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My Bio
Hi, my name is Riley and I love owls, sushi, and gore.

I want to be a concept artist for video games and movies, and hope to travel a lot.

Need a friend or someone to talk to? Leave a comment on my page or note me! I love making friends and listening to others.

My significant other: :iconarmorbound:

He's pushed me to pursue art even when I thought I couldn't do it. When I feel that I'm not good enough to have art as a career, he pushes me out of my rut. We've been together for three-and-a-half years, and I don't know how I lived life without him.
You should really check out his art as well, it's really awesome!

Things about me:
I love purple!
Shorts > pants
Tanktops > sleeved shirts
I'm lazy, but also a perfectionist. You see my dilemma?
Cooking is fun!
Baking is fun!
Eating is fun!
Snowy owls are my favorite animal. I'd go so far as to say I was one in a past life. -sheds tear-

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone deserves the love <3
Favourite Movies
Zootopia, 9
Favourite TV Shows
Death Note, Assassination Classroom
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rock/metal, some orchestral pieces, chiptune, dubstep
Favourite Books
Partials, Maximum Ride, Odd Thomas
Favourite Writers
Dan Wells, James Patterson
Favourite Games
Yoshi's Island, Original Spyro Trilogy, Super Mario Sunshine, Undertale,
Favourite Gaming Platform
I like them all. Whichever I have on hand is what I play.
Tools of the Trade
Monoprice Tablet and HP Laptop
Other Interests
Food, mythology, pathology, gore, owls, monsters, any mixture of those is great.

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SpectroDraqonHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Just wanted to say, you are amazing. Everything in your gallery makes me want to jump in the air and laugh because its so awesome and energetic. I love you! ♡
KDTKenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday madame^^.
Dragonlord-DaegenHobbyist General Artist
as promised an explination of my character "Orion"

much like the character Aziir , Orion is a Demihuman (one of the many evolved animals that walk upright and speak as humans) in this case,Orion is a Lycinian (wolf Demihuman) more specifically,that of an Alaskan White wolf.

Orion is fairly tall (standing at about 6'4") and athletically built,with a soft  muscular tone in his Forearms and and legs
he is (naturally) covered head to tail in white fur (with a vague Silver sheen if given the right light source)
 he has crystal/sky blue colored eyes,tho his left eye remains closed due to a red scar running down the left side of his face (due to an affliction left by a Demon he had fought) like any other Lycinian demihuman he has a tail,his feet share no difference from the animal he shares his heritage from (albeit they are larger and more defined,and his claw "toes" are stronger) his hands are animalistic and clawed too,tho they have opposable thumbs enabling his to grip and carry objects.

Clothing: Orion is a Ranger,a swordman and archer from the untaimed wilderness of the north (picture Aragorn/Strider from the lord of the rings)who hunts not only game and wildlife but relentlessly Tracks down Demons and Undead (he is known as a Shadowhunter by some) as such his attire is fairly simple and practical, Something like this:… but not as many Buckles or straps or complex designs...he does indeed have a cape and Cowl(hood) tho he normally keeps the hood down the overall color scheme of his Garb should Consist of whites and greys and and deep Azure (your welcome to add simple designs and details if you want regarding his clothing,as i am unshure what whould work best) its also INPORTANT to note that he never wears shoes and that he does indeed wear bracers on his wrists.

he poseses one ornate trinket a silver Crescent moon amulet Givin to him by his father (the waning Crescent moon is important in his culture)

his weapons are also fairly simple in design

Claw: his sword "Claw" is an elgent (and SHARP) one handed long sword that looks alot like this… only the hilt is blue and the blade is a long sword and not a short one,when Demons or undead are close the blade glows blue,when sheethed it is at his right hand side

Sunder: A powerfull Longbow that has seen MUCH combat,Orion's aim is Legendary with it and he rarely (if ever) misses his mark. the design is fairly simple,its made out of White Oak and has the hair of a MoonDragon as its string,his quiver of arrows are white oak tipped with silver. when not in use,Sunder is held in a sling over his back.

i need this character's animal features to look as realistic as possible,his expression and demeener should have a calm,but serious tone...since this is a refrence picture,il let you decide witch pose is best.
AngelSockIIStudent General Artist
here is the orion sketch!!
Dragonlord-DaegenHobbyist General Artist
i thot i should let you know i have a facebook now :)…
Dragonlord-DaegenHobbyist General Artist
i just sold a Ps2 controller to my friend Kazimaku (you remember him dont you?)
and in exchange he has offered to pay you $20 for a comission for me...

more spacifically Daegen in his Red Dragon armor(if you are not busy that is,as i know how pressing school has been for you these past few months).

if you feel up to it i can fill you in on the details.
AngelSockIIStudent General Artist
Yes please!!! I've been needing something to help me take my mind off stress. But I would feel awful if you paid me for it, seeing as I never drew you your birthday present :/ this could count and you could keep the money yourself perhaps?