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“Hey, Mamoru-san? Can we walk home with you guys?” Some boys from their class asked.

“Yeah, totally,” Mamoru smirked.

“So is it true?” One asked excitedly.

“Yep!” He exclaimed happily looking at the boys. “Now, all I have to do is show this medal, and I can get into the investigation.” Mamoru showed his friends.

“Of course, his team wouldn’t be complete without us helping,” Hideki smirked, and wrapped an arm around his brother’s shoulder.

“It’s all over the papers about how he protected the jewels from Strike-San.” Another boy said.

“But Strike still managed to escape.” The last boy said.

“That’s why we’re asked to help, I’m the one who’s been the closest to Strike, and they both have almost caught Bright-san and Peace-san before.”

“Our dad is all worked up over the fact that we’re helping the investigation,” Akihiro smiled.

“Hey, wasn’t that the Saint Angel’s fist failed caper?” The first boy asked.

“You boys are great!” Their friends cheered.

“That's not true! We haven’t failed!” Both Mariko and Yuko yelled, from their hiding spot, before Yuki covered their mouths.

“What was that?” Hideki asked.

“Who knows.” Akihiro shrugged.

“Let’s just get going,” Mamoru said, as he and the boys started to walk home.

“You girls shouldn’t let them bother you that much,” Yuki smiled while she dragged her two friends to the school church.

“Those boys are idiots if they think they can catch us.” Mariko sat on the couch in their hideout.

“Well, aren’t you girls fired up.” Yuki giggled and changed into her nun uniform. “Oh! That reminds me! You girls got a mission, decide who gets to do it.” Yuki handed them a card with the information.

“It looks like it's a crown that’s been stolen.” Yuko read the card.

“Well until we know more, we can’t decide who does it,” Mariko said. “And it’s getting more dangerous, with all the boys being allowed to investigate.”

“Oh, are you girls afraid of them?” Yuki smirked. “Oh well, it can’t be helped.”

“Hey, wait a minute! Leave it to us, we can, and will do it.” Mariko and Yuko told Yuki, who smiled at her plan.

“Well, I got to go.” Yuki walked upstairs to start her training.

“We need to know where they’re putting the crown before we let you go get it,” Mariko smirked.

“Hey, why do I have to get it!” Yuko yelled.

“Because, I usually do the computer stuff, and keep you from getting caught, which is why Hideki almost caught me,” Mariko said.

“Alright then, why not Yuki-chan!” Yuko replied.

“Yuko-chan, it’s in our names Strike, Bright, and Peace. You’re Strike, meaning you strike and get the stolen items. Yuki-chan is Bright, meaning she brings brightness to people’s lives when we do this. I’m Peace, meaning I keep the peace and keep you from getting injured.” Mariko explained. “And-”

“And the only time it switches is if I can’t steal the item because I don’t know it's in my house or maybe I’m sick.”

“Yep, only other times are if you need a decoy or help!” Mariko smiled. “So, I doubt you need a decoy, you’re not sick, it’s not in your house, and I’m sure you can handle it on your own,” Mariko smirked.

“Got it, so now I need to send out a warning to Mamoru-kun,” Yuko said and walked home.

Later that night, Mariko got an idea and called Yuko. “You know, Mariko-chan, that just might work, though Yuki-chan won’t be pleased.”

The next day while the three girls were eating lunch, a huge commotion began. Yuki went to investigate, seeing a huge balloon with a message on it. She walked back to her friends who were eating happily.

“This has you two written all over it,” Yuki whispered in their ears. “What does it say?”

“Mamoru-kun said he wanted a challenge, so I gave him one,” Yuko smirked.

“Did it have to be that flashy?”

“Don’t worry, the next ones won’t be as flashy,” Mariko said. “This was just an experiment.”

“So, it was your idea,” Yuki asked, Mariko just nodded.

Later that night, after all, the girls made it to the church, they began discussing the plan to get the crown.

“Thanks to your flashy challenge, people think the boys are working with us.” Yuki told them, “Now about the crown, it’s hidden in the top tower of the building, but not in the place the man said. It’s hidden in the suit of armor by the window.”

“So, he’s trying to trap Strike, and frame the boys,” Mariko said.

“Yes, but we’re smarter than that,” Yuko smiled. “Hey, Mariko-chan, maybe we should do a decoy act,” Yuko smirked.

“What’s your plan?”

“You transform, and lead them on a goose chase, having them think you stole the crown while I go steal the crown.”

“Let's do it,” Mariko smiled.

“I ask upon the original saint angels to lend their power to me, so I may uphold our great legacy, as Strike/Peace.” Both girls recited, with their pendants in their hands.

“Be careful both of you,” Yuki said the three did a group hug before Peace and Strike left for the target house.

“Give me five minutes.” Peace told Strike, “Then you can get the crown, and we can make our escape.”

“That doesn’t mean I won’t have fun, and mess with Mamoru-kun.” Strike smirked.

“As long as you don’t get caught I don’t care.” Peace said, and leaped out of the tree. Within a few minutes, she had everyone chasing her around the mansion. After her allotted five minutes she stopped next to an open window. “Oops sorry, looks like you chased the wrong girl.” She smirked, and opened her watch.

“Thanks for the crown boys!” Strike’s voice was heard from the watch. With that statement from Strike, Peace jumped out the window and hid a few blocks away waiting for Strike.

As soon as Mamoru heard her voice, he turned around and ran back to the tower followed by the owner. The two made it there and saw Strike who sat on the window sill with the crown on her head.

“Stay there, Strike,” Mamoru said.

Before Mamoru could approach Strike, the owner pushed him aside, pulled out a knife, aimed it at Strikes head, and threw it. Strike was about to jump out the window when she noticed something hit the knife, which caused it to go off course, and only slightly cut her right cheek.

With that distraction from Mamoru, she jumped out the window, he ran up to the window to yell for her to come back but noticed the blood coming from her cheek. “Dang it, Strike! Don’t forget to send me another challenge, so we can fight again.” His brothers came in with the police and arrested the man.

“And yet again, you both let the two girls get away,” Akihiro smirked at his two brothers.

“Bright wasn’t even here so shut it!” Hideki yelled.

The next day at school, Yuko watched Mamoru, as he flipped through a book, in the courtyard. “Hey, Mamoru-kun!” She shouted. He turned around, to find where the voice came from to find nothing. “Up here, Baka!” She shouted, again. He looked up to see the white haired girl, with her arms folded on the ledge looking down at him.

“Are you spying on me, Yuko?” He asked, slightly irritated.

“Who would want to spy on you?” She asked.

“Then what do you want?” He asked.

“I heard that you, and your brothers, got tricked by the Saint Angels.” She smirked.

“I don’t know why you guys idolize them. Their name may be angels, but they’re no better than thieves.” Mamoru told her.

“Whatever you say!” She smirked, and stood up. He looked closely to notice a bandage on her cheek, in about the same area Strike, got a cut.

“Hey, how’d you get that cut!” He shouted before she began to walk away. “She couldn’t be Strike, could she?” He whispered to himself before he realized she ignored his question. “YUKO, GET BACK HERE!” He shouted, and ran after the girl.
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