the group followed by Oluo who leaps off his ho
:iconobakekai:ObakeKai 14 1
Homework (Peter Parker x Reader)
You couldn’t escape him.
Wherever you went he seemed to be there, even your own bloody dorm room.
The cafe down the road from campus, there he is.
The library, in the exact section you need to look in, there he is.
Your own dorm room, lounging on Gwen’s bed like it’s his own.
You fight back the urge to roll your eyes as you walk through the door. He was here 5/7 days you swear. Was Gwen even here? By the looks of it she was not.
“Uh, hi! Sorry, I’m just, uh, waiting for.. G-Gwen.” He stuttered out, sitting up properly and offering you a smile.
“Hi, Peter,” You reply, shooting him a small smile in return as you dump your bag on your bed, take your jacket off and run a hand through your slightly wet hair as you let out a sigh.
“Where is she?” You ask, sitting on your bed so you’re facing him.
“I, uh, don’t know actually. She was going to help me out with some homework but she hasn’t showed up and won
:iconmarcelineleonhardt:MarcelineLeonhardt 18 1
Hands Off(Avengers x Reader) (ft Peter Parker) 1/2


A/N: I know that there isn't a lot of avenger x Reader but there will be more in part two.  Also, my attempt at writing the maximoff twins' accents failed but nonetheless ,Enjoy! x

WARNGING: Contains some curse words, but not many.

‘’But, what if your dad’s home?’’
‘’He’s not going to be home. I checked’’
‘’But what if the others are home’’
‘’FOR GOD’S SAKE PARKER WILL YOU SHUT UP’’ You yelled in frustration turning to look at the teen boy. You were currently standing in the elevator going up to the common floor in the Avengers tower. You had invited your boyfriend, Peter, to the tower to hang out after school, you didn
:iconsparklingcateyes:SparklingCatEyes 144 14
Peter Parker X Reader: Why Can't I Hate You?
A/N: This takes place in the Civil War universe ♥
You were lounging around in the living area of the new Avengers Facility. With your feet propped up on the arm of the couch, the team of super freaks was quietly having a meeting behind you. You simply focused in on Bruce’s voice as he attempted to flirt with Natasha without being caught. She knew what he was trying to say, though, and shot him a subtle wink. You groaned and rolled your eyes as you threw your head back and let your arm dangle towards the floor.
“If you were any more up his ass, you could wear him as a suit, Twinkletoes.”
Everyone jumped at the sound of your disembodied voice. Tony quickly swept the room with his gaze before it came to rest on the back of the sofa.
“Hide-and-seek ended an hour ago, (y/n).”
You lifted yourself onto your knees before slowly making yourself visible, your head the last thing to materialize. The always present smirk upon your lips was more e
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 53 21
My Fairy 5 - Natsu x Reader
The entire Guild quieted as the footsteps of a familiar armored wizard were noticed. They grew louder, along with everyone's anxiety.
"That's gotta be her!"
"Those are definitely her footsteps,"
"Even the air has gone silent with terror!"
Lucy just looked confused, a hint of fear on her face as well.
"Jeez, with these kinds of reactions, you'd think she's some kind of demon!" she murmured.
You just chuckled. "Nah, Erza isn't a demon. She's just really scary when you piss her off,"
Just then, in walked the woman herself, carrying a giant horn from some sort of beast over her shoulder. The mage set down the heavy object, making a loud, low thud as she did so.
"I have returned," she said with a stern look in her eye. Turning to Mirajane, she stared at her for a moment before speaking.
"Where is Master Makarov?" she asked.
Mirajane smiled. "Welcome back, Erza. The Master is at a conference right now,"
"I see," she said with a nod.
"So, um, what's that humongous thing you got there?" Max as
:iconjaknugget:JakNugget 3 0
My Fairy 4 - Natsu x Reader
You woke up in the morning, sun shining in your eyes to find that Natsu was not in bed with you. You guessed that he was just making breakfast, but once you'd looked around the apartment and found it empty, you started to worry. After pulling on some clothes, you were just about to leave to see if he was at the Guild when you noticed a note. Picking it up, you started to read.
Happy and I are at Lucy's. I tried to wake you up so you could come too, but you just wouldn't open your eyes, and I decided to leave you be. See you when I get back.
(and Happy)
You snickered at the last line, rolling your eyes at the bad handwriting the flying cat had. Crumpling up the note and throwing it away, you went back to your room to read. After all, you didn't want him to come back home, find the house empty, and start to worry.
After about half an hour, you heard the door open and close, the sound of Natsu's footsteps nearing the bedroom causing you to close your book.
"Hey, (Y/n)!" he sai
:iconjaknugget:JakNugget 4 0
My Fairy 3 - Natsu x Reader
You, Natsu, Happy and Lucy stood outside the front doors of Fairy Tail.
"Welcome to Fairy Tail, Lucy," you said with a smile.
Natsu just grinned and kicked open the doors.
"We made it back alive!" he yelled.
You and Natsu ran in, with Happy flying with you and Lucy following behind. Everyone greeted the four of you with whoops and cheers, even though it was normal for a member of Fairy Tail to walk in after a Quest. A man with buck teeth smirked and started to speak.
"So, I heard you two went all out in Hargeon," he laughed. "Maybe you should go easy on them. The Magic Council is pissed,"
Natsu glared at the man before punching him across the room. "You lied about that Salamander! I'm gonna kick your ass!"
"Hey, I was just passing along a rumor I heard!" he yelled.
"It was just a rumor? If you had told us that we wouldn't have bothered!" you groaned.
"You trying to start a fight?" the man said.
"Let's go!" you and Natsu said in unison.
The both of you tackled the poor guy as Lucy watch
:iconjaknugget:JakNugget 2 0
My Fairy 2 - Natsu x Reader
After at least an hour of searching, you finally found Salamander. Thankfully, he wasn't with any girls, so you could talk to him much easier. Once you had figured out your tactic, you started to slowly walk up to him, faking nervousness. However, you suddenly turned around, almost as if you were too afraid to talk to him. You were certain he'd come up to you, and you were right. Salamander strolled up to you and tapped your shoulder. You had to hold back a grimace when he touched you.
"Hello, little lady. I noticed you wanted to talk to me, but suddenly turned around. Are you alright?" he asked, his voice silky and very fake.
You faked a stutter and spoke quietly. "I, um, wanted to ask about, um, your party tonight,"
The man smirked, believing he had you tied around his finger. "Did you want to come?"
"Y-Yeah, I did," you muttered.
If you could force a blush the scene would be like one out of some crappy fan-fiction.
Salamander twirled a lock of your hair around his finger b
:iconjaknugget:JakNugget 3 0
My Fairy 1 - Natsu x Reader
In the port town of Hargeon, a train stopped at its station, and its doors opened so that all passengers could leave to do whatever they had come to the town for. However, two wizards and what could only be described as a blue, flying cat were still inside. The cat's name was Happy, and the two wizards were Natsu Dragneel and you. All three of you were wizards of Fairy Tail, the best Guild of all time. At least, that's what everyone in Fairy Tail said.
The reason as to why the three of you had not left the train was that Natsu had severe motion sickness whenever he got on a vehicle. He became unable to move, speak, or do anything besides groan and occasionally vomit. Because of this, Natsu was laying on your lap, groaning, even though the train had already stopped.
"Natsu! We made it to Hargeon!" Happy said, rubbing his back.
You tried to get Natsu to stand, but failed. "Come on, Natsu! The train stopped, you should be fine now,"
One of the men that worked at the station walked up
:iconjaknugget:JakNugget 5 0
Changes (Genji x Reader)
I was squatted on the edge of a rooftop, overlooking the valley which was dotted with houses, adorned with the coloured lanterns and lights. Some of them which floated in the air. A small smile graced my features as the lanterns lit up in my eyes. It had been two years since I had joined Talon, and now I was a very well known fighter for Talon and their plans. I knew about my past, they didn't exactly bother hiding or making me forget it, but after a few months I kept everything to myself. Family, friends...lovers.
A sigh escaped my lips and I opened up a crinkled, folded photograph of me and my old lover Genji. His beautiful eyes lit up from the lights around us. My own eyes set on him with such love, the type I could never reenact again. My (h/l) (h/c) was pulled pack behind my ears, his nose nuzzled into the top of my head. We were both smiling, his was a loving smile, mine was more laughing and ticklish.
My thumb graced over my old face, I had dyed my hair a (f/c) colour, and I wor
:iconrockthenebula:RockTheNebula 57 5
Mature content
Take Two [2/2] | Oikawa Tooru x Reader [18+] :iconthe-tomatoboss:the-TomatoBoss 10 0
Heroes and Explosions | Katuski Bakugo x Reader
    The day was going pretty bad for you. First, you lost your wallet and then you spilled your drink all over your clothes. The only thing that gave you solace was knowing that the day couldn’t possibly get any worse than it was already.
    Of course, you were wrong.
    You just had to be the last one left at work after closing. Your co-workers were willing to wait for you, but no. Being stubborn, you insisted on them going while you finished up a few last things. Now here you were; hiding behind the counter as a villain was currently looting the store, inching closer and closer to the register you were behind.
    Sweeping the area with your eyes, you desperately looked for a phone that you could use, but there were none in sight. The only thing you found that could prove to be a little useful was a baseball bat. You were no hero, though,
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 160 7
Stare - Bakugo Katsuki x Reader
The way he looked at you were like two fiery stars in the cosmos, burning brilliantly and indefinitely while being surrounded by the shrouded cape of infinity.
Bakugo couldn’t remember when it became a hobby to stare at you. He often found himself gazing out the window of his classroom, receiving the lecture through a blur of sounds as if his head was underneath the pool of water outside the yard. His crimson eyes were upon the cerulean sky, its space filled with cotton stuffed clouds that moved leisurely across the horizon. There were trees in the distance, its leaves were as still as a beetle’s wings on a summer morning, fluttering when the soft breeze brushes through them. His fingers were pushing up against his cheek when he laid his head against his knuckles. The scowl on his face couldn’t compare to the gentle atmosphere beyond those windows.
It was then when he heard a soft melody through the crowded muffles of his teacher’s voice was
:iconnekokoafanfiction:NekokoaFanfiction 80 7
My Hero Academia: Yogen Kazangan Reference Sheet by TheNessY21 My Hero Academia: Yogen Kazangan Reference Sheet :iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 190 129




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