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Galaxy by angels1732 Galaxy :iconangels1732:angels1732 1 0 Violet Paladin by angels1732 Violet Paladin :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0
Blood Stained Glass Chapter 1
Once Upon A Time… 
Count Henry and his wife Countess Analisa were hoping for a child for years, sadly the young couple had yet to produce an heir. One night, Lady Analisa , was out in her garden of flowers, she sat in the middle where a small fountain lay. She looked into the water at her reflection and decided to wish.
“Please, allow my husband and me to have a child, it’s all we want.” She sighed.
“My dear, I think I can help.” Analisa heard a woman from behind her say. She looked back astonished to see; a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes, dressed in a strange fashion.
“W-who are you?” Annalisa asked worriedly.
“Why my darling, Analisa, I am your fairy godmother.” The woman smiled. “You may call me Layla.”
“Why are you here?” Annalisa asked, not sure if ‘Layla’ could be trusted or not.
“Why my dear, you summoned me with your wish to conceive a child,” Layla ex
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Angel thief chapter 5
The three friends sat together on a bench and talked. 
“Cherry blossom?” Mariko questioned. 
“It’s a painting in the central museum. It’s renowned for its life like qualities.” Yuko explained. 
“You’re going to steal the painting, or rather get it back,” Yuki explained.
“What do you mean?” The other two asked. 
“The painter of Cherry Blossom came to the church the other day, he says that he signed a contract with the museum owner to loan out the painting, however, they tricked him, and switched it for one saying he gave the painting to them.” Yuki sighed. 
“That's horrible!” shouted an angry Mariko. 
“Alright Yuki, just leave the rest to us!” Yuko and Mariko smiled. Mariko and Yuko went to the library after they sent the warning note out to figure out their plan.
“I say we just go in there and take it,” Mariko said. 
Yuko shook her head, &
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Angel thief Chapter 4
“Hey, did you girls hear about the new amusement park that opened up?” Mei said.
“Amusement parks are so cool!” Yuko said.
“No way! We should totally go, Yuko! You can win me a stuffed animal at a game booth!” exclaimed Mariko as she bounced on her feet.
“I already went.” Mei told them.
“With who?”
“My boyfriend.”
“Oh well aren’t you cool,” Mariko said under her breath so only Yuko could hear.
“Isn’t that Akira from class B?”
“Yep, and the main attraction is the castle.” Mei blushed, “They say if you watch the dolls come out with the person you love it brings happiness.”
“Aw that’s cute!” Mariko said while turning to Yuko and whispering, “Not cute at all.”
“Mariko, Yuko, who would you go with?” Sakura asked. “Maybe Hideki and Mamoru.” She whispered smirking.
“Who in their right minds would go with
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Angel thief chapter 3
About a week had passed since their last caper, Mariko and Yuko have enjoyed the boys frustrations. The three girls started to walk after school.
“Yuki-chan, you don’t have to train today, right?” Mariko asked.
“No, not today why?” Yuki asked.
“Then do you want to come with us?” Yuko asked.
“Where?” Yuko and Mariko looked at each other and smirked.
“You’ll see!” The both shouted and dragged Yuki off. The three girls walked downtown together.
“Oh man. That’s a really long line.” Yuko said sadly.
“Maybe we’ll just have to come another day.” Yuki sighed.
“No, we wanted to get ice cream with you, on your day off,” Mariko said. “There is no way we’re missing out on it today.”
“Man, you girls are childish.” The three heard someone call they turned to see Mamoru, Akihiro, and Hideki. “The fact that you girls want ice cream so bad proves yo
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Angel thief chapter 2
“Hey, Mamoru-san? Can we walk home with you guys?” Some boys from their class asked.
“Yeah, totally,” Mamoru smirked.
“So is it true?” One asked excitedly.
“Yep!” He exclaimed happily looking at the boys. “Now, all I have to do is show this medal, and I can get into the investigation.” Mamoru showed his friends.
“Of course, his team wouldn’t be complete without us helping,” Hideki smirked, and wrapped an arm around his brother’s shoulder.
“It’s all over the papers about how he protected the jewels from Strike-San.” Another boy said.
“But Strike still managed to escape.” The last boy said.
“That’s why we’re asked to help, I’m the one who’s been the closest to Strike, and they both have almost caught Bright-san and Peace-san before.”
“Our dad is all worked up over the fact that we’re helping the investigation,” Akihiro smi
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Mariko and Hideki by angels1732 Mariko and Hideki :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0 Mamoru and Yuko by angels1732 Mamoru and Yuko :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0 Yuki and Akihiro by angels1732 Yuki and Akihiro :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0
Angel thief chapter 1
        “Get back here!” Shouted a young white haired male, as he chased after a girl.
        “Bye-bye, and thanks for the painting!” The girl shouted before she jumped off the roof into the night.
        “Damn you, Strike.” The male mumbled.
Next morning
        “Hey, did you hear?” A pink haired boy said.
        “Hear what Akihiro-kun?” A pink haired girl asked.
        “Mamoru-ani let Strike get away again,” Akihiro said while he smirked. He walked over to his white haired brother. “So, how’d she escape this time Niisan?” He asked.
        “Shut up!” Mamoru shouted as he stood up. “I didn’t let her get away, I wo
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Angel thief summary
Angel thief
Summary: By day sixteen year old Yuko is just a normal high school junior, by night she is the most notorious thief of the Saint Angels group, with her two best friends they help anyone who has had a precious item stolen.  
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Yuko summer uniform by angels1732 Yuko summer uniform :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0 Yuko winter unifrom by angels1732 Yuko winter unifrom :iconangels1732:angels1732 1 0 Yuki summer uniform by angels1732 Yuki summer uniform :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0 Yuki winter uniform by angels1732 Yuki winter uniform :iconangels1732:angels1732 0 0


His Boss (Jean x Businesswoman!Reader) (AU) Ch.7
His Boss (Jean x Businesswoman!Reader) (AU)
Chapter 7: His Boss, Troubles in Paradise

Warning: Might Contain Swearing

After we returned to our apartment I went to take a shower. At the moment I felt relaxed, like nothing could go wrong. I had realised my feelings for (Name), I was true to myself and (Name) truly loved me back. I had a home, a job, a girlfriend. Everything was going perfect. Until that moment. Up until a thud coming from our bedroom, I was happy. After that, I no longer was happy.

I finished showering and went back to our bedroom. To my surprise, I saw (Name) getting dressed up to leave. But we just came back... She noticed me watching her, but she didn't say anything. Is it me, or does the atmosphere feel... colder? Normally, I wouldn't be surprised, this was (Name) we are talking about, but that was
:iconmissbrutus:MissBrutus 23 26
Beauty And The Beast (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
Beauty and the Beast (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey Brucie." you said as you walked by the lab.
"Hi." he said back, unenthusiastically. You walked backwards back to the door.
"Hi? That's all I get. Just a 'hi'." you mocked him jokingly.
"Why hello there (Name), how are you today?" Bruce asked, sarcastically.
"I don't appreciate the sarcasm but I'm good. How are you doctor?" you smiled.
"Good." he said, before going back to his work. Then you noticed the stereo had a cd in it and that it was paused.
"What are you listening to?" you asked, about to press the button.
"No!" he yelled but it was too late and Be Our Guest from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast began to play. You smiled creepily while Bruce hid his face in his hands.
"I didn't know you were a Disney fan Dr. Banner." you continued to smile.
"You never asked." he mumbled.
"What's your favorite song?" you asked, getting closer to the doctor.
"Why?" he asked, looking up at you curiously.
"Because I want to know." you answered
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Youkai Rounin by letrongdao Youkai Rounin :iconletrongdao:letrongdao 2,733 84
American!Tourist!ReaderxJapan part 7-Tokyo Tourist
Readers POV
Just as the man rested his finger on the button, you decided that his eyes looked shifty. His clothing didn't look exactly high class either. At any rate you smiled your brightest smile as he snapped the picture.
Right as you and Kiku began moving back towards the man to get your camera back the man smiled and darted. Your mouth dropped open and you almost face palmed. Were thieves more common in Japan or was your luck really that bad?
You started running after the man at the same time as Kiku did, but he quickly  overtook you. Since his legs were roughly the same length as yours you were somewhat surprised, but you just kept running. Within moments Kiku was several yards ahead of you and the thief was throwing worried glances over his shoulder at the speed demon behind him.
Suddenly, in a move that reminded you of tackles you had seen used in football (american football of course) games before, Kiku launched himself at the considerably larger man. Throwing all his wei
:iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 69 42
Goblin!Iron Fist X Reader

This takes place in a alternative world of Ultimate Spiderman where Spidey sacrifices himself to stop the Green Goblin but his friends are still Goblins. I don't own the image above. Enjoy.^^
"I'm so sorry (Name), but I have to this or else everyone in Manhattan will be Goblins."
"Peter don't do it! I don't want to be alone again!"
"Goodbye (Name) Thorindaughter"
With that statement the line went dead on your communication watch. You can feel the tears building up in your eyes; your first ever best friend, the one who help you get settled in Midgard, was now gone. First Iron Fist and now Spidey. A shadow looms overs you, you look up to see S.H.I.E.L.D's tricarrier hovering above you. You got up to your feet and flew to the hatches where your father Thor was waiting. "Is there something wrong young one?" Said Thor, b
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 38 34
Azura, Faerie of the Sacred Grotto by Firefly-Path Azura, Faerie of the Sacred Grotto :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 4,182 120 Kiki's Delivery Service by mangamie Kiki's Delivery Service :iconmangamie:mangamie 261 23 FanArt - Kimi no na wa by RedPear FanArt - Kimi no na wa :iconredpear:RedPear 572 31
You smiled as you pushed the two luxurious and heavy wooden doors with elegant designs carved on them. Behind them heaven itself was revealed to you. The beautifully carved wooden pillars that supported the balcony above, the beautiful red carpet that lined each row of matching velvet seats and as you walked towards the beautiful and grand stage, above your head the most beautiful chandelier lit up the large theater, complete with the most beautiful of crystals adorning each space of it. Yes this was truly heaven for you, well for any lover of the preforming arts actually but you weren’t just another audience member, no you were a performer, a ballerina to be exact, and tonight was going to be your big performance of Swan Lake as no one other than Odette, the white swan princess and lead role, you also have to play Odile, the black swan, which you were pretty excited to do*. It would have been a lie to say that you weren’t extremely nervous but you knew t
:iconyabre12:yabre12 102 7
Fantasy Warrior Woman vs. Lizardmen Fantasy Art by shibashake Fantasy Warrior Woman vs. Lizardmen Fantasy Art :iconshibashake:shibashake 230 22 Medieval Tavern Girl Fantasy Art by shibashake Medieval Tavern Girl Fantasy Art :iconshibashake:shibashake 763 99 Sleepwalker by Black-B-o-x Sleepwalker :iconblack-b-o-x:Black-B-o-x 196 105
Rumors (Nerd!Armin x Punk!Delinquent!Reader)AU
**A/N: This is a continuation of Exclusive and wanted by many. This can be treated as its own story but you should read the previous ones. You don't need to, merely a suggestion. Also, Reader smokes and all characters are 18. Anyway, enjoy!!~** 
The blond boy panted heavily as his feet stomped the ground. With every step he took, the air within him proceeded to leave him with great exertion. Sweat dripped down his brow as supportive cheering came from the finish line. 
"How you holding up?" 
Armin jumped as he turned to stare at the voice next to him. Reiner jogged alongside him on the track. He did it so easily and Armin was envious of the blond. 
"I'm okay," Armin panted out and ran a hand across his sweaty forehead, "Why are you here?" 
"Moral support," Re
:iconagirl919:agirl919 127 33
2 Families by Z-T00N 2 Families :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,836 479 Ted and Aiden by Z-T00N Ted and Aiden :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,535 0 Magi - Scheherazade 2 by KiaraBerry Magi - Scheherazade 2 :iconkiaraberry:KiaraBerry 174 24




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My last journal post was almost a year ago! Wow, looking at my schduel this year compared to last year this year is way harder! 
So school just started Wednesday and I am officially a junior! I can't wait to get back into the swing of thing with school! :D 
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