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“Hey, did you girls hear about the new amusement park that opened up?” Mei said.

“Amusement parks are so cool!” Yuko said.

“No way! We should totally go, Yuko! You can win me a stuffed animal at a game booth!” exclaimed Mariko as she bounced on her feet.

“I already went.” Mei told them.

“With who?”

“My boyfriend.”

“Oh well aren’t you cool,” Mariko said under her breath so only Yuko could hear.

“Isn’t that Akira from class B?”

“Yep, and the main attraction is the castle.” Mei blushed, “They say if you watch the dolls come out with the person you love it brings happiness.”

“Aw that’s cute!” Mariko said while turning to Yuko and whispering, “Not cute at all.”

“Mariko, Yuko, who would you go with?” Sakura asked. “Maybe Hideki and Mamoru.” She whispered smirking.

“Who in their right minds would go with them!” Yuko shouted and turned to Mariko, who was on the floor laughing hysterically.

“Hahahahaha that’s a good one! Tell it again!” cried Mariko.

“You’d be crazy to ever go on a date with those bakas!” Yuko shouted pointing at the two boys.

“Hey! Who are you calling a baka!” shouted Mamoru.

“Plenty of girls would want to go with us.” defended Hideki.

“Okay, that may be true but we’re talking about human girls.” Mariko said while sticking out her tongue. “I’m sure a female goat would love to go out with you!”

“That’s mean!” yelled Yuko.

“Thank you-”

“To the female goats.” Yuko laughed.

“Why are you girls so mean?” Hideki asked.

“Because you guys couldn’t even catch a fly, let alone one of the Saint Angels, even if she walked up to you and sat at your feet.” exclaimed Yuko.

“Also, your mere existence is an annoyance,” Mariko sighed.

“Well when we do catch them we aren’t letting you see them!” Mamoru shouted angrily.  

“Well as long as you’re with them, I would hide in fear of seeing your ugly faces!” Mariko replied.

“Shut up!” Hideki shouted.

“Same goes to you!” replied Yuko.

“Oi! Hideki, Mamoru, are you boys coming with us or would you rather chat with your girlfriends!” Akihiro shouted smirking.

“We’re not dating!” The four teens shouted. Both Hideki, and Mamoru followed their brother out of the classroom.

“Hey, Yuko?” Mariko asked. “Where is Yuki?”

“Oh.” Yuko looked around before she found Yuki who stood outside in her nun uniform. “There she is.” Yuko said.

The three girls stood in the back of the church and talked.

“A doll at the amusement park?” Yuko asked.

“Yes and it current location is in a very high place.” Yuki told them.

“Do you mean that clock tower Mei wouldn’t shut up about?” Mariko asked.

“Yes, a young girl tied a precious doll she brought with her to some balloons. You see the doll isn’t hers, it belongs to a friend and she must return it the next time they meet, however the wind blew it onto one of the mechanical dolls that comes out every hour. They called the amusement park but were told to forget it.”

“So all we have to do is get that doll?” Mariko asked. “That sounds easy enough.”

“Yes, only you have to get it before tomorrow that's when the doll's owner will return to get it.”

“Then all we have to do is go tonight.” Yuko smiled. “Leave it to us.” Yuko said.

When the girls finished their meeting, Mariko and Yuko both walked home.

“Ta-” Mariko began to shout only to see her parents, and sister dressed up. “What’s going on?”

“The wonderland amusement park! You haven’t gone yet have you?” Her mother asked.

“Err…not yet…” she nervously answered her mother.

“We’re just about to go. Would you like to come with us?” Her father asked.

“Ha sorry no way would I ever go wi-” Mariko froze, realizing what she was about to say. “I mean, I can’t go. I’m way too busy with stuff… You know, teenager stuff… Like, boys and makeup n’ stuff…”

“Boys, what boys?” Her father asked with a dark aura.

“Dad, she’s sixteen.” Maiko said.

“I lure boys with my perfect seduction techniques and then after they think they’ve got me, I land the final blow. I then take out their internal organs and replace them with fluff. After that, I sell their stuffed bodies on Amazon.” Mariko said with a completely straight face, as her family just stared expressionlessly. “Just kidding ha… ha…” she assured them and then whispered under her breath. “Kinda…” Then she got a call from Yuko. “Hel-loooo?” Mariko answered.

“You’re coming with me to the amusement park now!”

“Right!” Mariko stuttered. “Sorry, I’m coming!”

“Are you going with us now?” Her mom asked.

“Uhh yeah, of course!” Mariko said. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world… but only if Yuko can come along!”

“Why of course she can.”

“What did you drag me into?”

“Mwuahaha,” Mariko laughed with an evil smirk. “You get to come with me to that amusement park and get me that stuffed animal you promised in class.”

“I’ll meet you there.”

After both girls were dressed in something other than school clothing, Mariko and her family went to the amusement park and saw Yuko wait for them outside.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Shinoda, thank you for allowing me to come with you.” Yuko smiled.

“You’re welcome Yuko dear”  

“Well if you don’t mind, I’m going to take Mariko so we can get her that stuffed animal I promised her.” Yuko said.

“We will meet you at the castle in twenty minutes!”

“You owe me big time Mariko.” Yuko said.

“Just get me my stuffed animal.” The two girls played at some booths until they finally got Mariko her stuffed animal.

“Alright, we got to hurry.” Yuko said, while she and Mariko ran to the castle. When they got there, they stopped, and looked up at the castle. A moment later a young couple bumped into the duo to be pushed into the arms of… Hideki and Mamoru.

“Oh what a surprise they actually look nice outside of school” Hideki smirked.

“I would say the same thing, except you look as foul as you usually do.” she smirked back at him.

“So, are you girls really that clumsy, or are you just falling for us.” Mamoru smirked.

“In your dreams, that’s the only way any girl would fall for you, Casanovas” Yuko smirked.

“Guys the dolls are about to come out.” Akihiro informed them. The four teens looked up. The words Mei said played though Yuko’s and Mariko’s minds. They looked at the boys, shook their heads, and looked back up. Everyone waited for the dolls to come out but it never happened.

“Looks like it’s a malfunction, we’ll see you girls later.” Mamoru said, he and his brothers walking off.

“Too bad girls.” Mariko’s father told the girls, when he and the rest of Mariko’s family walked up behind them.

“Uh… We’re going to get some ice cream and wait for the next show!” Yuko told them, and ran off with Mariko. “We can at least check if the doll is still there.”

“Oh, so are we breaking and entering again?” Mariko asked.

“More like, sneaking in while the door is open.” Yuko said, while they ran into the employees only area, and entered the castle. While they were walked they ran into some animal costumes. They hid behind the costumes to watch what the repair man talked about with his friend. “Oh, no!” Yuko whisper cried.

The girls accidentally knocked something to the ground. They quickly hid inside two of the costumes until the men left. They decided that they’d use one of the costumes to deliver the challenge to the boys and quickly exited Yuko in a costume, and Mariko carrying the bag they’d hide it in when they were done.

“I don’t see why I couldn’t wear the costume.” Mariko said.

“Because you’d probably slap the boys, and as funny as that might be we don’t need that right now.”Yuko told her. Then when she saw the boys Mariko hid in a nearby alley, and Yuko handed out flyers to people, when she got to the boys she gave them the one with the warning note and quickly ran off.

She had already gotten the costume off and in the bag by the time the boys made it to the girls.

“Yuko, Mariko did you girls see someone in a cat costume run by?” Akihiro asked.

“Nope sorry.” Yuko said.

“You girls remember those dolls at the wonderland amusement park?” Hideki asked.

“No because we never saw them remember?” Mariko smirked.

“What about them?” Yuko asked.

“It’s said they’re worth a lot of money right?” Mamoru questioned.

“Yeah, why?” Mariko said.

“Why would they do that!” The boys shouted and ran off.

“BAKAS!” Yuko yelled.

“I hate them!” Mariko shouted.

After that the girls were at home, the girls waited until they had to go. Yuko was just about to sneak out, when her mom knocked at her door. Yuko barely had enough time to pull herself back into the window, before her parents came in.

“What are you doing over there?” Her dad asked.

“Oh, I thought I’d walk around outside, maybe get some juice from the store.” Yuko said.

“Though the window?” Her mom questioned.

“Uh, yeah I didn’t want to disturb anyone by going out the door then having to knock to get back in. Well I’ll be back soon.” Yuko said hopping out the window.

“She truly is my daughter.” Her mom smiled, while they closed the door and left.

When the girls met at the church they told Yuki about the other men who were going to steal the dolls.

“Yuki I think we need your powers for this capper to help.” Yuko said, and the girls made their plan.

“I ask upon the original saint angels to lend their power to me, so I may uphold our great legacy, as Strike/Peace/Bright.” All three girls recited. When they got to the park, Bright and Peace waited in the ferris wheel for Strikes signal. Strike sat on top of the castle, she gave Peace the signal to make the clock speed up, which forced the dolls out early. She snapped her fingers, and a message appeared on one of the dolls, and it said ‘These dolls are fake -The Saint Angels’.

In all the commotion Strike noticed the thieves about to leave, she was just about to go stop them when the police pointed all the search lights at her.

“What no help tonight Strike!” Mamoru smirked.

“Nope you just can’t see them.” She said, and gave Bright her signal, and all the lights started going crazy. Strike started to go after the real thieves with Mamoru and the boys not far behind. Thanks to Bright’s light show, they blinded the driver, which caused him, and his friend to crash revealing the dolls from the castle. While the police were arresting the men, Strike grabbed the doll, and ran off. Mamoru, and his brothers along with some of the officers chased her.

She snapped her fingers causing an illusion to confuse everyone. Sadly it didn’t last long Mamoru found her in all the chaos. She was able to make it to her friends in the ferris wheel. Mamoru refused to let them get away so he jumped onto the next car the passed him.

“You’re even stupider than we thought.” Peace looked at the teen boy.

“We said we wanted the doll and we got it.” Bright said, and showed him.

“You know this was fun kind of like a date.” Strike smiled before, she and the girls disappeared.

“A date…?” He blushed. “Hey! Quit with the jokes!” He yelled and jumped to their cart, to find they all disappeared. The girls sat on a roof after they returned the doll.

“Haha, his face when you said that!” Peace laughed.

“It brings happiness to watch it with the one you love.” Strike said.

“Oh well.” Bright sighed.

“Our nights are always filled with the prospect of happiness when we’re together.” The three smiled.
Cute ending for a cute Christmas present for you all! 
Merry Christmas~!
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4: Here! 
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