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The three friends sat together on a bench and talked. 

“Cherry blossom?” Mariko questioned. 

“It’s a painting in the central museum. It’s renowned for its life like qualities.” Yuko explained. 

“You’re going to steal the painting, or rather get it back,” Yuki explained.

“What do you mean?” The other two asked. 

“The painter of Cherry Blossom came to the church the other day, he says that he signed a contract with the museum owner to loan out the painting, however, they tricked him, and switched it for one saying he gave the painting to them.” Yuki sighed. 

“That's horrible!” shouted an angry Mariko. 

“Alright Yuki, just leave the rest to us!” Yuko and Mariko smiled. Mariko and Yuko went to the library after they sent the warning note out to figure out their plan.

“I say we just go in there and take it,” Mariko said. 

Yuko shook her head, “No, you know it's more fun to mess with the boys first.” 

“How do you plan to do that?” Mariko asked. 

“Hmm…. I say we make it look like we took when we really didn’t, then when they run off to go find us we actually take it.” Yuko said. “So, when I cut the power, you hide the painting, and scatter a trail of cherry blossoms before the backup generator turns on.” 

“That seems more than we usually do.” Mariko said, “Any reason?” 

“I just think it's creative,” Yuko smiled. 

“You mean like sending the message in the video game he was playing?” Mariko laughed. 


That night the girls met at the church where Mariko, and Yuko transformed. “I ask upon the original saint angels to lend their power to me, so I may uphold our great legacy, as Strike/Peace.” Both girls recited, with their pendants in their hands.

Peace already scattered petals everywhere except where the boys were. She looked around the corner to see not only the boys but three girls with them, she signaled to Strike, who nodded, cutting the power, Peace quickly ran dropping the petals and covering the painting making it look like it disappeared, joining Strike, just as the generator turned on. The two girls hid behind a panel of ceiling watching them. 

They saw the three girls run off but not the boys. after five minutes the boys finally got irritated and followed the three girls. The two jumped down grabbing the painting, taking off the sticker that covered it. 

“I wonder who those girls were.” Strike said while the two were sitting outside waiting for the boys. 

“I don’t know.” Peace said, while looking around for the boys. Moments later, the boys, the new girls, and the police came around the corner. 

"Why are we outside?" The girl next to Mamoru asked. 

"Its another one of their tricks," Mamoru said. "It's not spring and yet the cherry blossoms are in full bloom." 

"What in the world is going on?" The girl next to Akihiro asked. 

"Oh, boys~!" Strike and Peace called out from their hiding spots on top of a statue. 


"Peace!" The three boys shouted. 

"So that's them, the saint angels..." The third girl said looking at her two friends. 

"Great job, you found us. However we're still taking this painting with us." Strike said holding the painting on her lap. 

"Wait just a minute!" The first girl shouted trying to run up to the duo. 

"Hey, wait a minute!" Mamoru held her back. 

"I swear when I'm twenty-one I will be a police officer and I will have arrested the saint angels!" She shouted triumphantly 

"No way were the one who will be arresting them." The boys all shouted. Which caused an argument among the six. 

Both Strike and Peace looked at each other and shrugged at the scene. 

"You know I think it's time we give them a show." Peace smirked. The duo used their magic and sent a small twister of cherry blossom petals down on the six unexpecting  teens. 

However, something happened that neither of the girls expected, the boys stood in front of the three girls and protected them from the blossoms. With that, the two disappeared not seeing what happened next. 

The following morning the girls walked to school in silence. Beginning their way up to class they were stopped by one of the nuns. 

"Oh, Ms. Oshima, Kashiwa and Shinoda." 

"Good morning sister!" The trio chorused. 

"Good morning girls, I'd like for you all to do me a favor," She asked. "We have three new students transferring into your class would you girls be so kind as to show them around?"

"Of course!" Yuki said cheerfully. 

"Girls come here. This is Haruka Emiko, Hana, and Masami." The three girls from last night Yuko, and Mariko thought. 

Emiko is a tall slim girl, with medium length brown hair, and sharp brown eyes. Hana, is a bit shorter than Emiko, with long brown hair and soft blue eyes. Masami is the tallest of the three with short brown hair, and piercing green eyes. 

"Nice to meet you." The three said. 

"Please take care of them, girls." The nun smiled before leaving. 

"Why do you two keep staring at us?" Emiko questioned, slightly glaring at Yuko. 

"No reason." Yuko slightly glared back. "I'm Oshima Yuko, that's Shinoda Mariko, and she's Kashiwa Yukirin." Yuko introduced her friends smiling. "It's nice to meet you, girls, if you need anything just ask us." 

"There is one thing we'd like to know," Hana said. 

"What is it?" Yuki asked. 

"There are three boys we want to meet named Mamoru, Hideki, and Akihiro," Misami said. "Do they attend this school?" 

The trio of thieves eyes widens slightly at the question.

(Shorter than my usual but oh well. So who are the three girls and what do they want with the boys?)
Here ya go! 
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5: Here! 
Chapter 6: (Will be linked here when posted 
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