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So this past weekend we got the famous Maryland Rain weather,It comes and go as it please. Lucky thing I was in my hotel each time when it power rained. But I wasn't lucky enough to get Baltimore in time for badge pick up Thursday because of the heavy traffic for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert. Pretty much it was rough ride from DC. Overall I had so much fun hanging out with new friends and old friends. So much fun that I didn't really take pictures this year. I had to go to dance practice, perform at CosStarDance Dance Gathering , Phootshoot gatherings, and gone to my friend dance gathering as well. After this past weekend , I couldn't feel me legs from all the walking and dancing I was doing. In the end it was worth it and con depression kicking my butt right now.

Check out my channel for my vlog…
and my group channel for our performance at otakon.
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Submitted on
August 13, 2013