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Azrael was once a high-ranking Angel of Death. But after his fall, his half-sister, Adrael, was the one who got his halo. Azrael fought tooth and nail to break into Heaven to get back his Book of Death. Possessing the book alone is not good enough. He wants his halo back, and the only way that's going to happen is if his sister is dead. He's gathering the strongest fighters to send after her, and if someone brings him the halo, he will reward them with the resurrection of one of their deceased loved ones.

Be warned, however. Adrael is aware of the attempt on her life. There will be guards, and you will have to fight your way through Heaven's ranks to get to her. And if you fail, Azrael will not hesitate to kill you.

Round 5 is due JULY 15th
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Recent Journal Entries

First off, we owe you an apology. You should have gotten these results forever ago, and I want to preface this journal with talking a bit about that.

This whole ordeal was a perfect example of the worst timing possible, as literally all of the judges encountered some unforeseen problems. Which ranged from broken computers over suddenly massively intensifying work- and school schedules all the way to mental health issues. However, that is only an explanation for what happened, not a valid excuse. We should have found the time to at least keep you updated about the reasons for our silence. We could and should have issued an official hiatus. Maybe offered a few tasks for fun to pass the time. But we did none of that - instead we quietly drowned in our problems and didn't keep you posted. And I speak for all of us when I say that we are very sorry this happened. You deserved better.

It's time for what you deserve now. Here are the official results:

First Place and winner of the tournament is Mona head by Motlings by Aroda

This round felt a lot cleaner than your previous, and while it didn’t have the huge action scene from your Round 2, it still felt just as big, with all the characters teaming up. What you didn’t necessarily have in terms of detail in your style without the animation, you made up with a complex and developed plotline that both tied up loose ends and opened new doors. At times, the pacing seemed a little fast, but it’s understandable as the finale is a big thing to finish in the time you had. Nonetheless, It was a really enjoyable read that really topped off your work well.

Congratulations! You win:
:bulletgreen:Full body with background commission by The-Angel-Adrael
:bulletgreen:Full body commission by Jazz-Rhythm
:bulletgreen:Full body with background, a chibi, and a bust commissions by EnigmaticNoOne
:bulletgreen:3 Headshot commissions by Parziivale
:bulletgreen: 150 points from DegeneRita

Second Place goes to Harrison  by Motlings by Schizobot

This round was lovingly rendered, and a fantastic final piece. No one was pulling any punches, and it’s something that was fantastic about it. Everyone felt so powerful and overwhelming. The colors, the paneling, and the fights just felt so big and bold, It was hard not to get lost in this piece.

However, the characters seemed to lose a bit of themselves in the grandness of the entire thing. Mona seemed a bit too aggressive, and yet went down maybe a bit easily? The entire thing wrapped up well, but I don’t feel that enough time was spent developing the opponent as well. Nonetheless, tho, It felt like watching an action movie, and it was a wild ride.

Congratulations! You win:
:bulletblue:Full body commission by The-Angel-Adrael
:bulletblue:Bust commission by Jazz-Rhythm
:bulletblue:Bust and Chibi commissions by EnigmaticNoOne
:bulletblue:2 Headshot commissions by Parziivale
:bulletblue: 100 points from DegeneRita

Third Place goes to Jack Headshot by Motlings  by Baka-Moyashi

This round was....admittedly predictable, looking back at it all. It was not super surprising when considering your precious rounds, and it was kind of obvious as soon as the climax hit what was gonna go down. It wasn’t super cliche, but you dropped enough hints that it wasn’t a big surprise. Whether you were going for that or not is hard to say. Additionally, your writing isn’t nearly as strong as your comics. But the storyline was wrapped up and you get major props for the ending not being about JACK, but someone IMPORTANT to Jack. That’s ballsy and admirable. Especially when that final character isn’t yours, but a previous opponent’s. You don’t see that every day.

Congratulations! You win:
:bulletred:Bust commission by The-Angel-Adrael
:bulletred:Head shot commission by Jazz-Rhythm
:bulletred:Bust commission by EnigmaticNoOne
:bulletred:Headshot commission by Parziivale
:bulletred: 50 points from DegeneRita

Fourth Place goes to Annamniel By Broeckchen-d7pyiy4 by Motlings by awkwardkiller

You had a really promising storyline this round. It was interesting and pulled people in, making everyone interested and invested in the characters. However, you didn’t finish, and it’s quite possible you bit off more than you could chew, since you had a lot of characters to bring in and explain, and not a lot of time to explain them.

You should be super proud of yourself, since you tried to comic it all, and that’s a worthy endeavor, and you fit in a good amount of characterization. The emotions in your comic were great, though there just wasn’t a solid enough ending to call it finished.

:bulletpurple: While the fourth place originally had no prizes dedicated to it, Broeckchen would like to award you one waist up commission and Parziivale one headshot sketch for your outstanding effort and development. So - congratulations!

Please contact the people responsible for your prizes. One journal mention might fly over their heads unnoticed, contacting them directly is the best way to ensure that things go right.

Thank you to everyone who fought for participating. It was a joy to see you all pour so much love into this story that we share, and I hope that it brought you guys joy as well - all hickups and troubles aside.
We wish you all the very best!

~The Judges
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