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Once Upon A Time… 

Count Henry and his wife Countess Analisa were hoping for a child for years, sadly the young couple had yet to produce an heir. One night, Lady Analisa , was out in her garden of flowers, she sat in the middle where a small fountain lay. She looked into the water at her reflection and decided to wish.

“Please, allow my husband and me to have a child, it’s all we want.” She sighed.

“My dear, I think I can help.” Analisa heard a woman from behind her say. She looked back astonished to see; a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes, dressed in a strange fashion.

“W-who are you?” Annalisa asked worriedly.

“Why my darling, Analisa, I am your fairy godmother.” The woman smiled. “You may call me Layla.”

“Why are you here?” Annalisa asked, not sure if ‘Layla’ could be trusted or not.

“Why my dear, you summoned me with your wish to conceive a child,” Layla explained.

“Can you really help my husband and me?” Annalisa asked skeptically.

“Yes, but I must warn you all magic, even my own comes at a price.” Layla looked down.

“What price might that be?” Annalisa asked.

“It all depends on the wish, the law is an eye for an eye,” Layla said.

“I will give anything if you can grant me these next three wishes,” Annalisa told the fairy.

“Tell me your wishes,” Layla said.

“I wish for Henry and me to have our first child, that my child will find their true love, and should anything happen to both Henry and me, you protect our child,” Annalisa said.

“Each thing costs a different price, but the greatest of all is your life,” Layla told her. “I can, however, set a limit to this, and allow to to watch him or she grow until he or she is a young lad or lass.”

“Oh, thank you, Layla.” Analisa cried, forgetting to ask about the other two prices.

“In nine months time, you will give birth,” Layla said before leaving the young woman.

Nine months later, Analisa gave birth to a health baby girl, she had her mother's dark brown hair, and porcelain skin, which made her sky blue eyes she share with her father glow. They named her Ella. All was perfect in their small world, as they watched Ella grow.

No matter how happy they were there was still a price to be paid. On Ella’s fifth birthday Analisa became ill. Ella was sitting by her mother's side holding her hand crying.

“Don’t cry my sweet Ella. This is my price to pay for using magic. Now, I need you to make me a promise, that no matter what happens you face the world with a bright smile and kindness.” She said. 

“I promise mommy.” The young girl said. Later that day Analisa passed, and she was buried next to her beloved garden.
Chapter 1: Here! 
Chapter 2: 
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June 26, 2016
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