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About a week had passed since their last caper, Mariko and Yuko have enjoyed the boys frustrations. The three girls started to walk after school.

“Yuki-chan, you don’t have to train today, right?” Mariko asked.

“No, not today why?” Yuki asked.

“Then do you want to come with us?” Yuko asked.

“Where?” Yuko and Mariko looked at each other and smirked.

“You’ll see!” The both shouted and dragged Yuki off. The three girls walked downtown together.

“Oh man. That’s a really long line.” Yuko said sadly.

“Maybe we’ll just have to come another day.” Yuki sighed.

“No, we wanted to get ice cream with you, on your day off,” Mariko said. “There is no way we’re missing out on it today.”

“Man, you girls are childish.” The three heard someone call they turned to see Mamoru, Akihiro, and Hideki. “The fact that you girls want ice cream so bad proves your immaturity,” Mamoru smirked.

“Keep your loud mouth opinions to yourself!” Yuko said.

“This place is popular among college girls as well!” Mariko shouted.

“Then they're just as immature as you girls then,” Hideki said.

“We’re immature?” An older girl in a college uniform asked, with her friends gathering around Hideki and Mamoru. “Mariko please tell me, why are grade schoolers calling my friends and me immature.”

“Hey! We’re in high school!” Hideki defended.

“Sorry, Maiko I wouldn’t know.” Mariko shrugged.

“Wait you know her?” Akihiro asked.

“Can’t you guys tell?” Yuko asked. “Maiko-chan is Mariko-chan’s older sister.”

“So girls, should we teach these two a lesson?” Maiko questioned with a smirk.

“Bye!” Hideki and Mamoru shouted, trying to bike away but they ended up running into Amaya and Amiya, who dropped some of their ice creams on the boys uniforms.

“That’s divine punishment for you.” Yuki sighed, while Maiko and her friends laughed.

“Amaya, Amiya are you two okay?” Yuko asked.

“Maybe they shouldn’t dis ice cream,” Mariko smirked.

“We’re fine Yuko,” Amaya replied.

“What the heck! Their carbon copies!” Mamoru shouted. Amaya, Amiya, and Yuko all glared at him. Amiya looked at her ice cream, then Mamoru and smashed it on his head. Everyone but Yuki started to laugh.

“We are not carbon copies!” Amiya shouted.

“Yuko, we will see you later,” Amaya said and took Amiya.

“You know I was going to give you a cloth to clean up, but not anymore you bakas,” Yuko said. Akihiro, pedaled over just as the girls all stormed off, handing his brothers clothes to clean up.

“Yuko, come back,” Yuki said.

“What?” Yuko asked.

“Why’d you get so mad, I mean come on their idiots, that's nothing new.” Mariko still laughed at the fact the boys got covered with ice cream. Yuko, made it home after she walked home with Mariko and Yuki.

“Oi, Yuko, do you know why Amaya and Amiya are in such bad moods.” Botan, one of Yuko’s older brothers asked.

“It doesn’t concern you.” She said, and walked upstairs.

“Oh, come on! Why are the three of you so mad!”

“I said it doesn’t concern you!” Yuko slammed her door shut.

“Was that Yuko?” Their mom asked Botan.

“Yeah, she’s in the same mood, as Amaya and Amiya.” He explained to her.

“Maybe they heard about the engagements?” She wondered.

After Yuko slammed her door shut, she jumped on her bed. “Why am I so irritated with him today?” She wondered, and looked at the wall. “He says stupid stuff like this all the time. Why is it bothering me now?” Yuko, Amaya, and Amiya all finally came out of their rooms when they were called for dinner.

“Oh, finally you girls came out.” Their mother cheered while sitting at the dining table.

“Is dad at work again?” Yuko asked.

“No, kiddo’s I finished it just a little bit ago, and I got some good news.” He smiled.

“Your definition of good news isn’t always the same as ours,” Amaya replied.

“Girls, sit down and let him tell you.” Their mother said.

“The good news we have is that we finalized your engagements!” Their dad smiled.
“Engagements to who?” Yuko asked.

“To some of my business partners’ kids” Their dad replied.

“They even sent engagement gifts.” Their mother smiled pulling out three golden rings, giving them to her daughters.

“What if we don’t want to marry these boys?” Yuko asked.

“That’s not possible, you girls will have to marry them unless they call off the engagement.” Their father explained. “Now you girls will have to wear these to school.” He told them. The rest of the night went by in silence.

The next day before school started, Yuko sat in class with Mariko and Yuki and explained what happened the night before.

“That’s not fair!” Mariko shout-whispered.

“I don’t want this to happen, and neither do my sisters,” Yuko told them and looked at the ring.

“Hey, do you think if the rings were returned they’d cancel the engagement?” Mariko asked.

“My dad would never allow us to do that,” Yuko said.

“If only we knew some thieves who could steal the rings and return them to the sender no problem,” Yuki said.

“Wait you don’t mean…?” Yuko asked and Yuki nodded.

“What are you girls talking about?” Akihiro asked.

“Oh, hi Akihiro-kun.” The three girls looked at the pink haired boy.

“Why are you so nice to him?” Hideki asked.

“Maybe because he isn’t a jerk,” Mariko smirked.

“Why do you look so upset, Yuko-chan?” Akihiro asked politely.

“Yeah, it’s not normal for you to be this quiet,” Mamoru said.

“Look, Mamoru-kun, I’m not in the mood for your attitude today, I got enough problems already.” Yuko got up and walked out of the classroom.

“What did I do?” Mamoru asked.

“I don’t think it’s so much you as it is her family,” Yuki said.

“What do you mean?” Akihiro asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Mariko smirked.

Later that day the girls talked about how they’d pull off their stealing the rings.

“Well, I can’t do it,” Yuko said. “The boys will be watching my sisters and I like hawks.”

“Well, if Yuki-chan or I do it we need the other to be there to cause a distraction,” Mariko said.

“I’ll cause the distraction!” Yuki said.

“Alright, I give the warning note. I’ve got just the plan to do it.” Yuko smirked.

The next day at school the girls sat in their classroom waiting for the boys to walk in.

“So what did you do?” Mariko asked. Yuko smirked.

“I-” She started but was cut off when the three boys ran in.

“Yuko-san!” Mamoru yelled the three girls looked up at the boys standing in front of them. Mariko fell to the floor and laughed, Yuki sighed, and Yuko just smiled at her handy work.

Across each of their faces is written a different piece of the note“Tonight we will steal” “The engagement rings from the Oshima house” “The Saint Angels”

“What happened to your faces?” Yuko asked.

“It’s a warning note,” Mamoru explained.

“So, you mean to tell me that one of them broke into your house and wrote that on your faces while you slept.” Yuki glared at Yuko, and Mariko while she said this.

“Kinda,” Hideki said.

“Anyways Yuko, we need to go to your house to keep the engagement rings safe,” Mamoru said.

“Go tell my father that,” Yuko told them.

After a whole day of them asking Yuko finally told them they could come, but they’d still have to run it by her father, who agreed to let the boys stay.

“Those three thieves won't be able to get past our security,” Hideki said.

“Oh, you mean like they have every other time?” Yuko smirked.

“Yuko, please.” Her father said.

“So, what engagement rings are we going to be protecting?” Akihiro asked.

“Yuko, go get your sisters so the boys can see the rings.” Her mom said.

“Amaya! Amiya! Come down here!” Yuko shouted up the stairs.

“I could have done that.” Her mom said.

“Then why didn’t you?” Hibiki asked.

“What are those jerks doing here?” Amiya asked.

“They’re here to ‘protect’ our engagement rings,” Yuko told them.

“Our three daughters were engaged just the other night to fine young men in our community.”

“Aren’t they too young?”

“No because they won’t be married for another 7 years, and the engagement is riding on those rings staying safe.” Within a few hours the chase started, Bright caused a distraction, which got Akihiro to leave to find out what it was. Then Peace used some of her magic to distract, Hideki and the family.

Peace hid in the room just above them, and she watched for an opening. Yuko caused the third distraction, which is when Peace took the rings. The boys ended up losing yet another challenge to the Saint Angels. The next day Mamoru walked up to Yuko’s desk.

“What, Mamoru-Kun?” She asked.

“Do you know what the saint angels might want with those rings?” He asked.

“Baka.” She told him. “You know that they didn’t even keep them right?” She told him.

“But why would they even take them in the first place?” He asked, Yuko turned away, and saw Mariko with a marker and smirked. Yuko took the marker and stood up.

“Mamoru-kun, look over here for a sec.” She said, when he did, she quickly wrote something before she then walked out of class.

“Yuko! What are you doing? Hey, wait up a sec will you!” He chased after her. When he finally caught up with her she looked at his face and started to laugh. “What have you written?” He asked.  

“I think it’s better if you don’t know.” still laughing at the fact she wrote “Baka” across his face several times.

“Yuko, tell me!”
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