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        “Get back here!” Shouted a young white haired male, as he chased after a girl.

        “Bye-bye, and thanks for the painting!” The girl shouted before she jumped off the roof into the night.

        “Damn you, Strike.” The male mumbled.

Next morning
        “Hey, did you hear?” A pink haired boy said.

        “Hear what Akihiro-kun?” A pink haired girl asked.

        “Mamoru-ani let Strike get away again,” Akihiro said while he smirked. He walked over to his white haired brother. “So, how’d she escape this time Niisan?” He asked.

        “Shut up!” Mamoru shouted as he stood up. “I didn’t let her get away, I would never let a thief get away.” He said after his little outburst he sat back down.

        “But how did she get away?” A white haired girl asked.

        “None of your business, Yuko!” Mamoru shouted.

        “Fine! Don’t tell us! Jeez, we just were asking.” Yuko said, and returned to her seat.

        “Must you two always fight?” a blonde girl asked.

        “Mariko-chan it just shows their love for each other.” a blonde boy said both him and Akihiro embraced like a couple, which made the rest of the class laugh.

        “W-we are not, Hideki-kun!” The two teens shouted.

        “Sure~” Their classmates said.

        “Yuki-chan I can’t believe you’re a part of this,” Yuko said to her cousin.

        “Gomen’nasai, Yuko-chan.” The pink-haired girl replied.

        “Back to the whole Strike thing, so Mamoru-ani why haven’t you caught her yet? She’s stolen five paintings and seven jewels in the last month.” Hideki said.

        “I’ve only stolen 3 paintings,” Yuko mumbled, before being elbowed by Yuki and Mariko.

        “What was that Yuko-chan?” Mamoru asked, his white orbs looked into hers.

        “I said, I bet you couldn’t catch Strike in a million years!” She said.

        “Shut up!”

        “No! What makes you think that you could catch her if you dad couldn’t.” Yuko glared, the two started their daily argument.

        “Watch me! I will catch her and relieve her to the world!”

        “Yuko and Mamoru!” shouted someone.

        “Not no-!” The pair started but stopped when they noticed their angry teacher.

        “Outside, now!” She told the two, who complied and sighed when they walked out.

        For the next hour, they stood outside with buckets and glared at each other. Later that day when school ended, Yuko and Mariko ran to the church on the school campus saying hi to Yuki before the went into the secret basement.

        In the room, there was a desk, chair, computer, couch, and three plaques. The only thing unusual in the room were the plaques because if looked at closely they are contracts that read:

        “I, Yuko/Yuki/Mariko, hereby dedicate myself as a Saint Angel to the help and protection of others by helping recover their items(ect.), Lending a helpful hand and listening to problems, and/or Protecting those who need it with the powers I was blessed with. I will not give up until I die or am no longer able to protect my identity as Strike/Bright/Peace.”

        “Mariko-chan, did Yuki-chan leave any new missions down here for us?” Yuko asked.

        “Not yet. So, we can do our homework until she comes down.” Mariko said, and pulled out her notebooks.
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