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Giving Wings To Hidden Angels <3

Angels Without Wings October 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2018, 10:02 PM

:iconangels-and-gangstas: Angels-And-Gangstas

Goddess of music by LOVEMAYU

Angels Without Wings

October 2018 Announcement

Who Are Angels Without Wings?

Big Angel Wing LeftThey Are Those Fellow Deviants:Big Angel Wing Right

Adorable Angel by LOVEMAYU
~ Who act Unselfishly and are Humble by Nature
~ Who more or less Regularly Feature Other Deviants
~ Who Willingly Offer Tips, Hints and Helpful Comments
~ Who Answer a Fair Amount of the Comments They Receive
~ Who Give Kind and/or Uplifting Words When and Where it is Needed
~ Who Feature and Promote Projects, as well as Contests and Challenges
~ Encourage or Otherwise Assist Deviants Who Need Support/Help
~ Who Give Fair and Helpful Critiques (whether official or not)
~ As Well As Doing Whatever Else is Helpful, Kind and Supportive

Fairy Wings Each Edition of Angels Without Wings will Honor Three (3) Very Special Deviants with a Pair of Wings in a Feature Journal by WDWParksGal and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Annissina   coastbeachartist   davincipoppalag   Dieffi   Egil21   Felizias   gigi50  PaMonk   Stygma   Sassy--Cat   suezn  TheStockWarehouse   Tigles1Artistry

Before Getting to the October Announcement, the Admins of Angels-And-Gangstas would like to award a posthumous AWW to MagicalJoey, who has passed away at the age of 31. Jo was incredibly active on DA, collecting points for prizes, being an admin for ten groups, promoting others and being an avid commenter and a stalwart member of the Literature Community. Now, Jo is an angel with real wings. May she rest in peace.Angeliccc 
The Siren's CallThe Siren’s Call
Gently she calls,
On a lullaby’s whisper;
My name honey-dipped words
Echoing from her lips.
“Come, lie back. Relax. Put up your feet.”
She beckons me with soft, firm pillows,
A blanky I’ve had for years,
And a firm mattress clothed in crisp cool sheets
Of a new blue hue.
“Come, my love, and spend time with me.
Our nightly trysts are becoming all too brief.”
She whispers like soft silk;
Voice as velvet in my ears
And like satin sleeking around my mind.
Softly she sighs my name,
And though I am far from her,
I hear her as if she were next to me
Shouting anthems for all.
  A Disney PrincessA Disney Princess
I am a Disney Princess,
My hair’s done up real nice,
With curls and ribbons, flowing locks;
It really looks just right.
My dress is gold and silver,
There are jewels within my ears.
And when the clock strikes midnight,
Nothing disappears.
All animals adore me,
They come running when I sing.
And Prince Charming wants to wed me –
He even bought a ring!
I can shoot arrows with precision,
From my royal bow,
And my hair’s longer than the tallest tower;
It’s really quite a show.
I am a Disney Princess,
Though I’m only as big as your right thumb,
And though I’m not part of your world,
Don’t think of me as dumb.
I am a Disney Princess,
Though I was born a Charming Prince.
I made the change at puberty
And haven’t looked back since.
My mother is the Queen of Swords,
So bully me if you dare!
She run you through, then throw you off
A cliff without a care.
My father is the ruler
Of this land and then the next.
  Mental ManipulationSandy waited for Judy to cast her vote as the secret ballot went around the room. She had thought that this would be an easy task – conning parliament into a vote of no confidence against the president and, once he was deposed, taking his place as the first woman president in the history of the country – being vice president certainly had its advantages, but, no, it hadn’t been easy. For the first six rounds of voting there had been one person still on the president’s side…out of all 250 delegates, one person had voted ‘confidence’ and, of course, Sandy needed a full 100% for the vote to pass. She thought back to the conversations she had had during the lunch break and suppressed a smile.
Possessing some psychic abilities, Sandy had always found reading people – their intentions and, more often than not, their thoughts – a very easy task. It was what had helped her convince the president, in a move that stunned parliament, to promot

:pray: Links to Dedications to MagicalJoey
Tributes to a friendIn Memory of Joanne

There were many posts that were to notify people and you can read through the comments on them:
Journals Honoring Jo:
Missing You, MagicalJoey - Our Warrior Princess

The AWWs for October 2018

caddman ~ ChasMandala ~ Barosus

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

caddman suggested by MEP4Photography

I'd like to suggest an AWW for caddman. Skot's super nice to everyone. He gives many of his CraftCrow awards (more than one type) in his comments on many Devs a day, as an encouragement; it's the way I see them when I get them. He definitely does journals supporting other artists...a lot! He's an admin of seven groups. He's been a member here on DeviantArt for 16-years and knows a lot about the site and the community. If that's not supporting other artists, I don't know what is.

Added by Sassy--Cat ~ "Skot is very kind, always personally makes his appearance on your page to thank you when you fave his work and never fails to comment and reply."

Tech n color Dream 51 by caddman

Hope in music of sadness
Hope in music of sadness
The Poem
I am going to
My special place
To find the words
Like when voices
In my head help
Makes me feel again
You always find
A way to keep me
Right here waiting
Searching for feelings
As the light fades away
I'll be right here playing
Am afraid since
The day that you
Left in the end
Its pulling me again
Am falling Down
six feet to the ground
The pain is spinning
In my wounded head
For words left unsaid
Memories are
Like riddles that
Make you sad
Am afraid since
the day that
you left in the end
Another sleepless night
with only a ray of hope
Has become my only friend
 T Wing Dreams 06 by caddman  Life is a journey2:21 PM 9/11/2018
Life is a journey
In the river of time
Only but a dream

The first step is the hardest
Then comes the balance
All else is even flow
When all is gone
And we all fade away
Rust turns to stone
I wave my good byes
Forever to darkness
Soon will slip away

ChasMandala suggested by MEP4Photography

Charles is an awesome member of the community. He's very generous and caring, dedicating each and every dev he does to a fellow watchers or to everyone. He's cofounder of two groups. He's done many features in the past; I've noticed his older ones are gone, but I believe that may be due to his almost leaving DA because of a spammer on his account .But he's here and always a wonderful, giving, empathetic person on DA. We could use more of those like him.

companions by ChasMandala

consilio magnam by ChasMandala franklin county llama by ChasMandala joy to the world by ChasMandala

Barosus suggested by DanielaIvanova

Edward is a writer and a dreamer and an art appreciator to the core who has personally been a huge motivation and inspiration to me, always supporting my endeavours with enthusiasm and love. At the moment his huge heart, his enthusiasm for art and his selfless and giving nature benefit not just me but a multitude of deviants - be it through supportive or whimsical comments, encouragement or critique on others' work, starting out meaningful conversations or simply by being his quirky and hilarious self. As an artist himself he has done countless reciprocative pieces, which is exactly the kind of community spirit that I've only seen on dA and which sparks such joy in my heart. Over the last 170+ days he has been dilligently running his unique and outstanding Fantasy themed feature of top notch art, that includes works not only from dA but also from Artstation, thus fostering this vital link between the communities. And it's not just his personality that is uplifting and brightening - his art is a treasure chest of quirky characters, passionate poems and an overall hugely imaginative mind that can be an inspiration for us all. I doubt there is a single soul who has brushed against Edward's captivating persona that wasn't touched or inspired by him. He is one of the people whose response and whose activity I am most looking forward to on dA.

The Evil of the Thriller
Michael Jackson’s ghost
Still haunts Macaulay Culkin
This is Thriller Night
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
 Minstrel by Barosus  Full Colour Impressions
The arms of a galaxy spiraling
The full spectrum shifts, twirls
Lurking behind prismatic eyes
The colors of our consciousness
We are the stuff of stardust
A glorious impressionistic dancer
Pirouetting across the palette
Ordained to paint our world
Meaning and belief crashing
In a kaleidoscopic whirlwind
The quintessence of expression
Beauty, pain and such sanity
We are prisms refracting light
Bleeding shimmering rainbows
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018

Congratulations to All the New Angels!

:aww: It has been quite a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve.
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your profile page, in your journals or DevID!

:squee-love: - PLZ Please Remember!
Angels-And-Gangstas is always in need of nominations for new Angels Without Wings.
Tini Blue StarIf you know any deserving Deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us!

:emailsend: Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: or the Founder WDWParksGal with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with five (5) sentences or more telling us why the Deviant deserves to earn his/her Wings (This is very important, since it will be the text that will go in the Award if your suggested person gets selected). Please, only one suggestion per note!
Shiny Checkmark Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels in the following journal:
:iconaugenweide: :iconambr0: :iconamarantheans: :iconA1Z2E3R: :iconAndorada: :iconArichy: :iconartbycher: :iconaudramblackburnsart: :iconartbybeverly: :iconangelica-lily: / :iconaussiesteve1961: :iconadi-emus: :iconazieser:
AWW Prize Winner Posted by Dieffi
Sakura Chibi If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves his/her Award. And please remember to write at least five (5) sentences as to why you suggested this deviant.
Divider 1 by TheStockWarehouse

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