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Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done a feature, so I decided to leave you this journal before I go on my holiday to Spain. For nostalgia's sake, I chose to feature Bleach. Because lately I've been missing my signature 'Rukia' haircut which led me to my introduction to this crazy anime :P But I promise you, I will revive my first self-made cosplay this winter. Together with my lovely sister as my lovely Sode no Shirayuki.. hoping people will recognize her after two, three years now haha. That shoot will have a lot of feels for me as it marked the beginning of my cosplay adventure.

Now on to the feature. WARNING: Big wall of thumbs ahead.



Yachiru_01 by tanlin  Bleach - Ulquiorra 2 by machui826 BLEACH Ulquiorra 02 by LALAax Ulquiorra V-day by V-Raider   Tier Harribel by moekke

Soi Fong by Nobure Shunko- Yoruichi by Hidrico  Goddess of Flash by jasmione Hiyori eats Ramen by Kipizette  Bleach: To Close Your World by Astellecia 

Rangiku Matsumoto by Yumk0 :thumb245267122:  Kaname Tosen 2 by Anstellos   Kuchiki Rukia: Cherry Blossoms by Ranmaru-Mori

Hollow by blacklashjo  Shizuku and Homura from anime Bleach by Lunomar  Rukia Kuchiki- Missing You by DREAMXSOUL Thinking of her... by Leox90  Vasto Lorde 'Fury' by xellosmadara 

Mugetsu: Front by Laitz :thumb214647726:  Still by sloveene  Katen Kyoukotsu by S-Lancaster  Snow Dragon by BeautifulSynCosplay 

:thumb188700340: Ichimaru Gin cosplay -oh my- by Koganeiro Bleach: Neliel by SFLiminality Orihime original kimono by UxiCosplay  Inoue Orihime by Zettai-Cosplay 

Bleach: New weapon of choice by PookieBearCosplay :thumb216458068:  Entry Pose by TimmCosplay Aizen by okageo nelliel - far away by recchinon 

Bleach: Rukia's Zanpakuto by InugamiDesu Szayelaporro Granz Cosplay [preview] by InrasTEO Kurotsuchi Mayuri cosplay by InrasTEO   BLEACH - Riruka Dokugamine by Pugoffka-sama 


Bleach: Ulquiorra by Unodu :thumb340454419: Murcielago... by paperpixy  Dark Rukia by denebtenoh Rukia, Revisited by Gravija-Sunrise RUKIA KUCHIKI AND TSUBAKI 2 by NatsutokiYuki  

bleach -- rukia by adoration BLEACH -----'RUKIA' and 'KON' by puyoakira   .Bleach. by sakimichan ichigo poster by jiuge  Under the Moonlight you and me by Muzavip

-Bleach- Kurosaki Ichigo by korilin  Uryu Ishida - BLEACH by terano  gin by jiuge Bleach- Matsumoto by Athena-chan 


Remember our Black Rock Shooter group? Following the positive reactions at Animecon '13, my boyfriend suggested the six of us should form a cosplay troupe and after having shared a year of stress and sweat, we decided we quite liked sharing our sweat. So a little under two weeks ago I sort of accidentally launched our page lol. The page will only contain photos relating to group projects, so for solo projects you can still add me on FB or just watch your dA inbox :P 

Anyways, we will be doing the full main cast from RWBY, but I can tell you the props are going to be crazy.

Please share and like if you want to support us :D 

RIYANI :star:


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BeautifulSynCosplayHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the feature <3
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AngelsArcherProfessional Artisan Crafter
You're welcome^^
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OnegathosHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww cutieee * O* thanks so much for adding me to your nice journal!! Feel free to use my pics in a future!!! kisses <3
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AngelsArcherProfessional Artisan Crafter
Sorry late reply, but will do! Keep it up! :D 
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thank you so much for the feature! you totally honor me!
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AngelsArcherProfessional Artisan Crafter
Ahh late reply, but I'm happy to share what I like, so keep it up! :D 
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will do! thanks again!
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Thanks so much for the feature <3 <3
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AngelsArcherProfessional Artisan Crafter
Haha you're welcome! Sorry late reply XD 
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