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Anime USA 2013

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 25, 2013, 8:30 AM

This con was awesome just the fact that they had Back-on concert and the host club/maid cafe. I enjoy the maid cafe so much and all the awesome cosplays I've seen. I can not wait for next year, plus I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did a lot of vloging.....

Here is the link for my video
Anime USA 2013 Preview  and my youtube channel

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So this past weekend we got the famous Maryland Rain weather,It comes and go as it please. Lucky thing I was in my hotel each time when it power rained. But I wasn't lucky enough to get Baltimore in time for badge pick up Thursday because of the heavy traffic for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert. Pretty much it was rough ride from DC. Overall I had so much fun hanging out with new friends and old friends. So much fun that I didn't really take pictures this year. I had to go to dance practice, perform at CosStarDance Dance Gathering , Phootshoot gatherings, and gone to my friend dance gathering as well. After this past weekend , I couldn't feel me legs from all the walking and dancing I was doing. In the end it was worth it and con depression kicking my butt right now.

Check out my channel for my vlog…
and my group channel for our performance at otakon.
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This was my first time attending AnimeNext, I'm not sure if I'm going to attend next year. Base how rude the stuff was and the con location wasn't big enough for all the people they had there. That's a big maybe for next year, the main reason I attend is for my dance group, which was the best part of the con. Performing for people and people join us in some of the dances. If you wanna see the video that we recorded at AnimeNext check out our youtube channel: (every Tuesday and Thursday we post videos)

Heres the link for the photos I took during the con.…

Also here a Music video during the con
done by
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Here are the links for my pictures....…

and here is
The vocaloid photoshoot gathering on Friday:… (his still editing give him some time to complete all the pictures)

also vocaloid photoshoot gathering on Saturday(bit of Sunday):…

I'm really lazy to upload so much pictures when this is a faster way of doing it. lol
well happy hunting ^_^
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I can not wait until Katsucon, I get to see some my old friends and I can make new friends.  And now I have a big problem, since I have a few friends going they want me to join their group for cosplay and I don't know what I should do. So i decide to look at my bank statement and hope it would help make me choose easily.  So I change my line up just for one friend, plus i wanted to wear the costumes I only wore once at Otakon. But oh well... So I decide to do Sailor Mars with my friend Stephine as Sailor Uranus.  ^_^


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~Christie Monteiro-Player 1 [Tekken] (Afternoon)
~Rin Kagamine-Just be friends [Vocaloid] (Morning)

~Sailor Mars (Morning) [Sailor Moon Series]
~Christie Monteiro-Player 1 [Tekken](Afternoon)

~ Tsukasa Hiiragi - Cheerleader Uniform [Lucky Star]

Cosplays i'm bring in case for photoshoots with friend: Sakura from street Fighter Alpha

>Dance stuff

I Don't know if anyone know I'm in a cosplay dance group but i am in one. lol Just saying, anyways we are doing some dances and I hope my speaker is loud enough for people to hear the music. And I'm planning on doing these songs:

~Promise by Miku And Rin from Vocaloid
~Lucky Star opening
~Haruhi Ending
~ Aing by Orange Caramel

I'm learning to more songs....I don't know I will know them well enough to do it at the con yet.
Dance group - Toni, Kyla,  Lauren, Stephie, and my self (thats half the group)
>People and stuff

Photographers - My husband, Flying Squirrel and Droo
(pm if you want to set something up with me, i don't mind help people portfolio.)
Photoshoot Gathering - Vocaloid (Im running),Fighter Games ( couldn't find lucky star gathering)



~Don't get lost looking for friends
~Don't let my phone die
~Dont spend to much money
~ And try to be in a Fan Made CMV something like MZ studio videos.
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I'm going to my first concert on November 9th in Newark , New Jersey. AND ITS A BIG BANG CONCERT!! I've been a fan since 2006 and I'm very excited that they would be here. The tickets want on sell yesterday and all the tickets in New Jersey are sold out already. I just cant wait, now all I have to do it get an hotel.
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Im so lazy to up load photos that im just going to post the… .

And you can tag yourself or your friends.

Enjoy happy photo hunting.  X_x
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I don't know which cosplays that im wearing on which days. I might just follow the gathering meet up for my costumes.

List of costumes
Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club
Yuki Nagato from The Mechanology of Haruhi Suzumiya *Bunny Suit*
Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid 2 *Default*
Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star *Cheerleader*

Thursday -  
Friday -  
Saturday -
Sunday -  

ok,  so  i'm in a dance group called exotic kawaii (check us out on youtube) and we making our debute at otakon . theres going to be solo, group, and partner dances. so i dont really know whats songs are doing 100 percent yet. but here are the songs
>Happy synthezither
>Love and Joy

People and stuff
Dance group - Toni, Kyla,  Lauren, Stephie, Sam, Roxas, Elyse,and Stacy
Photographers - Devin, Rene  (pm if you want to set something up with me, i dont mind help people portfolio.)
Photoshoot Gathering - Host Club,Vocaloid,Fighter Games ( couldn't find haruhi or lucky star gathering)
Cosplay Buddies-  Obi as Mikuru , Kuroh as OC Vocaloid, LittleWolf as Honey Sampai
Cosplays im bring in case for photoshoots with friends:
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Hey everyone im a bit lazy to upload all my photos from Katuscon so im going to put the links here instead.

Street Fighter Photoshoot…

Street Fighter Photoshoot 2


Rest of the photos…
Katuscon picture coming soon